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Your actions may be watched.


When you enter the room, do the hotel people watch you with a camera until you enter?



Thank you very much for your question.


In the case of my hotel, almost everything is checked with a camera from entering the store to entering the room.Of course, there are cameras in the elevators, so you can be sure that they are also being checked.


Of course, this is not something that we are confirming out of curiosity or killing time.


There are three main reasons for checking.


The first reason is prevention of room mistake.


It is not uncommon for a guest who should have entered room XNUMX to accidentally enter room XNUMX.If there is such a mistake, I have to go to stop it immediately, so I need to check it until I enter the room.


The second reason is confirmation of entry.


This has a lot to do with the first reason, but there are times when you leave the store as it is, even though you have completed the procedure at the front desk.Also, it is not uncommon for people to get into fights in the hallway and not be allowed into the room forever.


The third reason is to confirm the number of people.


There were only two people at the front desk, but when I entered the room, there were three people for some reason.Surprisingly, this is not uncommon.On the contrary, it is often seen that there should be two people at the front desk, but only one person is in the room.In this case, it's especially a problem that another person is somewhere in the hotel, so you have to deal with it immediately.In order to prevent such problems, visual confirmation of entry is important.


The fourth reason is the balance with cleaning staff and staff.For example, let's say I was planning to clean my room on the XNUMXth floor.However, if there is a customer trying to enter room XNUMX at that time, you will have to wait until they enter.In order to make such a confirmation, it is necessary to check before entering the room.


The fifth reason is check-in management.At love hotels, the rate varies depending on the time of day, but basically it's based on the moment you open the door of the room, not the front desk.for example13Let's take the example of a hotel that has a service if you enter the room by the time.the touch panel at the entrance1259Although I pressed it in minutes, I entered the room131What would happen if you had a customer named Min?Due to these problems, it is necessary to check until the door is opened.


For the above reasons, we use surveillance cameras to check the behavior of our customers from the front desk to the entrance.Of course, there are no cameras in the room, so we appreciate your understanding.


By the way, this is really a digression, but before, when I was working the night shift, two people should have come to the store, but only a man entered the room.


When I hurriedly searched the hotel, I was terrified to find a woman staring at me on the landing of the emergency stairs.Ghosts aren't that scary, but humans are usually scary.


By the way, I'm afraid of women, but I also feel a bottomless fear of men who leave such women and enter the room without incident.

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