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Bargaining whether to hold or not

thank you always.No, please let me take care of you more.
This is Kamiya from Universe Club Okinawa Branch.

Both men and women who join us have their own stories, and what they are looking for is also different.

I personally thought about it, but I think it can be broadly classified into these five categories.

  • I want to play with beautiful women
  • I want to go on a date
  • The bargain of whether to embrace
  • want to support women
  • I want to celebrate life

Which one do you think the male members reading this column apply to?

Somehow, along with Kamiya's recommended dating type, please explain.

I want to play with beautiful women 

I just want to playI want to date a beautiful girl who looks like a model.

Among the registered women, the top class is women who are related to the entertainment industry and who are obviously models.

I want to flirt.I want to play with you!

It's not a cabaret club, it's not a prostitute, it's my woman!I want to keep it next to me.

I'm still cool!There are many women who are at such a level that they are beautiful and have a good personality that makes you think.

A “beautiful woman” who can evoke the youthful feeling of the past, make the heart flutter, and further immerse managers in their 40s and 50s in a sense of superiority.

Isn't it the best moment to be immersed in a sense of superiority?

I want to go on a date

I've been busy with work and haven't been on a date for quite a while.

It's been too long since I've been with my partner for many years.

I'd rather have a fun night drinking with a cute girl than eating alone on a business trip.

A date that feels the best for those who think that they are working hard at work and sometimes rewarding themselves.

"What am I going to do with my life when I don't let my man live outside of work and home?"

A member left such a quote.

The bargain of whether to embrace

I also had a smooth date, playing with a beautiful woman.

The next step is a persuasive woman.She doesn't collapse easily, I want to see the future.

Even if we meet once or twice, it's a lot of fun, but for some reason the room is refused.

Well then, how can I talk to you?

If I can drop it, isn't there a face that only I can show?

If I could drop it, wouldn't there be scenery that only I could see?

I want to turn around to myself who is not anyone!I want to bring that desire to the fore.

I feel that the men who are reading this article also feel the passion of the men who came to Okinawa.

want to support women

I've had enough women.

This is what it means to want to help people!

I have an income, and I want to support the dreams of women in need.

I want to raise it, I even think about it.

I want to celebrate life

Brighten up your life.Is it like that?

Instead of a casual daily life, I want to give you stimulation and the color of being a woman.

Just like Don Juan from Kishu.

I feel like the level is gradually rising.

The bargain of whether to embrace

There it is.

The other day, I had a chance to call Mr. A (provisional name), a male member who is registered with the Okinawa branch.

Mr. A has been in charge of Mr. Kamiya since the interview, and he always meets the woman he recommended, but recently he said something completely different from when he joined.

First of all, I want to go on a date with the recommended woman.

"I want to go on a date"
"I want to play with beautiful women"

It was
In a recent phone call, I was happy to receive a report on a good relationship with a woman, and even asked for a recommended woman for the next time.

"I'd like someone who looks pretty, but isn't there someone who doesn't want to go straight to the room and has a hard guard that can't be broken?"


Oh!Did you come!

When Mr. A joined, I think that most of them wanted to "play with beautiful women" and "want to go on dates", but after several dates, the next area is "bargaining to hold".

When Kamiya joined the company, he had a simple idea that it would be nice to have it, but it turned out to be much deeper.excuse me.

Thanks to Mr. A's words, I was able to know the fun of the dating club.

At the same time, in interviews, in addition to asking women about their relationship type, I began to ask them more about their stance in real love.

Tell me more!and days of investigation.

"I want to support women" is the reason why only about 1% of people join the club at first, but I think that it is in the realm of the gods of the members who have played enough and the upper class of the dating club. I was.

On top of that, there are also people who want to enjoy life and become like fathers in many ways.

It's okay if your father just watches over you. . .

Each stage has its charms, but I think that the most suitable for women you meet through the dating club is "Hold or bargain".

I hope you will continue to enjoy this realistic pseudo-romance to the fullest.

Kii Kamiya


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