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A story about a defenseless woman who went to Singapore to see her stranger's dad.

One day, about two weeks after I started working as a dad, I received a rare and polite message.

"I'm a Japanese living in Singapore. I want to go see various things in the world, but I'd like to have a nice woman next to me at that time."It was the content.I had grown tired of hearing only three lines of greetings, such as "What kind of person are you looking for?"

"I think it's very nice. Have you already talked to a few people here? There are various people in this kind of place, and it's very difficult to find someone on the same wavelength."

My next reply was: “If you don’t mind, could you please come to Singapore once?

In just two round trips, I got a ticket to Singapore.

before going

I will call him Mr. Mikitani.At that time, due to the novel coronavirus, immigration procedures were very strict, and I had little travel experience. We had a lot of exchanges.

However, Mr. Mikitani, who often goes back and forth between Japan and Singapore, kindly taught me about PCR tests, apps that should be installed, and various procedures.It was so smooth and smooth that even though I was skeptical at first, I had no choice but to trust his seriousness.

Mr. Mikitani will take care of both the air ticket and the hotel, so I gave him my real name, date of birth and phone number.The fact that he didn't ask for the address because it was reserved by Mr. Mikitani was also a reliable point.

The hotel also suggested only those with pools of 4 stars or higher.They gave me the name on the reservation and made arrangements so that I was the only one who could change the reservation.He researched everything about whether or not he could speak Japanese, and made suggestions.

Honest and gentlemanly, exactly what I was looking for, the "ideal daddy" is in Singapore.That figure gradually formed in my brain each time I exchanged messages.

suit menNo, they are defenseless.As for me, I am extremely defenseless.Yes, I'm a very naive, optimistic, and persistent believer in the goodness of human nature.It would have been so easy to cheat.But so far there is no deceptive gesture.Air tickets have actually been sent.

At the airport or in the hotel lobby, you may be told, "It's been canceled, isn't it?""That time is that time. Except for death and injury, I'll use anything as a side dish for alcohol."I thought.


The day before departure

1 month after the first message.The day before his departure, Mr. Mikitani once again gave me this message.

“It would be great if we could have a good relationship with each other in the future, but I don’t think there will be a good meeting. You're lucky if you have one, so feel free to come see me.

If you meet me for the first time and think you're different, you don't need to meet me after that.In that case, I hope that you will enjoy your time in Singapore, thinking that you were able to travel for free (laughs).”

Optimistic and humorous, I headed for the airport excited that this might be a wonderful encounter.

ーーDad life that somehow started a month ago.I couldn't imagine something cartoonish happening so quickly, and even after the plane took off, I couldn't believe I was in the middle of it all.I still think it might have been a dream.

But the bitter experience I had in Singapore certainly left me with this feeling.

after taking off

Mr. Mikitani was a gentleman, but he didn't pick me up at the airport.He seems to be busy with work, so we were supposed to meet him in the hotel lobby.He felt a little lonely, but it can't be helped.

As the sun has already begun to set, I walk around the city for the first time, dragging a large suitcase.The scent and humidity are different from Japan.Along the way, she felt that the woman she was wearing was wearing no make-up and shorts, and that her dress was floating in the air.

30 minutes by train from the airport.It's already been 9 hours since I left my home in Japan.The hotel I arrived at had a doorman, and as soon as the door opened, the cold air from the air conditioner passed through my body.Looking at the doorman who greeted me with a smile, I was convinced that this place would be a clean and safe base for travel.

After passing through the white marble elevator hall, a tall man in sandals, a casual shirt and shorts stood up.It's Mr. Mikitani!

The first thing is important in everything, so I changed my tired face and rushed over with a smile.

"Oh! Hello, I'm Firefly! I finally met you!"

The man puts his hand in his pocket and waves one hand.

"Hello, I'm Mikitani. Did you find the place right away?"

Hmmm... I guess it's a joke.And you speak more languidly than your message.

When he found out that my English was poor, he smartly checked in for me.Receive the card key from Mr. Mikitani who has completed the procedure.

"I'll leave my suitcase here," I said as I headed for the elevator.


I wondered if he was worried about me so he would guide me to the room, or if he was going to wait in front of the room.However, I wonder if I shouldn't believe in the theory of good nature, or if Mr. Mikitani's mind has already been neglected and neglected and has become evil, he naturally follows me when I enter the room.

"Um... would you mind waiting for me?"

"Eh, isn't that good? It's strange for me to wait in the hallway (laughs)."

……Where is that considerate gentleman!? ! !

Heeee continue?

Main business >>> p Katsu Nayuru pj.I want to be an ally and friend of all pj-chan.Let's all become cuter and smarter together.Daddy who saw my name recommends going around.However, if you want to meet a good regular, sit straight there.

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