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Prostitutes, Papa activity started.

nice to meet you

I'm RIRI, and I'll be working as a writer.

Recently, while lagging behind the boom, I stepped into Papa Katsu,When I arrived at Universe Club, Rachel's article was easy to understand and interesting, and I was fascinated by it.I want to write myself, and I'm here now.

I don't read books other than manga these days,I'm not good at telling people something, but I'd be happy if I could be of some help.

Thank you in advance.

money is the price of sex

I had circumstances until a little while ago, and I was working at a brothel.

You work because you love sex, right?

often said in conversations with customers.


I am honored to have my performance evaluated.

I really love porn, I love toys, I love YouTubePant voice is super good.

I always have a surplus of libido, but even if I get money with an old man who is filthy, arrogant, and can't follow the rules,I hate it so much.


Actually, about 1% of people play beautifully. (It is a shop that is said to be high-class.)

That's why I always close my eyes.

I'm dimming the lights.

I'm 10 minutes ahead of the clock. (So that I can return home perfectly, not in a short time)

Of course.


It's for the money.

There are so many complaints.

It's nice to be able to make money efficiently, butAnyway, this job was stressful.

I get hives on my face, I hate it so much that I burst into tears...How often.


There are many Papa-katsu men who write columns and blogs.,

"Buy me what I want, let me eat delicious food,have fun sexWomen are the worst creatures to cheat men and take money. ”


"I don't want to meet someone who wants money."

I often see things like that, so I click.




did you fuck? ?good sex? ? ?smile

That's pretty positive thinking.


Not one millimeter is fun or pleasant.

Let's have fun as much as we get paid,She's trying hard to make it look like she's enjoying herself too!

If you go to a fancy restaurant, it's 1 times better to go to Yoshinoya aloneIt's delicious!

If you want to fuck for free, don't come to the dating club!Nampa outside! ! (No one will follow me lol)

That's the truth.

It's just my feeling.

On the contrary, what is a woman who is not looking for money?

I don't understand and I'm kind of scared, but I'm sorry for the nagging.


That's why customs and dad life are different things,There are quite a few things in common.

I hate customs

①Private snooping

Where do you live?where r u from?how old?

What is your real name?Job is?Why did you join the dating club?

your boyfriend?etc.


It's an annoying and silent item when asked in customs, but it seems like it's going to be a natural flow of conversation in Papa Katsu.

If there is nothing to talk about, the conversation will not be lively, so it can't be helped,You don't have to answer everything stupidly honestly.

There is also a chance that you will find out about yourself.


I think it's a good idea to make some settings beforehand.

However, if you set yourself up to live in a place you don't know at all, you'll be in trouble when someone rushes into the story.Because it becomes inconsistent (with actual experience)

where you used to live,It is recommended to set it in the image of a relative or friend's house..


Conversely, from womenIt is a rule to ask about company names and things that can be identified by the personIt's a violation.

It's important to show that you're interested in the other person, but the recognition that you don't want to find out is mutual.


The weather, the latest news, stories about each other's hobbies, etc.I think it would be ideal if the conversation continued naturally.

Use your spare time on the train to go on a date, watch the news on your mobile phone, play golf, drink,It's different even if you just search for areas you don't know much about, such as carsI think.


②Is it okay to live?

Absolutely not.

If it's a lot of money, I can't help thinking about it, but,,,

Please take care of yourself.Even if it's hard to say no, be brave and say no.


It's the women who are raw and overwhelmingly risky.

By the way, when I was workingCustomers who persistently force this to the staff at the store will be immediately discontinuedI had it.

It's cute to say that it's no good.

Of course I refuse.

A gentleman will prepare it by himself without saying.

Those who bring 0.01 of Sa*mi original or Oka*toThere were many too.

All men love this.

It seems that it is good to be thin, but please be careful because it is easy to get inside.


Contraceptives are not available in ordinary hotels, so I think women should prepare them without leaving it to men.

If you have a pure heart that is embarrassed to buy,Order online.


Even if you live with your family, most of the shops will deliver the contents in such a way that you don't know what's inside.You can rest assured.

So as not to mess up the mood when using it,It's even better if you can prepare it by the pillow when the other person is taking a showerIt's nice.

③ tell me the line

You can change your name to a nickname, etc. on the line.

You can block if you don't like it.


I want to use LINE under my real name,I don't like that the icon is displayed to the other party even if I block itBecause,

I am using Gmail.

If you have any trouble,I am going to delete my account.

You can recreate it later.

Also, there are many women who use LINE@.

To put it simply, LINE @ is like a sub-dirt of LINE.

The usage is almost the same as LINE, and you can add friends between LINE @ and LINE accounts.

You can send up to 1,000 messages per month for free.After that, there will be a charge.

in conclusion

It's an old sentence, but thank you for reading to the end.

For my bad writing habit,I'm sorry for being a woman with a strong desire to show off, who still doesn't have enough to talk about.

Let's live well as dads while avoiding each other's risks.

Gradually, my papa life report, grooming, etc.I'm planning to post things I'm careful about, so I'd be happy if you read it if you feel like it (^^)


I was working in a manners and customs for some reason.Tired of dealing with customers with bad manners, I started working as a dad.I love early morning masturbation more than sex.I will write honestly.I'm sorry if I made you feel bad.

Article by RIRI

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