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Three reasons to recommend an unmarried dad

Three reasons to recommend unmarried dads

Today I would like to talk about the benefits of dating an unmarried dad.

I wonder if all the daddy girls have met both unmarried dads and married dads?

Depending on the papa-katsu site, there are times when it is written whether you are single or married in the profile column, so use it wisely.
There are many advantages of being a single dad.

From now on, "Rena's Papa Katsu Nikki" will be special for all readers!

Based on Lena's experience, here are 3 reasons why Lena recommends single dads!

The first is

You don't have to create an alibi in case you get caught.

You don't have to make assumptions about "what if someone finds out".

For example, on the street, someone might see you with your daddy, right?

When Lena went to a bar with her dad, one of her high school classmates happened to be working as a bartender at the bar, and they were seen together.

Maybe there is a possibility that I will meet my dad's daughter at the station or something.

All the dads create alibi and meet the girls, but the biggest advantage is that there's no need to do that and it's not a hassle.

If you don't have an alibi, or if your alibi turns out to be a lie, you may be asked to pay alimony, so be careful.

Lena is unmarried, but her daddy lied to Lena that she was unmarried, but he was actually married.

At that time, Papa's wife called me using Papa's phone and said, "Hire a lawyer, so be careful.I was told.

Even remembering it now, it was scary!

The second advantage is

Especially for everyone who is looking for a rice daddy who doesn't want to have a dokata (relationship with a physical relationship).

When I meet various dads and get along with them, many of the married dads are worried about having sexless with their wives, but it's boring for one night only like sex.

Or, I'm tired of playing customs.

That's why I'm looking for a girl.

That's why many of the dads who tell me early on that a physical relationship is a condition are married men.

On the contrary, unmarried dads are not ravenous about sex.

There are many dads who think that if they fall in love with that child, they want to have a physical relationship, but they don't make it a condition to have a physical relationship.

I'll talk about not only the merits, but also the case where an unmarried dad becomes a demerit.

This kind of "papa who wants to be in love, not just sex" actually has a risk if you get hooked.

Serious love daddy type.

The problem with this type of dad is that when he gets serious, it becomes a little troublesome.

Sometimes the restrictions are strict, such as not wanting to see other dads, or having a line coming every day.

And they want to be lovers.

They ask me to go with them to places like Disneyland, illuminations, and night views with lots of people.

People say they want to take a picture together or want a pair look.

It might be possible if it's a favorite daddy (a daddy who really likes him), but it's a big disadvantage for a girl who has a boyfriend or a child who doesn't want anyone to find out that she's working as a daddy.

Lena and I were only in a relationship for half a year. You declined.smile

The final benefit is

Good news for daddy girls who are in trouble with money.

An unmarried dad doesn't have a money worm who takes half of his income.

Therefore, unless he is a man who spends a lot of money, he has more financial power than a married dad.

The possibility that a married dad with pocket money is a big dad is extremely low.

You have a fixed amount of money to spend each month.

A long time ago, Rena's fat daddy, a married dad, had a pocket money system, but he used a savings account that his family didn't know about.

I used that money to play with girls.

I can't get my feet on the money that is moving in the account that my family doesn't know.

I would be happy if it was for all the daddy girls.See you!

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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