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dad who became a stalker

dating for only 3 months

Lena was in an adult relationship with a man for three months.

Rena had just started her father's activities, and she was so happy to be escorted by an adult man to a delicious restaurant and an elegant hotel, and she was completely fond of her father.

I knew that this papa was married, and I knew that he was obsessed with Lena.

But I thought it was just for fun, so maybe I underestimated it.

Let's go see the Statue of Liberty together

After two months of dating, my dad said,Shall we go to New York together next month?I received an invitation.

Papa wants to work for just one day and spend a few days sightseeing and shopping with Lena.

For Lena, this is her first trip with her acquaintance, Papa.

I know her identity, and I also know the beautiful secretary who manages my dad's schedule at the company that my dad runs, so I wasn't worried.

But for Lena, it was her first time in America and New York.

My heart was full of excitement and excitement.

I want to go shopping at Tiffany's, or I want to visit cafes in Manhattan.

However, because my father was very busy, I had to leave the itinerary, accommodation, and flight reservations to his secretary.

I gave Lena's passport and personal information to her secretary through her father, and she took care of all the procedures for Lena, so I felt comfortable.

A shopping trip

Lena left with a week's worth of clothes in a medium-sized suitcase.

A neat skirt that daddy likes, and an elegant off-white top.

I packed everything into my outfit, including high heels that I wouldn't be embarrassed to go to a fancy restaurant in New York, and sneakers that I could walk around a lot while sightseeing.

I thought that even if I did buy something, I should just carry it home with me.

Rena was sweet.

first day, Lena, who was freezing in New York where the temperature was lower than she expected, asked her dad to buy her a Moncler down jacket.

At that time, I didn't know the brand Moncler at all, and I remember being in a hurry to buy a very expensive outerwear.smile

Day 2, Daddy bought Jimmy Choo shoes for Lena, who got blisters when she went out in high heels.

I thought it would look good on Lena's delicate legs.

I was happy to be able to wear shoes that I had only seen in movies.

third day, Papa took Lena, who wanted to go see Tiffany's, to Tiffany's flagship store on 5th Avenue.

She told me I could buy whatever I wanted, but I couldn't be greedy and wasn't sure what to buy, so why not buy both?and gave me earrings and a necklace.

Last day, It turns out that you can't pack because you shop too much, and you can't fit your luggage.

My dad bought me a new suitcase at the airport.

In any case, I was surprised at how luxurious the shopping was every day.

Surprise the next day after returning home

After returning to Japan, we said goodbye at the airport and Lena went home.

I was so tired that I fell asleep immediately.

When I wake up and check my email,My wife found out about my relationship with Lena, so I can't see her anymore."And.

It's true that we took a lot of pictures together during the sightseeing, and although it was only a day's work, it lasted for a week.

Rena was disappointed, but it was a good memory, I thought.

A month without contact

Neither Lena nor Papa contacted me after that.

Lena also deleted her dad's emails and phone number.

After about a month, I stopped thinking of my dad only when I wore the clothes that my dad bought for me.

At that time, when I got home, my dad was standing at the entrance of the house.

Papa has become a little skinny and shabby.

When Papa sees Lena, he looks like he's going to cry and says, "I want to start over.Please let me know your contact information.I said.

It seems that his wife changed his cell phone and number, so he couldn't contact him.

I didn't even notice that because Lena didn't contact me.

And when Papa saw Lena, he said, "I'm glad you're doing well.” he muttered.

Lena betrayed his wife, who wanted to cut Lena and Papa up to the point of changing their phone number, and didn't feel like dating Papa again.

Moreover, even though I knew the address from the information when I went on a trip, I was afraid that he would come to see me at my house.

Lena said,don't come see me anymoreI was told.

Papa left with a sad face.

every day since

Then at night, Papa appeared in front of Lena's house.

Lena also had days when she didn't go home during the day and days when she didn't go home from work, so I didn't see her every day, but for about two weeks, when I got home at night, her papa was there.

I was terrified and mute.

Every day I rushed into my room, unable to say anything but please stop.

On the other hand, there was also a negative feeling about such a relationship, so there was no one to consult with, and what Rena could do was to refuse clearly and threaten her.

One Sunday night, Lena saw Papa in front of her house and looked him in the eye and asked.

"Lena doesn't want to go out with her dad until she makes someone sad.I want her to take care of her wife who cares about her.That's all Lena hopes for.If you continue to pursue Lena, she will consult the police.I think she will call his wife again.so let's stop'

ま さ か こ ん な こ と に な る と は

I casually started dating.

Without giving it much thought, I went to New York.

I hated it.

I'm glad you thought of me, but... I have no choice but to find a better encounter.

From Rena, who has experienced the sweet and sour of Papa Katsu.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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