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Are you not good with strong-minded women?


Papas also say, "You look like a career woman in the future," "You look like you can live on your own," and "You look scared if you fight."If something is actually unsatisfactory, I will say it loudly, even if it is a dad who is 30.40 or XNUMX years away.

People say I look fresh, masculine, and don't look like I'm 20.Are men not good at women without cuteness?

If I say so myself, I think the face is in good shape.Even though I say pretty tough things to my dad, boyfriend, and sex friend, I feel like everyone is accepting it from my face that the relationship continues.




Thank you very much for your question.

Do you know a woman named Nobuko Ochiai?

She is the wife of Hiromitsu Ochiai, a professional baseball player, but recently, you may not know Hiromitsu Ochiai in the first place.Hiromitsu Ochiai is a professional baseball player who can be said to be the strongest in Japanese history.

By the way, about this Nobuko Ochiai, all her anecdotes are crazy and very popular.Anyway, what a strong spirit.It is known for its strength of mind that the questioner runs away barefoot.

Nobuko used to be the mother of a snack bar, but she teased Hiromitsu, who was a regular there, by saying, "He earns less than me."He's not strong-willed or anything like that.

However, as far as I know, there are no men who speak ill of Nobuko Ochiai.Rather than saying she is a woman who is liked by everyone at the idol level.

Nobuko is known for giving various advice when Hiromitsu falls into a slump, but basically none of this is meaningless.In the first place, the other party is the best professional baseball player in Japan, so there is no way Nobuko, who is only a snack mom, can give advice.

The reason why people like Nobuko is probably because she takes responsibility for what she says.

Among her episodes, the one that most clearly expresses this is the one about orthodontics.At that time, Hiromitsu was still a semi-first-class player, but Nobuko developed a mysterious theory that "if you treat your teeth, you can hit it."

Aligning your teeth may be important, but it's a sermon for a snack mom to give advice to Japan's best professional baseball player.If it was only this, it would have been swept away, "Yes, yes, you are saying something appropriate again."

However, Nobuko is different from here.

At this point, Nobuko and Hiromitsu are nothing more than a snack mom and customer.To Hiromitsu, whose annual income was only about 300 million yen, Nobuko gave him a few million yen for dental treatment.

No one will complain if you've come this far, and no matter how strong you are, it's impossible to be disliked.

fucking consultant

"Say it straight"

Even a fool can do that.

The reason why fucking con is hated is exactly here.

If you just say, "There is such a problem," even a fool or a monkey can do it.What fools and monkeys can't do is the process after that.

Turn abstract problems into concrete solutions, do mind-boggling implementations, and take responsibility for the problem.

A bastard who doesn't do such a steady, difficult and responsible job, and just does the simplest thing, "say it out" and makes it look like he's bossy prize.

"Japan's problem is declining birthrate!"

Even monkeys can say this.

Of course, I am not telling you to do everything.However, I will never forgive anyone other than a good-looking young woman and a child, such as a bastard who does not present a solution, does not implement a daunting implementation according to the solution, and does not take responsibility for the result, but just "says bluntly". It will not be.

Nobuko was wonderful in that respect.In fact, whether or not her dentition had anything to do with hitting, she offered concrete solutions, and she took the blame for the money.She probably implemented it by a dentist, but she complained bluntly after paying for the other parts herself.

Please rest assured.

You will not be hated just because you are strong-willed.On the other hand, a strong-willed bastard who does not take responsibility, implement, or solve problems is hated by both men and women.

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