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Marriage-hunting women should also be a good woman by doing papa activities and further polishing!

After all, there is always a misunderstanding between a man who wants to fall in love and a woman who wants high specs.


It's been a long time since Universe Club Tokyo Mamiya En.

NowadaysEastern calendar surveyI was diligent, and I was heedless of my dad's study, but!Nowadays, I feel that my life is going to be inseparable from being a dad without such a thing. .

For the first title, please let me advocate the benefits of being a dad in a dating club as a staff member of a dating club.

Whether it's a dating site, a dating app, a daddy app, a dating club, what men and women are looking for is the sameMan is love, woman is money,eh? !Love? !I don't think such things are included in the conditions at the stage of dating!

Anyway, I went on a date using the functions of this era where various encounters are overflowing! !

Since my motto is to practice reports on anything,

Half work, half serious marriage!I went there with the feeling of


Speaking of apps, first pick up your profile picture

Anyway, everyone should choose a picture that is full!

The man I met seemed to have met 4,5 or XNUMX other than me.

An average of 2-3% is photo-mail fraudIt looks likeThe moment we met, I wanted to go home and couldn't stop eating together.I think there are actually more!I would like to express my condolences to both men and women who have been affected by the recent camera app. . .

You don't have to show what you want to hide in the photo, so that's good.

I thought something with movement would be good.I think that the atmosphere other than the face is transmitted to the other party.

However, even if there is too much flower, there is a possibility that it will make other men smell!

Narrow down your target audience!

It seems that men are more popular.I think that there are many rivals of carnal women.

Under such circumstances, the app may be the best to find out what kind of opponent you match.

For some reason, I got the most offers from people in their mid-40s.

I wonder why. .It's not just that there are many layers, but I think you can objectively see the preferred age group.

For long-term relationships. . .

Now with the advent of apps, the number of ways to find a partner on your own has increased overwhelmingly.
It's a very good thing, but of course there are people who feel bad about it.
During the interview, I would like to ask you why you decided to register.Women who are working as dads on the app and who couldn't find a good person come to register again with seriousnessI think there are many.

Disadvantages of dating apps

  • bad for men
  • I wanted to go home the moment we met
  • I'm worried because I don't know the judging criteria
  • There are many people who do not understand papa katsu
  • Yarimoku system

Wait, I think the advantage of the dating club is that men can hedge their risks.

Women probably don't want to be photographed or videotaped, but from the men's side, it is the best decision material,

Also, I think that it is very useful to prevent mismatches that do not need to be met from the beginning by referring to the perspective of an objective interviewer.

Although it has become somewhat like an advertisement, the momentum of the app is also wonderful.

It takes a lot of training to prevent mismatches by yourself...? !

I thought that the best way to get there would be to get someone to introduce me.

The person who fits you may not be aware of yourself.

As a matching coordinator, my most important job is to be able to introduce you when I feel that you are a good match.

The Illusion of Fat Daddy

People who are used to living as a dad often say it. "I want a fat daddy!"

I have a daddy, but I'm not satisfied with it.

Sometimes I think that meeting people is not a mobile career.

I certainly don't know how I feel.

Dad's life is easy~♪ I want to meet a better dad♪ I ​​think I'll regret this greedy feeling later.

In the first place, daddy can't be that easy.It's a miracle that we've been friends for so long.

He is gentlemanly and gives me support and takes me delicious food.Isn't that enough? !

Raising the price of existing dads may be difficult.But more than that, please know that it's a tough world to transfer fat daddy.

First of all, it is important to cherish small encounters!


Spring is the season of parting and encounters

The symptom I don't want to have the most is hay fever, and the one I want to get soon is the disease of love.

It shouldn't be good for anyone, but let's get down to the most beautiful disease.

I should have been happy to receive a bouquet of roses on the second date, but I was a little disappointed. .

It has become a grasp of the current location that is not ready for marriage yet.I have mixed feelings.

Don't be in a rush to get married, enjoy your single life to the fullest before thinking about it again!

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