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Why are you guys so confident?

I think I know that young P is the best dad activity. He would tell me properly, "You wouldn't go on a date with me if it wasn't about money, right?"

Even so, the old men over 40.50 are like, "After all, it's money, isn't it?"Isn't it obvious!

I am aware that I have a cuter appearance than usual because I work in a job that emphasizes visuals.

Because of that, it's not uncommon for cool guys of the same generation (teens to early twenties) to make advances, but why do men think they can satisfy young women with things other than money? Is it?

No wonder.If the payment is bad, there's no way we'll meet. .

Isn't it natural to fill the age gap with money?Will the day come when old men realize that money is the only way to win against men of the same generation as girls?



Thank you very much for your question.

In the first place, as far as I read your question as a theory, there is not much difference in what young P-sama and 40- and 50-year-old uncles are saying, just with different ways of saying it.

"After all, it's money, isn't it?" It can be said that they also fully understand that "If you don't have money, you won't be able to date."Mr. Waka P seems to be politely saying, "If it's not about money, you won't date me, right?"

If they think they can be satisfied with something other than money, they won't say, "After all, it's money."For better or worse, I'm sure you guys are well aware that you can't attract women if you don't have money.

Confident person wins

When it comes to uncles this time, I'm not completely confident, but when it comes to men's love affairs, it's better to be full of confidence without defending yourself at all, regardless of whether there is any basis for it. No doubt there are many.

This is especially true for men who are not attractive in terms of money or appearance.In that sense, it can be said that there is no problem even if the uncles this time are not full of confidence because they have the charm of "money".

Unfortunately, even modest men are popular only with men who have matching charm.If a man who doesn't have charm becomes humble, he won't even be recognized in the first place, so it won't develop into love.

However, if an unattractive man is confident and arrogant, there is a possibility that about 10 in 1 women will be deceived by his acting and go out with him.Of course, the remaining 9 people don't like me, but if I just think about whether or not I can get along with them, I don't know what the other 9's evaluations are.

Perhaps the questioner wants to say, "I'm not that kind of stupid woman."Of course, there is a possibility that the questioner is not "such a stupid woman".

However, as long as people who are being deceived are being deceived, they will not realize that they are being deceived.

Perhaps the man in his late teens to early 10s who you are currently attracted to is just a man who pretends to be confident, I hope that is not the case. but.

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