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[Part XNUMX] XNUMX points I think until I get an offer!

Hello! 5 new offers per month.I'm Sachi, an office worker around the corner who has fulfilled her dream of studying abroad♡ I've introduced "4,5 points I think before I get an offer!", and this time I'll talk about the remaining 5 points !As a review, I would like to introduce all XNUMX points again ♡ POINT XNUMX Isn't the outfit in the registered image "I think it's cute!"? POINT2 Men value videos more than photos! ? POINT3 Do you post private photos? →Introduced in the first part. POINTXNUMX Don't forget to be humble.Are you honestly answering the amount of your allowance? POINTXNUMX Outdoor daytime shooting and re-shooting every XNUMX months is the strongest combination! →Introduced in the second part.If you're interested in reading the whole thing, please take a look at the first part as well (^_^) Now, let's talk about POINTs XNUMX and XNUMX♪ POINT XNUMX Don't forget to be humble.Are you honestly answering the amount of your allowance?This may actually be the most important point. .After all, the most important thing about doing this activity is the allowance. I once heard from a man that there are people who write, "I want more than XNUMX a month."Of course!I would also like to hear from you, but I would appreciate it if you could suppress that feeling and answer humbly during interviews and profiles.When I talked about this with a man, he said, "I thought it was set too high and I couldn't do it."・。"I don't know if I want to receive the listed amount from one man or from multiple people, and I don't know if I want to receive that much per month."By the way, I answered, "I would be happy if you could give me a small amount of pocket money without giving a specific amount."First of all, lower the hurdles so that you can get offers from men! !I think that this is important.It is a necessary premise to get an offer to the last.When you get an offer and talk directly, try to negotiate well ♡ (I'll write an article about this area later!) Don't forget to be humble and try answering the questionnaire. Please♡ POINTXNUMX Outdoor daytime shooting and re-shooting every XNUMX months is the strongest combination!So far, I've talked about the inside and outside, such as photos that have an affinity with the clothes and profile content, and don't forget to look objectively and humble.The last thing I want to tell you is not a technique or anything! ! (Laughs) However, I felt that it was an important point overall, so I will tell you.As the staff may have told you, most of the people take pictures indoors, so simple outdoor pictures tend to catch your eye.Also, as you know, there is no light that beats the natural light from the sun! ! (Laughs) Let's take advantage of the sunshine that naturally warms us up♪ It might be easier to think of a date meeting when you're outside.In addition, I recommend that you go to reshoots frequently...!The reason is simple.It's all about increasing your exposure on your site.By re-shooting, you can appear at the top of the female member page.This is a common right for all women of any rank. (Laughs) When I think about how to attract men's attention, it is important to simply appear at the top of the page.In fact, due to the timing of the men, the timing of the offer was slightly different, but four people said, "I had my eyes on you!"I felt in my heart that this was the power to appear at the top of the page (^^;) This time I was able to think that it is okay to stop by for a shoot⭐︎ How did you like it?This is just my personal opinion and impression, but thankfully, it is a fact that I have received an offer.To be honest, I've never received XNUMX offers in one month, so writing this blog post was a good opportunity for me to take a bird's eye view and think about the reasons for that. However, I would be happy if the troubles of those who were worried even a little were resolved!From now on, "Points to be careful about on a date!", "It really happened. A date with a man who was scary in many ways.", "Let me brag a little♡ What kind of date did you actually have? , "What kind of person is Sachi in the first place? Why did you register?"I'm still unfamiliar with the blog, but I'll be more motivated if you take a look ^^ See you soon ♡


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