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Warning to Papa Active Girlfriends! !

let me first say thank you

Thank you for always reading Kako's column.

This is my fifth time writing a column.

If you're reading this, you're either working as a dad or you're interested!

I have a scary warning for you today.

I've been lucky enough not to be in danger, but my friend was in danger.

I don't want all of my papa active girl friends to be in danger.

I'm sorry to be looking down on you, but I will write what I want more people to read than any other article in the past.

caveat! !

I am currently dining with two lovely daddies.

Meal time is always fun, and every time I look forward to the promised day from the bottom of my heart.

But my friend is horrified! !

It seems that it was near the love hotel when I went to the meeting place.

And it seems that there were two men waiting at the meeting place instead of one.

And "Are you short of money?Are you not going to work now?It seems that he was told.

It's dangerous to meet without confirming the meeting place after just a few messages.

Although it is a dad activity site, you can easily register with an ID card and a few thousand yen.There are many nice people, but there are also many strange people.

first meeting place

If you specify an unpopular place as the first meeting place, it's dangerous, so I'd like you to refuse.

I think it would be nice to suggest another place from here, but I think it would be better to decline and find a good dad elsewhere.

If you can't even consider the meeting place for the first time, I'm sure you don't understand how girls feel.

If dissatisfaction accumulates in the future, it will not be fun for me, so I would like you to think that you have no connection with that person.

The first meeting place is a parking lot, and a man trying to meet in a car is also dangerous.

This is also a pattern experienced by a friend.

Even though it's the first meeting, the car is stingy.

I want you to refuse.I don't want you to meet me.

Think normal about getting into a stranger's car with just the two of you.It is very dangerous.

Even if it's a popular parking lot, you don't know what they'll talk about, you might be threatened and you won't be able to get out, there might be a camera set up, you might not be alone, you might be put to sleep...

I think you're overthinking it, but there are many things you can think of.

Anyway, I definitely want you to stop getting in the car immediately when you meet for the first time.

While saying that, I got in the car as soon as I met my dad for the first time.

Then I got on the highway.excuse me.

For details, see my first article "The story of how an ordinary nursery teacher started his dad life” is written.

I haven't ridden in a mediocre dad's car yet.

Because we always meet at night.

My dad has never touched my body or talked about sex, but I don't drive in the car just in case.

Top-notch advice

What kind of position do you like even before meeting in exchange of messages?People who talk about it are crazy.

You should go to a different site instead of the dad live site.

Such a person is not gentlemanly from the beginning to the end and is always in heat.I think it's better not to deal with it.

sweet honey has a trap

As the saying goes, dad life is a lot of fun, you can experience it, you get to know a world you don't know, and you can get pocket money, but I want you to keep in mind that there are dangers side by side.

Especially when you meet for the first time or the second time, behave happily and be very vigilant.

Protect yourself to avoid danger!

And although it's a contradiction, you also need a little courage.

When I met him for the first time, I was nervous and scared, and even though I went near the meeting place, I hesitated until the very last minute to stop, but I felt a little excited.

If you're thinking "I want to try being a daddy but I'm scared", try registering on the site for now, try exchanging messages, and if you find someone you think would be good, try meeting them for lunch at noon. I think it's also good.

The words I said wereIt seems that my friend was held by Daddy and invited to the hotel.If you want to hold hands, you should go to a sex club instead of a papa katsu!I'm really happy to meet a good dad.I told my friends about my dad.I boasted that the story was also interesting.”, etc., are sticking the nail.

Then I think that daddy will understand again that it is not good to hold hands without feeling bad.

But I said this to my ordinary dad, but I didn't need to tell my other fat dad, so I didn't.

I didn't need to say it because Fat Papa doesn't touch me at all, and he leaves as soon as the meal is over.

It's embarrassing, but I didn't need to tell him because I wanted to hold hands with him only.

However, I will never go by myself, and I think I will let go even if I get hold of it.

It's a bit off topic, but if I can meet a good dad, even if it's dangerous, I can have a really wonderful experience, my wallet will be more comfortable, I can have delicious food, and I can get presents. I think it was good that I had the courage to act as a dad.

the truth is "Daddy life is fun! !I should have done it sooner! !".lol

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