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[Anonymous question box] Answer anonymously to that dad activity anonymous question box

Long time no see, big monster Etsuko.

I was issued a column password and realized that it has been about a year since I wrote an article.



Cinderella column site is in danger of collapse (not like that)



If I don't write about this, it's going to be a big problem, I have to write it, I have to write it.

(I have to earn money from writing fees...!)



So, I'm logging in and writing for the first time in about a year.

I think most of the readers of this column site are women, so


  1. Really useful information for women
  2. Or make you laugh
  3. It's so cool Etsuko,
  4. It's like being told to draw quickly.



That's the kind of content I want to write, so I'd be happy if you could become my fan.


Because I write stoically... No, I'm such a slob that I should be careful about being lazy.

If I don't have motivation, I can't write.


🔻Do you know about the anonymous question box?

Yes, that's the den of the fierce.

Have you ever stepped foot there?

That interesting chaotic world bulletin board with many strange questions and strange answers.

It seems that posting is automatic now, so it's a world where you can ask any question you want as long as there are no restrictions and personal information isn't revealed.


The anonymous Etsuko will answer these questions casually, elegantly, but without being pretentious.

But I don't get sarcastic or interpret things in a roundabout way like the person who answered!

I often hear that women are sleepy, but wait, men are too!

I feel like saying that.



actually respond


・Please tell me how to identify a good father.

My ideal father would be one who provides more than enough financial support and has the best personality.

・Also, is there a way to find out in advance if the father isn't likely to play strange things?
My dad, who I broke up with on the same day I got an offer the other day, had a high salary and didn't seem to have a bad personality, but he was always reluctant to have sex and was boring.I wish she would notice before going to the hotel.
Thank you.


That's a real question.

I want to meet a good dad!Isn't this what women who are thinking about this really want to know?



The first premise is that the respondents probably have猛者andMost people who pay (i.e. men)and

from women“I don’t need to be seen as a good dad, I’ll go my own way.”Because most people

It's better to think of them as a group of people who follow their own path and have a clear idea of ​​how they want to be a father, rather than a group of people who are good fathers.


つ ま りMy way p = not good pSo, I don't have that kind of heart.

As for malicious replies, don't worry.I think so.

(What are you talking about, old man?) Unless you're a woman who can bounce back, you won't be able to penetrate the core.)



Sometimes very“Ah, this person is definitely thick and good.”Some men think that

Even from the point of view of a man (who seems to be registered in the club)"This person has the image of being a good-looking guy."Some men seem to think so.



So, what I want to say is that when I tried to ask questions, I received heartless answers and content that was not what I wanted.

There may be some people who didn't even reply in the first place because the reply had a somewhat unpleasant feeling to it.



At times like that, it's me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



Wait, I'll answer properly.





My opinion is like this.

this is,I hope it catches the eye of the woman who actually posted it.That's why I'm writing this column.

I don't have the authority to answer...?Because...! !


These women, as much as possible

・High allowance

・Very good personality

・Play is not weird

Preferably male.



Are there people like that?

I feel like saying that, but if it were me, I'd like to write down the key points that I would see through.




(Choose a store based on prior communication, past stories with women, and values ​​in case of Machiapu)


(How you use words, whether you can see your consideration and understanding towards women in every detail, what you value in your work, how you keep your distance, etc.)


(This is outside of my area of ​​expertise, but I feel like most guys with good personalities or people who aren't popular are often sex-obsessed...

If you are someone who is reluctant to cum, you may have no choice but to take countermeasures such as closing your vagina irregularly at the right timing during insertion, or searching for the ascension position of the other person.)


That's my answer.




I think you can probably understand a lot of things from a man's appearance and choices, or from conversation.

Observe the line of sight, words, and conversations.

I think the younger you are, the more pure your heart is,

If you are an older woman, your intuition will tell you based on your experience.


Just in terms of whether it's thick or thin.

Even though the allowances are expensive, being able to go to sophisticated shops is...

A man who is quite rich or who can do some unreasonable things for the sake of a woman.

Personally, I feel that this is amazing.



Also, if you meet a man on a matching app, if he is a real high-quality man based on prior communication,

The man politely and casually presents the price.

The same goes for the letter date at Universe Club, although some people may say they don't like it because it increases the number of exchanges.

Among those who are said to be good p.


Let's save money on offers that will be returned to the club and use them as allowances for women.

Please follow up on the areas where the staff are not able to do so so that you can improve your skills.

There are definitely a certain number of people who do.

If we don't, I'm sure the club and the guys' capacity and mental state will collapse.

If we can't meet, it's probably because he doesn't like me in our interactions, so I'm sure he's making the offer.




A good father candidate will never give out other women's personal information.

This is a major premise. ♣But also on the app.

It's not so much about his personality as it is about him as a father, but it's clearly a part of him that I can clearly see.

And it's true that his personality isn't very good either, because it's hard to compare women and make them look good.

If a new, better woman comes along that I like, I'll do the same thing.


You should definitely think that what you do to other women is also done to you.

There are no exceptions to this.

I said to unravel the strings through conversation, but I think it's better to look at the actions that are directed at you than the words that are directed at you.

Leaking someone's personal information, saying specific bad things (about other women)


I don't think he's a good-natured dad at this point.


Basically, a really good dad praises all women (not bragging), and women

Talk to them about how they are people who should be treated with care.


And Mr. P who is generally good

``I'm so grateful to have met such a wonderful young lady.''He often makes statements like this.

Even if it's for money, PJ makes me feel warm.


that's right,Good P makes you feel comfortable spending time together..


Weird play stories

I'm not sexually active so it's difficult for me to share my experiences with this type of story.But

Just one thing.



For those who like weird play anyway,

If the person has a good personality, they will let you know in advance.``A really nice person''Then this side

She accepts my words, ``It's a little long and I don't have the stamina (it's cute)''



If you don't like sexual intercourse that lasts too long, let your partner know in a cute way and have a good time with your partner.

Tell the other person about the things you don't like that you can't handle, and ask them to come to terms with it.

Otherwise, I won't have it.


At the very least, if they want to maintain a good relationship with you for a long time, they will know what you can improve.

If it's within your tolerance, I'm sure they'll gladly accept it.


I don't think it's necessary for either party to meet with bad feelings or major dissatisfaction. (Sudden seriousness)

I would be happy if the person asking the question could let me know if they met their ideal man.




I also want a father with a good face and a good personality.

But I'm not the kind of person a man like that would want, no, I'm not the giant monster Etsuko, so I'll start with a diet.

I hope I can at least be a person who can make others feel comfortable.


We have a long way to go to become human...

Thank you for reading.


Your big monster Etsuko

She's a grumpy old lady.She is looking for her destiny Pedaiyocha.

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