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[Dedane ❢❢] My name is Etsuko, the large monster.

My name is Etsuko the Great Monster.
I usually live quietly as a large monster.


I decided to write something, so I picked up a pen (I didn't use it) and opened a notepad. I have.

Words that came out from a quick look at this column for women who are active as dads

"What is this?" "Masturbation is something you do in a private room and in your own room...?"

I thought,
I think that the articles I will write from now on will surely become like public masturbation, and no one will be able to get their hands on it.


This state is called Sexual Words Musou, and the one who is rampaging in it is me, the giant monster Etsuko.
It never makes sense.I don't know the person who wrote it, so I can't understand you who are reading this.
What to write! ?what should i write ?I just wrote as my hand moved.


▼Reason for writing this column

It's quite surreal to see a monster appearing on the Papa Katsu column site and screaming alone, but is there a demand for it?

no i'm sure not.But I write
To live for money, for living. ○ Character ▲ Asking for the writing fee of the circle ... steadily ...! !


▼ About his own theory about dad life

I'm sure there's no meaning in dad life.
Women do what they do to survive.Giving meaning is meaningless.

Disagreeable,I often hesitate to say and do things in daddy activities, so I have to make my own reasons to do it.Is it closer to saying
The extreme is for living, for money, for someone to feed.Isn't the reason simple?I think.


What is it that I can't trust a woman who says she's going to start working as a dad for learning?

Is it cold?
Then what if you did something else?
What if you go to school or college?
Wouldn't you be able to learn more fruitful things if you put yourself in an educational institution?

Is it because you think

Papa-katsu, or at least what I've seen, wasn't such a high-class thing to do on the side.

I want to justify this dad activity, so I'm going to use a way of saying that it's really meaningful to sell my body and young time by pieces,

In fact, can you explain to your parents that you have a valid reason for being a daddy?
How to raise your allowance?How to bargain?Can I give lectures as if I were talking morals to my child?

"I'm asking for home appliances, not cash!
Poke the psychology that makes you want to support"?

Gahaha!I laughed so hard

▼ What Etsuko really wants women to know

Both men and women who start dad activitiesThe weight, and the memories and responsibilities you will carryI have to think deeply once.

It doesn't mean don't regret it, don't do something that you will regret.
Ask yourself once the possibility that you might regret it,Be prepared to accept regret and painThat is to say.

Otherwise, it will collapse.yourself.The body, and your mind before the body.
Because you will change for better or worse even if you don't intend to change.

When you start working as a dad,Life changes first.
Because money makes you happy.

And when the quality of life, that is, the things we use and the things around us change, the contents of ourselves change little by little.
Things and money change people themselves, and eventually they become things that change lives greatly.

that changeWill the process of change be for the better, or will it be filled with sad and ugly emotions? The

It depends on your own criteria and decisions based on that.
I would like women to live their lives as fathers without exchanging their own conscience and important things.


▼Please protect Etsuko's only this request 🥺

・I don't want you to abuse your body (also).


・Don't be in a hurry.


・I don't want you to go through the troubles you don't have to do.

(It goes against the adage, "Even if it's hard work!")

There are many things that can only be done when young, love that cannot be nurtured, and many things that cannot be learned.
It's hard to understand because I'm old.


With a half-hearted feeling, he stepped into Papa Katsu from a normal life,
Accept adults because it's troublesome to refuse somehow,
It's not about Instagrammable apps with the money you have,

In a hopeless state where there is no other way to live with Papa,
But when someone who didn't know right or left saw this, it became an opportunity for them to lead a normal life.
I hope that it will be an opportunity for you to feel that your life has changed, that it was a dad activity, that you are glad to know. (exaggerated)


It's probably not what I'm writing here.
I think it would be better to write that dad life is something that you can easily do and change your life, in order to spread the entrance.
But even if Etsuko's true feelings are conveyed to even one person, and she doesn't call your name directly,
For myselfIf you know that there is someone in the Papa Katsu industry who cares and is trying to watch over youI'm happy

Etsuko is rooting for her from the inside of the dad industry.

Come on!Etsuko next week!


"Big Monster Etsuko, I'm an old lady, so the guy I like won't let me take a dick."

"Etsuko the Giant Monster Shows Off with Her Friends at the Women's Association"

"Etsuko the Giant Monster, I'm bored, so I'm sending an erotic postcard to the radio."
I'm thinking of going with a lineup like Etsuko's foolish series, like a shithole.

Please make Etsuko a famous columnist in this column.Then, one day, she appeared on TV, published a book, signed autographs, appeared while she was running away, and finally got kissed on the cheek by Mahiro Takasugi and reached the climax of happiness.

Please make me happy.

LOVE!Big Monster Etsuko♡

She's a grumpy old lady.She is looking for her destiny Pedaiyocha.

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