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Haneda's heroic dad life and its lessons

This is Yumeko-chan Haneda from the Delusion Group.

Today, I would like to talk about reality, not delusion.

mistress?boyfriend?Papa?where do you draw the line

I would like to talk about my dad life.

mistress?boyfriend?Papa?Where does the line come from?

This is self-judgment.


Even if people around you call you a mistress, if you see yourself as a boyfriend, then that's your boyfriend. It may be.

I think that some girls who are working as dads are looking for mistresses (long-term support).

Some of them are really in love with a married man, not a daddy or a lover, but a boyfriend!I think there are times when I think.

My dad activity this time is the latter.

he's daddy (Papa who looks like a boyfriend but also helps)

On the other hand, men are also married, but I think there are various things such as loving other women, single dads, and mistress relationships.

One common thing is that daddy can't work unless he has a certain amount of money.

Such My Daddy Talk Part 1

It's early 20's story.

A friend introduced me to a man who was nearly 15 years old.

IT company president
I'm married


I'm going to go out with a tonton beat.

One day, when I got home, there was no electricity.

There was no financial support of any kind.

what?It's not a dad life.

I don't want to hear about love stories!

no.Here is the main issue.

While I was dating, I was able to prepare a room to live in.

There was a TV, a refrigerator, and a sofa.

I also moved soon after.

How lucky that the rent is floating!

Too lucky!

I thought it was a fleeting moment. .

It's been five months since I started living here. .

One day, when I got home, there was no electricity.


When I light a candle and look at the breaker, it doesn't go off.

(Huh? You haven't paid your electricity bill? That's impossible.)

The next day there was no electricity, so I called TEPCO and it was turned on without incident, but I didn't receive any utility bills, so I wasn't sure how much I was in arrears.

But ever since then, I've been having a strange feeling.

It was three days after the electricity went out.

On the other side of the door was someone like the debt collectors you see on TV. .

Don Don Don Don

Don Don Don Don

Don Don Don Don! !

"You're inside! I know!"


(Huh? What? I'm scared...)

Aren't you Sageman?

I hesitantly opened the door.

Are you surrounded by Mr. ○○? I'm in trouble because I haven't paid the rent for four months. If you can't pay, please remove the things inside and leave immediately."

It's been a little over five months since I started living here.

(What do you mean you've only paid one month's rent? Or do you mean you haven't paid it since the first payment? That's impossible.)

When I call him, he never gets through.

In the end, I went through the procedures to move out of the apartment, didn't pay a single yen for the rent, got rid of everything inside, and since I didn't have any money, I decided to live in a share house.

It was a dad life of my bitter memories.

It's scary to be hugged on a piggyback ride. .

After that, what happened to him, the company went bankrupt, and there was no way to meet him, and it ended.

Mr. Haneda!

Aren't you Sageman?

Maybe so.

My father's life ... I wanted to continue more if possible.

Because we had fun together.

So I have no regrets.

I don't hold grudges.

Looking back now, I can only thank you.

You can fall in life.

Is it correct if you have money?

That's not true.

No matter what kind of dad you are, I am grateful that you accepted me and chose me.

Daddy life can grow.

Eat a lot of delicious food and be beautiful.

Let me do what I can't do.
My heart has become richer.

(The pattern for this time is .... I will write about the horrifying dad activity next time.)

You only live once.Now is the only time.

Let's do our best at work and play.

(I've been feeling like I'm slowing down lately.)

Ayano Haneda

Rookie Yumemiru Yumeko-chan Haneda, her hobby is delusions.Thank you.

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