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I will review "La Boutique" in Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.

This is Masanishi from the production department!
I went to eat sweets at "La Boutique" in Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, which just opened on 3/9 (Fri.), so I'd like to tell you about it♪

smart casual clothes

To the organizers who thought of such a fun project

"The dress code is smart casual!"

I was told that I should stop going, so I was worried about it.And as the day approached, I became more and more depressed.

I felt like I understood a little bit that the first date with a daddy in a place with such a high threshold would be nervous and depressing for a daddy girl who is incomparable to me this time.

By the way, the past article that explained smart casualClick here for the guidelines.It's in!in papa life"smart casual"Or"Casual Elegance"

I'm usually a backpacker with no sense of fashion, but this time I went with the little dress I had!

Patisserie on the 45th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Arriving at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo in Roppongi's Tokyo Midtown by taxi, I was greeted by a lovely entrance boy!

It felt like I was in a different world, and I was filled with fanboys.

I took the elevator to the 45th floor and arrived at my destination, La Boutique, full of excitement!As soon as I arrived, a nice male staff member showed me to my seat.

Heartfelt and courteous customer service, clean appearance.It was clearly different from the staff at the store I usually go to.

I could see the sky tree from the window.You can enjoy your meal while looking at Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree♪

Sweets and coffee pairing

The menu you brought me doesn't have a picture.
However, the waiter carefully explained each item, so I picked the image in my head.

This time, the menu was a course where you chose coffee, chocolate and cake one by one.

ritz carlton cake

The coffee is tropical mountain, the chocolate is fig, and the cake is caramel & pecan nut millefeuille!

ritz carlton pairing

While eating, I noticed that all the cakes were cubes.
I'm a cube fetish, so I was surprised at how it looked!

Actually, I ate chocolate before I went out and ate cream puffs.

One cake starts at around 1 yen, and you can take it out as a souvenir♪

I noticed a lot

At first, I was really worried about what to wear, but I realized a lot of things, so I'm glad I didn't think too much and decide not to go.

I would be happy if the Universe Club could also provide such heartfelt services and performances, and the members would be happy with the results.

The glittering world was like a mini overseas trip and was very soothing.

And above all, it was fun!!

Those who are uneasy because they have never been to a high-class place!I was able to go too, so it's okay!
I don't think anyone can dress and behave perfectly for the TPO from the beginning!

Let's take one step and raise the level little by little ♪


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