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I asked a girl who earns 200 million a month how to act as a dad

Hi, I'm Yuyu, a romance columnist.

This time, I will be writing a romance column for Universe-san Club.

I have a friend named Chi-chan who earns 200 million yen a month.

Until now, I had an image that women can easily earn money with "papa katsu", but when I heard Chii-chan's story, she said, "Dad katsu is not easy at all! Rather, it is more difficult than working normally. Isn't it? I can earn 200 million a month..." I thought.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the "manners for successful dad activities" that I asked Chi-chan, a girl who earns 200 million a month.
Please refer to Papa Katsu Joshi who is active in Universe Club.

Manner 1: Enjoy your time together

The first way to make dad activities successful is to enjoy the time you spend together.

"It's fun to be with you"By putting that feeling to the forefront, dad will like it, so the repeat rate will increase and you will receive expensive gifts.

It's okay to pretend to be happy.
When I see something beautiful or eat something delicious,"It's so much fun being with you!"Let's get the feeling out.

Finding fun even if it's boring is the trick to succeeding as a dad.

Manner 2: Be compassionate

In order to succeed as a dad, it is important to have a compassionate heart and not get irritated even if you see the other person's bad points.

If you get irritated, you'll be stressed, and the atmosphere with the other person will be bad.

Even if you find something you don't like,"This person is lonely. I don't want to get hurt."And it is important to have a heart of charity.

When you're frustrated, it's good to think about why you spend money and spend time with yourself.

All men who are dad activities should feel "lonely", "don't want to get hurt", and "want to keep their pride".

It's important to be compassionate when you find something bad about your dad.

Manner 3: Be wary if someone does something you don't like

However, if you really hate it, you don't have to push yourself.
Be careful.

Be gentle at first, and if they still don't understand you, tell them why you don't like it.

If you still can't do it, cut off from that person!

It's boring to be a child who doesn't have your own intentions by doing whatever you want, and you can't communicate with her because she's just a convenient woman.

The trick to succeeding as a dad is to interact with people and have confidence that you are also giving them to them.

Manner 4: No matter how old you are, treat them like children

All men are children, no matter how old they are.

No matter how old you are, you should treat them like children.

Some people don't like to be spoiled, but it's nice to be pampered by a girl you like or a girl younger than you.

For example, while the other person is driving, open the lid of the drink in the passenger seat and give it to them.

If you're sweating, I'll wipe you off with my handkerchief.

If your hands are cold, hold them to warm them.

You can make your dad fall in love by always showing your feminine attention, such as fixing his collar if it stands up.

Practice 5: Listen carefully to what the other person has to say!

Men love to brag, so it's important to listen to what the other person has to say.

When someone talks about success at work, praise them as much as you can.

"As expected of Mr. 〇〇! But I thought you could do it from the beginning ♡"Or if you're depressed"Poor thing. It's terrible to torment such a wonderful you! I'll beat you ♡"It's cute when you say it jokingly.

When listening to a story, it is important to praise and empathize with your heart.

Manner 6: Give a small souvenir/present

If you want to make your dad's activities a success, it's a good idea to give him a small souvenir or present.

You can tell the other person what you are thinking even when you are away.

It doesn't have to be expensive, so give something that conveys your feelings.

Men don't have many opportunities to receive gifts from women, so they feel happy when they receive gifts.

If you think of it as an investment and give a small souvenir or gift, you may get a big return.

Manner 7: Usually an angel, but a little devil in bed

In front of Papa, let's be an angel anyway.In general, please treat her kindly, mother, like an angel.

Once you've established an image of an angel among men, you'll be happy to listen even if you say something selfish once in a while!

But when it comes to sex, by being cute and positively becoming a small devil, daddy will be mellow.

Men are happy just to be able to pretend to be lovers with a cute angelic girl.That's why it's so important to be kind and considerate.

In order to succeed in dad life, let's be an angel usually and a little devil in bed!

Papa-katsu etiquette summary

So far, I have told you about the “manners for successful dad life” that I asked a daddy girl who earns 200 million a month.

As any papa-katsu girl who is registered with Universe Club knows, papa-katsu is not easy.

In order to succeed as a dad, it is necessary to put yourself in the other person's position and have a strong service spirit.

If you want to make money with Papa-Katsu, make full use of the manners introduced in this article to challenge Papa-Katsu.

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