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Would you like to start the 5K movement?

This is Haneda at Haneda Airport.

Today, I would like to talk about a certain case file for women that I heard from a man.

Women reading this, huh?About me?I would be happy if she thought that she would be more careful from now on.

Case file No. 1 "Hourly Wage Converted Woman Who Wants to End Dating Time Quickly and Wants to Go Home"

*We told you at the interview that the first date is 4 hours.

Maybe you're calculating your hourly wage in your head?

Is it transportation cost divided by time?

Is it pay/time?

Papa Katsu is a matter of putting out too much aura.

It's obvious to the opponent that I want to go home early.

My partner is older than me.

He is an adult who has a lot of life experience and understands the feelings of others.We see more than women think.

If you think it's a part-time job, you should work hard for one minute and one second.

How can I make men happy or enjoy it? .What are you interested in? .

If you have the brains to convert it into hourly wages, you won't find such a high hourly wage, so please do your best to provide hospitality.

And enjoy yourself.

One of about 7600 female Universe Club members, would you like to thank me a little more for choosing you?It's not natural to be selected.

I think it will change if you care about the other person a little more.

The reality is that more than half of people think that Papa Katsu is a part-time job.

Dads know that too.

But I want a normal date.

Many of the members who register for the Universe Club are members who would not have been able to meet or even talk to them if they had lived a normal life.

Of course there are things that don't fit, but I think I want you to cherish the encounters more.

Case file No. 2 "A woman who suddenly looks into her pocket and tries it from the second date"

*From the second date onwards, the club does not mediate, so this is an extra edition.

  • Monthly proposal from the second date
  • ask for moving expenses
  • Strategy to turn the topic of fashion around forever

As we said before, what are your own values?

I get tired of this and that the moment I realize that this guy is only looking at my money after all.

Please become a person who makes you want to contribute to this guy.

Immediate greed should not be completely excessive.

You've only met twice, and the other person is disillusioned in his heart instead of looking for the good in you.

Even if the first impression is good, I still think that it is different.

I know men too.We all know that if you're registered here, you need money for something.

However, I'm attracted to women who don't have a big relationship from the beginning, and who have a thin relationship but are making a lot of money.

What is 5K?

All women who want to succeed in dad life

Would you like to start the 5k exercise?

Humility feeling.
感謝 don't forget.
interest to have
Moving Be inspired together.
Relationship . .A relationship is created between the two.


Relationships are also 5k

Papa life is also 5k!

5k if you want to meet a good daddy

5k for those who became dads

Let this be your motto!

I'm sorry if I'm missing something.When everything comes together, a K (bond) that only the two of you can see will surely be born.

△ Of course, money is also important.
Ah money (it was k)

However, I would like to do such a job to answer with my feelings so that I can help everyone with encounters that are not just that.

Thank you for your continued support.

I would like to recommend the Ayano Haneda 5K movement.

Ayano Haneda

Rookie Yumemiru Yumeko-chan Haneda, her hobby is delusions.Thank you.

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