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The story of how an ordinary nursery teacher started his dad life

about me first

I am a fourth year nursery teacher.

Both of my parents worked as civil servants, and I grew up in a financially comfortable household.

When I was a student, I was only doing normal part-time jobs such as convenience stores.

She's just a normal girl and doesn't look cute, she's just normal.

Opportunity for dad life

I went to lunch with a good friend from high school.

I meet with that senior more than once a month.

I heard from the senior that he was going to do papa katsu.

I strongly opposed my seniors.

It's too dangerous to meet someone you met on the internet,

I don't know what will happen when we meet alone,

Contact me when you have decided on a date to meet.

If I can't contact you by night, I'll consider reporting,

And so on, I seriously opposed it.

And a few days later, I got a report from my senior.

"I was treated for just 10 minutes at the face-to-face meeting!He was a gentleman!The car was beautiful and the people were friendly!Maybe he's the president of some company!'

He told me very happily.

So I wanted to hear what the president had to say, so I decided to register on the Papa Katsu site.

let's!Daddy life!

I registered on the same papa-katsu site as my senior.

I honestly wrote my hobbies in my profile.

I liked ships, so in my profile, I wrote things like what I liked about ships and what kind of ship shape I liked.

I got a message from about 10 people.

At first, I was troubled because I didn't understand the cryptic words, but I asked my seniors and they taught me.

I didn't want an adult relationship.

The condition I was told was

・ Meals (morning, lunch or dinner)

・Let me hear your story



Since there was a person who matched the conditions, I decided to actually meet with one person.

first date with daddy

I arrived at the meeting place 30 minutes early.

It's the first time I meet someone I don't know.

It's the first time I've met you online.

After all, I was scared and thought about canceling at the last minute and running away.

Because I didn't send a photo of my face and didn't give any personal information, so there was absolutely no way to find out.

Then, 20 minutes before the meeting, I got a message from my dad.

"I got too excited and already arrived, I'll be waiting here.'

and sent me a picture of the car.

After that, I was debating whether to go or not, and in the end, I decided to go to my father's place three minutes before the meeting time.

I thought, ``I'll pass in front of the car and see if there's a strange person, let's just go home'', so I went to the car.

When I went there, it was a luxury car that had nothing to do with me.

As soon as I met my dad, he got out of the car.

"Nice to meet you.""Nice to meet you.'

We said hello to each other and got on the passenger seat.

Papa said "I was worried that you wouldn't come."said.

That one word relieved my tension.

Dad was just as worried!I told him that I had actually been here for 30 minutes and was hesitant to go.

"Thanks for comingI remember being very happy to hear that.

I was asked if I had any plans after this.

I"None’ he replied.

Then Papa said,do you want to see the ship?"said.

I wrote in my profile that I like ships, and my dad also liked ships.

I was so happy I decided to go right away and got on the highway to the marina.

When we got to the marina, Papa talked to the people at the marina.

Daddy loved ships more than I loved them!

Words and English that I didn't know popped out, and I learned a lot.

They looked at the ship together, talked with each other, talked a lot, and increased my knowledge.

It was noon in no time.

Papa said "Which do you prefer for lunch, 〇〇 or △△?〇〇 if you like meat, △△ if you like buffet."said.

I didn't want to meet anyone, so I chose △△ (it was a buffet at a luxury hotel).

It was fun during the meal, and I was able to listen to my dad's experiences, and the time passed quickly.

Then I got back on the highway and returned to the meeting place.

Stopped at SA on the way.

So I got help from my dad.

I declined the offer because it was a really fun day.

In the first place, since I was an adult, I had never received money from anyone, so I couldn't help but feel sorry.

Then Papa said,I don't have a lot of time, but I do have money. You gave me precious time when you were young. good."said.

I reluctantly accepted.

And in no time I was back at the meeting place.

It was already time to say goodbye to my dad because he had to go home in the evening.

I still wanted to be with you, but I didn't say, "It was fun today’ and immediately got out of the car.

I waved my hand until Daddy was out of sight.

I wasn't the kind of girl who would do such cute things, but for some reason I was so happy that day that I waved my hand the whole time.

On the way home, I was in high spirits all the way.

The first treat I received.Even now, I don't use it carefully and put it in the case.

I still have a food relationship with my dad.

What I write here will be a memory, and it will be a breather because it is a story that I can not tell around.

I would like to write about my successes and failures in the future.

Please use it as a reference and have fun as a dad!

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