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[Part XNUMX] XNUMX points I think until I get an offer!

Hello! XNUMX new offers per month.I'm Sachi, an office lady around the corner who fulfilled her dream of studying abroad♡

This time, the offer does not come easily!For those who are worried about it, why don't you try this kind of ingenuity without permission?I will post my advice.

Why did the men I met actually give me an offer?Every time I listen to it, I was able to discover some points that are different from the female perspective.

I summarized the points to reach such an offer into XNUMX points.I really hope that you can help me even a little.

♡ POINT1 Is the outfit in the registered image "I think it's cute!"?

POINT2 Men value videos more than photos! ?

POINT3 Do you post private photos?

POINTXNUMX Don't forget to be humble.Are you honestly answering the amount of your allowance? 

POINT5 <Extra> Outdoor daytime shooting and re-shooting every XNUMX months is the strongest combination!

POINT1 Is the outfit in the registered image "I think it's cute!"?This is something that I have been doing wrong as well. .Wear your favorite dress or match clothes and take a picture!I thought I dressed up cutely, but no offer came. .That's what it means.What I want to keep in mind for women here, including myself, is to have the perspective of "What should I do to get an offer?" I think that this is not about "my favourites," but rather an objective viewpoint of "what kind of thing or thing would be attractive to men?"As an actual experience, I also went to the shooting in a competitive uniform, but I happened to have the opportunity to see the dress owned by the club.To be honest, it was quite mini-length, see-through and sexy design, and it was clothes that I would not try in everyday life.However, someone from the club said, "It definitely suits you!"As a result, the number of offers increased significantly compared to when I took photos in plain clothes! ! (Of course, the shooting skills of the club are also included ☆) I was surprised by this as well.However, what I realized was that because information can only be conveyed on the screen, I thought that I should not forget the perspective of "how can I make people feel attractive?"By all means, I recommend that you take photos in clothes that club members have like me♪

POINT2 Men value videos more than photos! ?This is the point that everyone said when they actually met men.To be honest, I was surprised that I didn't take it too seriously. (At the same time, I was worried about what I was talking about during the video shoot... (laughs). As I mentioned earlier, I don't even remember what I answered (laughs). What I mean is, "Answer with a smile. Look at the camera firmly. Pay attention to your posture." Some of the questions are a little embarrassing, but...// Basic points when talking to people. I think it will also be important in the video.No matter how cute the image is, if you only look at the bottom, it won't be fun, and you'll still think it's unfriendly.In terms of your posture, keep your back straight.Even when you laugh. , Cover your mouth with your hand, etc. It's a stressful time, but please keep this in mind when taking a video shoot!

POINT3 Do you post private photos?Women may be thinking this, but shooting with a full-fledged camera is very nerve-wracking.Usually, there are many opportunities to take selfies and photos with friends using the app.When I actually saw my photos posted on the site, I was impressed that the photos were taken in a good style and from a good angle, but I also felt that the "ordinary atmosphere" was not fully expressed. rice field.That's why I try to post a lot of private photos!However, there are some points in my mind about the photos I post.・Do not use overly processed photos or filters with effects.・Have a sense of familiarity with the content described in the profile.・A smile is important!Post a picture of yourself smiling naturally or having fun when you go out with friends.When men receive an offer, they read most of the information posted.It is convincing that the more information you have, the easier it is to image your personality. How can I get people to think, "This girl looks like she'd be happy to be with me."When a man reads a profile and thinks, "Maybe it's similar to my hobby," how can I give him a concrete image by having him see a picture of him working hard on his hobby?I think that will be the point.If you haven't posted a private photo, there may be changes if you try to be conscious of this area ♡

I will continue with "[Part XNUMX] XNUMX points I think before receiving an offer!"Thank you for reading this far!Next time we look forward to:)


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