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A love hotel that really pleases women, according to 180 women who often use love hotels



Women who often use love hotels180We have conducted a questionnaire about love hotels.


As a love hotel staff, there were some unexpected results, and it will be a reference for choosing hotels in the future.And we will also introduce the ideal love hotel derived from the questionnaire, so if you are interested, please use it.


[Questionnaire target]

Women all over the country who often use love hotels182First name


[The decisive factor in choosing a love hotel]

The person who cooperated with the survey this time was a woman who often uses love hotels.182given name.There are various purposes such as lovers, affairs, one nights, dad activities, but there is no doubt that it will be very helpful as a raw voice.


First of all, I would like to introduce the results of the questionnaire about the points that made me choose the love hotel I am currently using.


The overwhelming number one was “beautiful”.182In the name145He answered that he is using the current hotel because his name is beautiful.

Other things that have been emphasized

amenities (25Name)

Location/Access (22Name)



And so on.


However, these answers are generally as expected, and there is no surprise.As a love hotel staff, I put a lot of emphasis on "size", so I thought that the number would increase a little more, but overall I was satisfied.

On the other hand, I was surprised by the price.

182Among the names, the women who decided on price and cost performance6I only have a name.Considering that more than XNUMX% of men made their decision on price in a survey I conducted independently, I can say that there is a clear difference in what men and women want from a hotel.


Of course, I don't think the woman who answered the questionnaire was indifferent to the price.However, I found that they are less interested in the price than men, and tend to want a clean hotel even if it is a little expensive.

Therefore, although it can be said that a “cheap but subtle hotel” is a very attractive hotel for men, women may not want to go there.


[An iron and a trowel are a must]

Continuing on with the results of the questionnaire regarding facilities and services, irons, irons, and high-end hair dryers scored overwhelming numbers.

High-end appliances such as Hair Beauron and Dyson hair dryers are particularly popular.There were many women who wanted to go to the hotel just because of this.

Actually, there are very few love hotels that have such facilities, but if you use a hotel that has such facilities, you will be very pleased with women.


[A hotel like a love hotelNG

Also, in this survey, it was found that there are a large number of women who dislike "love hotels that look like love hotels."I felt that the popularity of such hotels was declining day by day, but there were an extremely large number of women who answered, "A place like a love hotel" to the condition of "I don't want to go to a love hotel." I feel the change.


A hotel that has a high-class feel like a city hotel and does not make you feel uncomfortable.I doubt whether it is a love hotel anymore, but modern women seem to want such a hotel.



[Love hotel introduction]

Based on the above questionnaire, we will introduce recommended love hotels.The hotels below are love hotels that I have actually used, and I can assure you that they are love hotels that I can definitely recommend based on this survey.


・Shinjuku Varian Main Store

As a person in the love hotel industry, I have to say that I honestly feel uncomfortable recommending Varian.I have no objection to the fact that Balian is a good hotel, but it is too famous to be introduced at this time.


However, according to the survey this time, there are an extremely large number of women who prefer Varian, and it can be said that Varian stands out even in Shinjuku, which is a battleground for love hotels.


Varian's services, represented by the amenity buffet, are overwhelming.In addition, the Varian brand itself has a sense of stability, and it can be said that it is a hotel that will never fail.


・Shibuya None

A friend once asked me if there was a recommended love hotel in Shibuya.I was in a good mood with a woman in Shibuya, and now I'm heading to the hotel.


"So, is there any good place?"


“In that case, take a taxi to Shinjuku. There is a nice hotel called Balian.”


It's a very rude story,50In the Shibuya area, where more than one hotel is lined up, there is not a single hotel that I can recommend.If I had to saySULATA,SK PLAZAcan be a candidate for recommendation, but both are rated as good hotels in Shibuya and cannot be guaranteed to be recommended.


Love hotels in Shibuya are honestly not recommended.This is10I have been in this industry for about a year, and I am sincere in my sincerity.If you still have to choose, ISULATALet me recommend you.


SULATAmeets my criteria for recommendation, and I think it stands out in Shibuya.However, it is only a story of "if you choose in Shibuya", and it is difficult to say that it is recommended compared to the price.


縺 縺 險 Doctor SULATAIt's not bad.in ShibuyaSULATA 1It is an undeniable fact for me that it is the number recommended.


・Ikebukuro Linden

The town where I use love hotels the most is Ikebukuro.For this reason, the Hotel Linden I can recommend with the most confidence is probably the one I will introduce this time.


This hotel is far from the hotel town and is not well known.However, it can be said that it also satisfies the condition of "hard to be seen from the surroundings".


Regarding the interior decoration, it is completely a city hotel route, and when I used it before, I could not believe that it was a love hotel until the end.In particular, the suite on the top floor has an open-air bath, which is extremely rare in the city, and is unrivaled in terms of luxury and luxury.


And above all the price.The price is a little higher than the market price in Ikebukuro, but even if you stay at the suite, you can still pay with tax.2I'm going to cut XNUMX yen.Considering the Tokyo price, it can be said that the price is too cheap.


・ Namba  SEN

Love hotels in Osaka, especially Namba, are overflowing with cheap hotels.Once when I went to Osaka,22Time3000There was also a love hotel with an unbelievable price of "Yen".


However, it is also true that there are few high-priced, high-quality love hotels.22Time3000Yen hotels are cheap even if the room is XNUMX tatami mats.


Amidst all this, the hotel stands out.SENHere you go.


Close to EbisubashiSENis a popular love hotel with a modern Japanese interior.The front entrance is conspicuous because it faces the main street, but if you enter from the back street, you won't be noticed.


The interior is extremely beautiful and luxurious, partly because it has only recently been reopened.In terms of the industry, this room was designed by a company called Genko Kukan Design Institute, and all the hotels designed by this office are fashionable and I can recommend them.


The welcome steak service is also very popular.It's a bit of a mystery to offer a free steak while selling Japanese-style modern food, but anyway, I don't think there are many other love hotels that offer such luxurious free food.


・Nagoya Luxe

I think Shinei is the best love hotel in Nagoya.


Among them, I would especially like to recommend Luxe.This hotel, which is close to Shinei Station, is easily accessible from Nishiki.


The exterior gives the impression of being a love hotel, but it can be evaluated as gorgeous.In addition, the interior is full of luxury and creates the finest space.


This is my personal opinion, but I can say that love hotels in Nagoya are among the most luxurious in Japan.Anyway, it is outstanding in terms of gorgeousness, and words such as "superb space" and "luxury space" can be said to be phrases that symbolize love hotels in Nagoya.When I talked to a person in Nagoya, he said, "Nagoya people are pretentious."


People in Nagoya tend to be misunderstood, but usually love hotels don't have pools.Nagoya hotels have swimming pools as if they were regular facilities.


In addition to the Luxe introduced this time, there are other hotels that I can recommend, such as Mirage Lapis, but if I dare to choose one, I will recommend Luxe.By the way, if you are from Nagoya, when you go to Tokyo or Osaka, you may be a little disappointed with love hotels, so please be careful.There are only a few love hotels in Tokyo that have pools.


・Kyoto Lotus

There is probably no other town that deserves the name "Love Hotel District" as much as Kyoto Minami.Love hotels in Tokyo and Osaka are just densely populated with love hotels, but Kyoto Minami really has nothing but love hotels.


In Kyoto Minami, I would like to recommend Hotel Lotus Oriental.


Of course, it meets the basic requirements such as beautiful interior decoration, spacious rooms, and well-equipped facilities, but the biggest feature of this hotel is the shared facilities.


Lotus Oriental has a lot of common facilities such as billiard room and open-air bath.Since it is shared, it is a bottleneck to balance the time with other customers, but there is no other facility other than Lotus that has such facilities.


Bali esthetics is by far the most popular.It's really a mystery, but Lotus has a dedicated esthetician, and you can receive professional esthetics.


・Kinshicho Bamboo Garden

Unfortunately, I have to say that the city with the lowest level of love hotels in Tokyo is Shibuya.


On the other hand, if you ask me which city has a higher level, I would say Kinshicho.


The town called Kinshicho cannot be said to be a major town compared to Shinjuku or Shibuya.But that's why love hotels are so high level and so cheap.


When I thought about where the best hotel in Kinshicho would be, two hotels came up as candidates.


one isSARA.The biggest feature is the large number of concept rooms, and it boasts overwhelming popularity in Kinshicho as a hotel where each room is unique and can be enjoyed no matter how many times you visit.Personally, this is the hotel I don't want to work at the most in Japan, but this means that the staff's hard work is immeasurable because it is too elaborate, so they are doing it.SARAI would appreciate it if you could think of it as the greatest tribute to


However, in this survey, it was said that a love hotel that does not look like a love hotel can please women more than a love hotel that looks like a love hotel, so let me recommend another hotel.


That is Hotel Bamboo Garden.


If you don't know anything about it, you'll definitely mistake it for a city hotel, and the sense of luxury is the best in Kinshicho.In particular, you can enjoy the night view of Tokyo Skytree from the terrace of the terrace suite room on the top floor.


I don't know any other hotel like this even in high-level Kinshicho.


・ Minato Ward Karuta

There are many city hotels in Minato Ward, and there are almost no love hotels.


Under such circumstances, Hotel Karuta suddenly became famous for its quality that you wouldn't expect from a love hotel.2021Despite being a new hotel that just reopened in XNUMX, it is extremely popular with women in the Akasaka area.


Because it is located in Akasaka, the interior can be mistaken for a city hotel.Especially the room on the top floor is so spacious that it would be a waste to use it for two people, so if you choose a city hotel with the same size in Akasaka10It will cost XNUMX yen.


Also, due to its location in Akasaka, there are many services for foreign tourists, and among them there are many very attractive things such as yukata rentals and unique amenities.


And best of all is the price.In Minato-ku, where prices are unusual, the price is cheaper than Shibuya and Shinjuku, which is good value for money.Of course, the low price does not mean that the quality is low.


To be honest, doubling the price won't reduce the number of customers.Despite that, I think it's strange for a business person to maintain that price, but from the customer's point of view, I can only say that it is a wonderful hotel.


・West Tokyo Water HotelS

Overall, Japan1If you ask me where is the highest level love hotel, I would say Water Hotel in Kunitachi.SI will answer.


Everything from the room to the service is top notch.Even if I take one amenity, all of them are luxury brands, and they were not very popular, so I took them all home.


In addition, the level of room service is completely different from other hotels.Meals made with seasonal ingredients put even first-class hotels to shame.Water Hotel was originally a Japanese restaurant, and professional chefs still make each dish one by one.


But at the same time, the price is also great.The Four Seasons Suite on the top floor is even a break18000A super expensive route that exceeds the yen.as far as accommodation4It's over XNUMX yen, and I don't think it's the price of a love hotel.


In addition, the price of the room service introduced earlier is also a tremendous word.When I used it, there was something called "caviar pasta", but the price was5,000circle.just the pasta5,000Please pay in yen. If two people have a decent meal, only room service1It will easily exceed XNUMX yen.


But please water hotelSPlease don't think of it as a rip-off.To my horror, the pasta I ate was in the red.As a result of sticking to ingredients and chefs,5,000There is no profit for the hotel even at the price of yen.


The price is certainly high.But let me assure you that you will receive service and food like the finest suites in a city hotel.If it costs XNUMX to XNUMX yen, it can be said that it is affordable rather than expensive.

I work as a love hotel staff in Tokyo. She uses Twitter and blogs to provide love guidance, but this time, she decided to discuss her troubles with Universe.We are looking forward to your visit.Book "Ueno-san of love hotel" "31 days when I made a favorite boyfriend who is not good at love" etc. Love Hotel Ueno's Counseling Room

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