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My value as a woman was less than 2500 yen per hour.

It was after I graduated from "university" that I started working as a dad.

When I was in college, I was a companion.In short, it is a part-time job that is rented out to an inn and serves sake.

I wasn't cute at all at the time.But here you don't need to be as sparkling as a cabaret club, and you don't need to catch customers.I thought it would be more efficient than a normal part-time job.

A car came to pick me up at my house in the early afternoon, picked up some girls, and headed for a distant hot spring resort about two hours one way.In the parking lot of a convenience store, she changes into a uniform with a white jacket and a frilly flower print miniskirt that looks like a negative legacy of the bubble economy.

Inside the jacket is a self-contained bra top.College students to people in their 1s have to change clothes in the same car without privacy.

Once we enter the tatami room, we stand in a straight line on the hard tatami mats and sit straight.I deeply bow my head at the command of the leader's mom."For the next two hours, I'll devote myself to 'things' to feed these people comfortably."and is engraved.

Take a beer bottle and kneel between the gentlemen.The fibers of the tatami mat dig into my knees.If you pour beer into the other person's glass, beer will be poured into you as well.Stick a smile on your face, make a toast, and pour the beer you don't want to drink into your empty stomach.

Talk to people who have no dignity, money, status, or life experience.Occasionally, I'll pour beer, stand, sit, run around, and even have my thighs gently stroked from the hem of my frilly fluttering skirt.

"Firefly-chan is really cute. I'm really your type."

"But we've come a long way, so we have to pull it until the second party," he says with a smile.

I managed to pull out to karaoke for the second party or drink in the room and disbanded.The time is around 2:23. “This is for today,” said the leader, handing me raw cash in pieces.

No matter how hard I try, I can't get even one Yukichi.But I don't even doubt that it's the money I worked hard for, so I put it in my bag.This is what I used to be.

2500 hours at an hourly wage of 4 yen.8500 yen including car and uniform.By the way, the customer pays 1 yen per hour, so 5000% of the margin is taken by the company.

I get car sick easily, so I always prepare anti-sickness medicine and drinks, prepare dinner to eat in the car, and prepare my own stockings that will get tattered on the tatami mats every time.You can actually get less than 8500 yen.

Even with this, if you are lucky enough to pull it to the second party, it will be only 2 yen if you open it at the first party.No matter how hard I try, if there are many members who are elderly or not good-looking, I will open up.

"If it's not that old lady, then the second party would be nice too..."On the day when I was told that I was apologetic, I had to think about the relationship between myself and Nichinen and my aunt, think about my mood, and make an inquiry.

That's all the bad feelings, the smell of cigarettes, drinking alcohol that I don't want to drink, hurting my leg, making my aunt feel good, following a girl who isn't cute, and feeling my thighs being touched. Dealing with a bad man ... and arriving at home at 1 o'clock.

Can you do it!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Receive an invitation from a younger beauty.

It was around the time when I was found out that I was behind the scenes with customers (I had a Shinkai where I could directly collect girls without going through a company and receive the full amount of the guarantee without a margin), and the leader started drying.A younger beauty who is a regular at the secret party says.

“Firefly-senpai, aren’t you going to do dad activities?”

I had heard of her, but when I told her that I couldn't be like a mistress, she replied, "No, if you're Hotaru, you'll definitely be happy just by going out for dinner."

That's how my life as a dad started.It was about half a year after I graduated from university.From here my value finally begins to rise a little.

My current value is...At least I no longer receive raw coins randomly.For me now, there is value in being able to look me in the eye and give me a beautiful bill carefully put in an envelope.

The meaning of starting this nostalgic story

why did i say thisBecause I want you to understand your value and review whether you are pricing appropriately.

In retrospect, the college student brand was the strongest weapon anyone could have.

There are many men who are happy just to be seated with a “college student,” regardless of what they can do or can't talk to.I didn't understand the value at all and sold myself for just 2500 yen.If you include travel time, the hourly wage will be about the same as a convenience store part-time job or less.

Of course, the adults in charge must have understood our value.It would be too much exploitation to give only 2500 yen there.

I hope that clever pj who came to read this will reconsider his own value.There are many factors that increase the value of girls, not just college student brands.

In addition, ``I spend time, effort, and transportation expenses to go to the meeting place'', ``I do makeup properly'', ``I research makeup and clothes that suit me in order to be cute'', etc.I want you to take into account "what you are doing your best except when you are meeting".

So what is your worth?How should your worth be calculated?What can be of value other than youth?I want to talk about that next time.

Main business >>> p Katsu Nayuru pj.I want to be an ally and friend of all pj-chan.Let's all become cuter and smarter together.Daddy who saw my name recommends going around.However, if you want to meet a good regular, sit straight there.

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