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Opportunity to start dad life

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the trigger to start papa katsu?

Or, if you are about to start dad activities, why are you trying to start dad activities?

my only secret

Papa-katsu is an outlaw activity, so I think you may be hesitant at first because you may be in trouble or hesitate to take the first step.

I'm actually working as a dad, but I haven't told the people around me that fact.

I'm not a student, so I don't bother to make jokes about it, and I'm not staying overnight, so I don't need to tell my family about the details of going out.

That's how I feel about it, and I'm kind of proud that there are truths that I can't tell others.

When I meet my friends once in a while,

"Are you in love with me? Have you become beautiful?"

Sometimes people ask me things like Porori,

(Oh, is it the effect of Papa-katsu?) I grin while thinking.

I'm sure everyone feels like that when it comes to being a dad.

It was the world of the night that I rushed into just because it was dangerous.

By the way, the reason I started working as a dad for Natsuyuki was an interesting “introduction”.

When I first came to work in Tokyo, I'm not proud of it, but when I walked around the city, I was often approached by people calling themselves model agencies.

It was my first time to do something like that, so I was interested, and I decided to belong to an agency that I could trust.

However, it was my first time in such a world, and of course it was a tough road.

In the midst of all this, I quit my daytime job, before I knew it my savings had run out and I rushed into the world of night.

Actually, before I started working as a papa, I used to play Sekukyaba in Kabukicho.

So, one of the customers at that time scouted me.

“○○-chan, (the name of Minamoto at that time) is sexy, so I wish I could earn more money~”

"Eh~ how?"

"For example, a model or an actress."

"What is that~? Isn't that a naughty guy~? It's embarrassing~"

"But if you don't show your face, isn't it the same as your current job? I don't know who it is."

"Hmm... But I'm scared to appear in the media~ I don't know who will see me, and I don't want my family to know~"

"For the time being, ask for an explanation~. I'll introduce you."

I had a good relationship with the customer, so I couldn't refuse, so I was taken by the customer to a certain office.

Introduced me to try papa katsu

A very small office.

So I listened to various explanations for 2 hours, but since the beginning I went to listen to the explanations with the feeling of "friendship" with the customer, so in the end I refused and went home that day.

But after I got home, I became a little more interested.

In the past, I suddenly had a flashback of the impulse I had when I longed to be a model.

So, when I checked various things on the net, I found a major production company.

Doesn't it say "Looking for models"?

As soon as I got in touch with him, I was offered an interview, so I headed to the production.

However, when I listened to the content of the work, there were many cases of AV actresses who showed their faces, so I hesitated.

I thought I could take it off if I didn't show up, because my identity wouldn't be revealed, but the reality is that there aren't many cases like that, and the money I get is small.

The world, of course, was not so sweet.

However, the person in charge at that time was a very nice person, and if he was working at a Sekukyaba in Kabukicho, he introduced me to trying papa katsu.

And at that time, I first learned about the existence of "Papa Katsu".

The hardest part was the clothes.

Papa-katsu doesn't appear in the media, and you can enjoy it one-on-one with customers, so there is a sense of security.

Moreover, listening to the story, it seems that there are more rich and wonderful gentlemen compared to the customers in Kabukicho.

And this is the trigger, I started papa katsu.

When I first started working as a dad, the most difficult thing was clothes.

During the day, I usually wear pants and simple tops.

If it was a sexy cabaret, it would be nice because there were several dresses with high exposure, but as expected, I couldn't wear them even though I was going to a first-class hotel, so I went shopping immediately.

I bought a white skirt that looks like a beautiful suit dress, and it started with a heart-pounding start.

The waves of emotions I receive in my dad life are more than double those in my normal life.

In my case, I didn't hesitate to flirt with my dad or have sex with him. Women who are about to start may have some resistance at first.

But of course, the men I date are also respectable adults, so we can communicate well with each other and negotiate.

What I think now is that dad life should not be started only by looking at the financial side.

Moreover, there is much to be sacrificed and much to be gained.

Sometimes I feel depressed and other times I feel very happy.

The waves of emotions I receive in my dad life are more than double those in my normal life.

But including all

Papa-katsu helps you acquire good manners, improve your communication skills, and gives you a great social experience.

The reason for this is different for each person, but Natsuyuki thinks it's a good thing that he started working as a dad.

Xia Xue

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki. "Snow that falls in the summer" is somewhat strong, ephemeral, fantastic, and outlaw image... I think women in their XNUMXs like me are such a living thing.I would be happy if you could look forward to reading such a neat post written by Natsuyuki.By the way, my favorite saying is "The secret is to make a woman beautiful."You got a little nervous, didn't you? *

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