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Gifts that are nice to receive from active dads & unwanted gifts


Hello, I'm Mikazuki.


"I don't know what to give to the woman I'm dating as a dad." "What should I do as a birthday gift?"
I think there are many dads who are worried about gifts to give to women.
Some dads usually choose gifts for women, but I often hear that it is difficult for dads to choose gifts that match their age because there is an age difference between dad active girls and dads.
There are many women who have boyfriends and families, so there are things that are not good to take home, so please refer to them.
(I think that Papa has a budget, so I will list items of about XNUMX yen and expensive items.)


First of all, I am happy to receive a present from my father.
~XNUMX yen~


・Gift tickets (Starbucks, esthetics, massage, etc.)

Gift tickets may not have the image of a gift, but they are surprisingly happy.
There are many women who are very picky about papa-katsu girls, so gift tickets that can be used casually without being offensive are the best to use.
There are other reasons as well, such as whether you can take it home with you, whether you like it or not, or when you want to use it.


・CHANEL and Dior makeup cosmetics

Women are delighted with lipsticks and lipsticks, which are the most royal cosmetics.There are other eye shadows and foundations, but the lipstick is the most convenient.The lipstick color must be the brand's most popular color.
I also got a lipstick from my dad, but I don't usually buy many lipsticks from department stores, so I thought it was a nice touch.


・Pierre Hermé Paris macaron (luxury confectionery)

Pierre Hermé is a luxury confectionery.I have eaten it myself, but these macaroons are very stylish and delicious, and are perfect as gifts for daddy girls.
There aren't many women who usually buy high-end sweets for themselves, so I would be happy if I received one as a gift.
The spelling of Pierre Hermé is also similar to Hermes, so it makes me feel better.
Things that disappear after eating are the best candidates for presents.


・Gelato Pique room wear

This is the standard among the standard.Is there a woman who doesn't like gelato pique?This is a popular loungewear store in Level.It costs about XNUMX yen for a top and bottom set, so many women don't buy it for themselves because it's expensive for room wear.So I would be happy if I received it as a present.I got one from my dad too, but I'm glad I didn't buy it myself.


・Increased allowance (amount)

Most women really want money because it's "what daddy girls want".
I wanted the money to buy a present for my allowance...There must be a lot of women who think that.
There are dads who are worried about choosing presents, women who have a preference even if they give them standard items, women who have no desire for things, and women who can't bring home any presents.
A gift that can only be given by Papa Katsu is a "price increase" gift, so there should be no woman who doesn't like this.
I've had my dad give me gifts on my birthday several times.This was the best because I can use it for things I like.
I think it's the only gift that never fails.


nice gift from dad
~ Expensive things ~

・Brand bag, brand wallet

This is often used as a gift for dad activities.
The price varies depending on the brand, but the best gift is to ask the woman what she likes from the brand she likes.
Just having a branded bag raises women's consciousness, so I don't want to let go of my dad who gives me a branded bag as a gift!I think.I have my own preferences, but Hermès, Celine, and Dior are often easy to use.
The wallet is the gift that I was most happy to receive.
I use a wallet every day, so I want to use a good wallet.It's better to research women's favorite brands before buying.


・Tiffany accessories

Women like brands, but Tiffany's is simple and easy to wear, so it's popular with women.
There are famous necklace shapes and bracelets, and they go well with any outfit, so I would be happy if it was a gift.
Tiffany blue color is popular among girls, so even a Tiffany bag will make you excited.


・ Salute underwear

This is a high-end underwear brand called Wacoal Salute.
I learned about this from a present from my dad, and the comfort of my underwear was incomparably better than before.Since then, I can only wear this underwear.All the designs are well received by women, and they are only visible when you take them off, so it doesn't matter if you have a preference.
Underwear is replaced every one or two years, so I can't afford to buy expensive underwear, so I'd be happy to receive it as a gift.
(Because there are sizes, please ask carefully before presenting.)


・Household appliances, furniture

It's not fashionable as a present, but it's a nice thing normally.
For those who run out of gifts every time, women who can't give branded items (because of women's circumstances), home appliances and furniture that are likely to be expenses, there are all kinds of gifts.
Air purifiers, hair dryers, shower heads, facial equipment, coffee machines, foliage plants, glasses, etc.
Any good item will cost from XNUMX yen to XNUMX yen or more, so you can choose the price, and there are many women who spend their time at home now, so I'm grateful to receive gifts that are fulfilling at home.


I got it from my dadtrouble (no need)Present

・Room fragrance, perfume, hand cream, etc.

Women in particular have distinct likes and dislikes when it comes to scents, so honestly, I don't want to be presented with a perfume I don't like.
Occasionally, I hear that my dad gives me perfume as a hobby, but I hear from friends who are dads that they sell it at a flea market because they don't like the smell, so I'm careful about giving perfume as a gift.
Hand cream is something that every girl has a lot of.I also bought XNUMX for myself and received XNUMX as gifts, so it's not easy to lose.So I'm not very happy to receive a gift that I have a lot of.There was a time when I had up to XNUMX hand creams as gifts.I used it only in winter, so I kept it for many years, gave it to friends, and sold it.It is better not to give it as a gift.



Honestly, I'm in trouble with a bouquet from my dad.Even if you get it, there is no place to display it, and it is difficult to take care of it.
I'm not happy because the meaning is different from the bouquet I get from my boyfriend/husband.
I once received a bouquet of XNUMX yen for my birthday from my dad, who wants to be my lover when we're together.
It was beautiful, but it was difficult to bring it home, and there was no vase and it would die quickly, which was a problem.If I was going to spend XNUMX yen on a bouquet, I really wanted it to be something else.But I couldn't say that, and there were several times when I received a bouquet of flowers, so it was complicated.


・Skincare and face cosmetics

Skincare consists of lotions, serums, moisturizing creams, and facial products.
Women's skin is delicate and it may not suit your skin if it is not something you normally use.
Of course, there are women with strong skin, but I want to use skin care that suits my skin type, so it is not suitable as a gift.
And it's not that expensive things suit everyone.
It depends on the person, but I didn't like the XNUMX yen serum, and the XNUMX yen serum was the best.
The ingredients are different for each brand company, so it may not suit everyone.
When I received high-end skincare as a gift from my dad, there were times when none of them suited my skin, so I'm having trouble with skincare-related gifts.


・ Other gifts for dad's hobby

I have the experience of giving presents such as clothes and hat bags as a hobby of my dad, but honestly I don't want to receive gifts because of my dad's hobby (sorry...)
My dad used to give me a hat (about XNUMX yen), but even though I don't wear a hat and I don't like it, he gave me a present saying, "I think it looks good on you."I thought I should wear a hat on my next date, but I don't have the habit of wearing a hat and always forget about it.smile
After all, I didn't wear it once and left it at my friend's house.I don't know what happened to her hat after that.
When it comes to clothes and bags, most of the gifts that dad likes are not the right size, or the design of the bag is not to my liking, so there are many things that I don't need as a gift for my dad's hobby.

I introduced a present that is honestly happy and a present that is difficult.
It's an opinion of an active dad active girl, so I think it's a little helpful.

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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