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How long can a woman live as a dad? ~ Opinions of dads ~

Until what age can a woman live as a dad?


Hello.I am a woman in her late twenties who has been working as a dad for seven years.

How old do you keep being a dad from both dads and women?I'm going to ask for advice and experience about how old the dad will be in demand, so I'll talk about it based on my experience, so I'm going to talk about the age of women who want to continue dad activities. I would be happy if I could be of some help to women who are not getting offers easily.


In conclusion,Dad life can be done at any age! !

I'm in my late twenties, but I'm still going to continue being a dad, and my older friends are still active dads.

But as women get older, it becomes harder to be nominated for dad activities.The age group with the most demand is the XNUMXs.

However, when I asked several dads about the age of the women who helped them, some of them were in their late XNUMXs to XNUMXs.

I asked several dads about the reason why they appoint older sisters who are older than their younger children, the age of the women, the women's occupations, the women's personalities, and what kind of support and dating they have done. Here are the results ↓



・ XNUMXs manager dad

I dated a nurse in her XNUMXs for XNUMX years.She fell in love at first sight with a picture of her when she was in her XNUMXs.She was so beautiful that age didn't matter.Every time I have a meal date, I help pay for a nurse's salary every time.I used to buy him what he wanted on his birthday.The woman had neat black hair and beautiful eyes. Even in her XNUMXs, she was as beautiful as she was XNUMX years ago.

We were close in age, so we had similar stories and hobbies, and it was calm and comfortable.

When I was on a date with her, I was healed enough to forget about work and home.

Above all, I was able to be with him, and I was able to go on a date without worrying about other people's eyes.


・ Papa, chairman of a major company in his XNUMXs

I am dating an apparel clerk woman in her late XNUMXs.

She is a calm woman with hobbies, appearance and way of speaking.She also liked her the most when she saw her pics and profile.

Also, I'm in my XNUMXs, so girls in their XNUMXs are too young...

Talking to her is fun and steady, and she has a mature sex appeal and the feeling is right, so I've been dating for a long time.

Dates are mainly for lunch at restaurants in luxury hotels and watching movies.We often went to see movies together because each other's hobbies were watching Western movies.My girlfriend and I both speak English, so we watch it without subtitles.After watching a movie, it's fun to give your impressions and think about it at a cafe or a meal.Women who are more fun to be with than their age, beautiful, and easy to talk to are attractive.


・ Papa, a manager in his twenties

I once dated a CA in her XNUMXs.

I like women who are a lot older than me (I like mature women) and I often fly on airplanes, so I offered a cabin attendant who was registered in a dating club.Even when I actually met her, she was more beautiful and mature than the picture, and it was fun to talk about various things. She has been helping for five years.When she had a dinner date or when she flew to a local area for her work, I also put my job in the local area and spent my free time sightseeing and playing together.

I became a manager at a young age, so I couldn't talk to older people for advice or complaints, so I was happy that they listened to me a lot.

Dating clubs often offer older women because I don't interact with older women outside of work.


・ Papa, a real estate manager in his XNUMXs

I was dating a woman in her XNUMXs who worked for a cosmetics company.

I met at a dating club, and I was looking for a woman in her XNUMXs and XNUMXs who I wanted to date with a woman who was close to my age, but I offered her a woman who had similar tastes and a very good appearance.I was surprised to see her age, but when I met her with the feeling that I would just meet her, she was so beautiful and polite that I didn't care that she was in her XNUMXs, whether we were talking or dating.So I continued to help.The main dates are lunch dates and shopping dates.Since each other had a family, we were dating in the neighboring prefecture.It was good because I was able to talk about various things and talk about anything because I was a dad.

She has the feeling of being an older sister and can be spoiled even at this age.


・ Papa of an entertainer in his XNUMXs

We are helping a woman in her XNUMXs who works at a bar.

At first I thought he was a young man in his XNUMXs, but when I asked him about his age based on the content and way he spoke, he was in his mid-XNUMXs!

I was surprised when I heard his age, but he has a type face and doesn't look like he's in his XNUMXs, so I'm living with him as a dad.At first I was surprised by his age because we have similar tastes in food and alcohol, but now that we're together, I don't care about age at all.We basically like the same alcohol, so we go to bars and other bars.She's a very strong drinker, so it's fun to drink with her.


・Dad working at a foreign company in his XNUMXs

Originally, I was not good at young girls, and I've been dating women in their mid-XNUMXs to late XNUMXs. (Various occupations)

It was comfortable to be with him because we got along well and he was an adult on the inside.

After work, we would go on dinner dates and travel.Also, I helped with rent, bought things I wanted, and gave my pocket money when I met.

I like older people, so I'm looking at their age, but I was offering a woman with a beauty that doesn't make you feel your age.



And so on... There are women who are active as dads regardless of age, and there are dads who nominate older sisters.

Listening to the voices of the actual dads, I thought that the common thing I could say was, "There are dads who place importance on age, but appearance is also important!"


Some dads prefer older sisters, but men don't like women who are old and lacking in cleanliness.

As women age, wrinkles and sagging spots appear, but if you are a woman who puts effort into daily skin care and beauty and is popular with men, it is natural that you will be popular with men in your daily life.


If you look beautiful and have a good personality, I think you can be a dad at any age.

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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