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A story about finding a dad on Tinder ~ A story about being dumped in 5 seconds after meeting a handsome guy

Hello.This is Lena, who is looking for a dad on the dating app Tinder.

Today, I have a sudden meeting with a 27-year-old entrepreneur (a wealthy family who inherits the business).

I've only seen pictures of him from a distance, but he's a normal, good-looking young man.The other person's name is Ken-san.

There are restrictions on going out due to the coronavirus, so when I was lounging around at home, I was asked, "I have time now, but would you like to meet me now?"

He also agreed on the allowance at the face-to-face meeting, so I decided to go for a drive.

He came to pick me up in a blue Maserati. He was clean, tall, had a good figure, and looked like a good dad.

Kind of like Yuzuru Hanyu.He's fresh, rich, and young, so isn't that a problem?That's my first impression.It was naive to think that the search for Papa would end here...

Then why don't you come home?with him.

I live alone, but I have a maid at home, so we can talk a little and cook something for dinner together.

I was planning to drive home soon, so I left the house with just one smartphone.

I was relieved that his maid was in the house, and agreed to go to the house after telling him that face-to-face meetings would not lead to an intimate relationship.

Both the car number and the house are found out.It was naive to think that he wouldn't do anything strange.

I was brought on a highway to an area I was completely unfamiliar with, and I kept wondering where I was.Where is the nearest station?and confirmed the current location.

Apparently this area is like a residential area and there is no big station.

I arrived at his house, which was like a resort, thinking that I would have to be sent home to get home.

The Myanmar maid was young and cute.

After a quick chat, I learned that this guy often brings girls into his house.

He said he sometimes didn't come home at night, and it didn't seem like a man's house, so it might be a separate house.

From the flow of watching a movie together in the living room, when I was shown a three-bedroom room, the door was suddenly closed and I was pushed down to the bed.

immediate rejection.

As I wrote in my previous column, I definitely don't want to have an adult relationship with my dads now.

After telling him that I haven't been in a relationship like that with a man for over two years, I explain that I'm attracted to you, but I'm not asking for something like this.

Just hugging, just laying down together, he forced her into that kind of atmosphere and started to touch her chest and pussy.

"I'm sorry. I'm really scared. I can't do it."

I can't resist being forced by such a tall person.A maid who gets paid by him can't take my side.

He said, "Let's go home."

I immediately said, "Okay, but what about your allowance? I don't have my wallet right now, so I can't go home."

He told me that he would take me to the station and take the train home from there.

I showed him the terms and conditions we had talked about before we met, and attacked him, saying, "Is this a lie? Are you going to do something that looks like rape and leave him in such an empty place? You're a criminal."

Then he knew my house and my phone number, so if he wanted to go to the police, he could go.

But go alone.

Then they threatened to call the police on you for stealing things from your house.

Even though I was a victim, I was suddenly falsely accused of being the perpetrator.

The reality is that my home and phone number have been exposed.

I could understand that he was making a lot of money at a young age, so I reluctantly left the house and got into his car. I was.

He then told me that he would drive me to a nearby station and that I would have to take care of myself from there.

While I was disappointed that I didn't get my allowance, I also felt miserable that I would be abandoned at a train station in the countryside where I had never been before because my attitude had completely changed because I had cut off a physical relationship.

Even though I need money to return from the station, I don't even think about that.It's already late at night and I'm hungry, but I don't even care about that.

He was a different person from the gentle and refreshing man I had talked to on the way to his house.

Can a man's personality change so much due to unsatisfied libido?

Did I hurt his pride that he had never been refused before?

Anyway, it's not a situation where you can't run away because you're forced to go home.

I asked...However, I was abandoned on the side of the road in front of the station.

I didn't know what to do.

I decided to wait for my friend to finish work and have him pick me up.

There weren't even any benches or cafes to sit on, so I waited for my friend at the bus stop until 9:XNUMX at night, thinking about various things.

What my friend said to me in the car on the way home resonated with me.

I'm an adult now, so I have to live without regrets later.

Of course, men who try to force themselves into adult relationships are also bad, but few men come on dates without such ulterior motives.

Many men take it as an OK sign when someone asks them to come to their house.

I have to control it myself.Only you can protect yourself.

I thought that was true.

Lena, a daddy girl without adults.

I have to get better at attracting dads, and I have to get better at rejecting adults.

I learned a very good lesson, so I decided to write this column, including a cautionary tale.

This just happened last week.

I still see the man's face in my dreams, and I'm so traumatized that I don't want him to touch me again!

I hope the papa katsu girls who are reading this don't have the same experience.

with prayers.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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