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Throb!Who is your first dad?

Today, I would like to write about my first meeting with my dad who was introduced to me by a dating club.

Face to face

The day after I joined a dating club, a face-to-face meeting was arranged immediately.

It's not the first setting, it's a face-to-face meeting.

At this club, when men and women meet for the first time, the staff will accompany them.

And if the man likes the woman the first time, the two of them will meet from the next time.

It's an interview now.

I was so nervous.

The staff told me in advance, what the partner Nagashima (provisional name) likes in women

  1. have a high sense of beauty
  2. Slender but with breasts
  3. I like the feeling of Nozomi Sasaki
  4. Appearance anyway


High ideal.smile

I resented why this person was trying to introduce me.

I have been striving for beauty on a daily basis,

My chest is like raisins on a cutting board...

It is a level that can be teased by female friends.smile

And it's not like Nozomi-chan, who seems to be a warm and cute type.

The staff seemed to agree with me, who objected.

On the other hand, Mr. Nagashima

  1. He is the president who develops businesses such as apparel and esthetics.
  2. Humble, considerate and well-behaved
  3. is nearly 50 years old
  4. but handsome


According to the staff, he is such a wonderful person that you want to be this person if you are reborn.

Is it true?

Isn't the staff lifting too much?

Apparel and words alone seem to be a joke.

It looks like I'm going to grow a beard on my hair and wear a strange scarf on a fashionable brand suit (prejudice)

There are a lot of presidents, but if you're handsome, have money, and have a good personality, you can surround yourself with mistresses to the point of rot without registering here.

In other words, I don't want to be overwhelmed with looks, or if I'm disappointed the moment I meet you...

Despite my anxiety, it seems to be one of the best.

Prepare the day before

I already decided to meet, so I did everything I could the day before.

Steam your face with a facial massager, pack it, and roll it with ReFa.

My body is usually a shower type, but I take a half bath, massage with a scrub, and apply a slightly expensive cream

Don't forget to check for unwanted hair.

Check if the manicure is bald.

Prepare your clothes the day before so you don't panic.

Frey ID's simple beige tight dress.

And the shoes are Diana's graige pumps.

I'm not good with heels, so I wear thick middle heels.

I made a new one on the way home from the interview for dad activities.

The bag is a small, unbranded handbag at home.

I wonder if branded items are really unpopular.

For me, who is usually a petit plastic main, it was a big rush.

On that day, I had a treatment and a set at the beauty salon.

It's quite an expense when you think about it.

Do I have to go this far?

Since it's just a face-to-face meeting, I might not be able to get transportation expenses, so what do you think?

I thought, but I'm a newbie to daddy activities, so I made it as perfect as possible.


Here we go!Departure

On the day.

With beautiful natural makeup, I headed to a luxury hotel lounge in Roppongi.

We met up with the staff on the way and joined.

He talks to me about small talk and about himself, which calms me down when I'm nervous.

Mr. Nagashima seems to be late, so when I asked him for something on the menu first,

About 1 yen for a cup of coffee...

The price is unbelievable to me who is saving even on Sen coffee these days.

But I couldn't sit down and ask for it, so I decided to ask the staff for the same thing.

And what appeared when I was drinking was...

Koh ◯ Mr.?

Maybe you're a detective?

She is petite and shorter than me, and her face is also fair-skinned.

It's hard to tell if he's good-looking or not, but he has a sense of cleanliness, and although it's definitely a good suit, it's elegant without any brand claims.

I heard that he is 50 years old, but he has a youthfulness that does not even look like he is in his 40s. (baby face)

And she looks kind with a smile.

"Nice to meet you. I'm RIRI. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. I look forward to seeing you."

After that, the staff did a good job of telling the story, and after about five minutes, we had a light self-introduction and talked about our hobbies.

"Excuse me, I have work to do. Thank you for coming all the way."

And it went away in no time ,,,

This was no good.

I feel sorry for the staff.

When I was thinking that, a staff member who had left my seat came back by mistake.

"Okay! I'm glad~ I'll tell you how to contact Mr. Nagashima, so from now on, the two of you can keep in touch."


I was happy because I thought it was impossible.

I felt a gaze on my chest, so I should have been able to see my small breasts, but I wonder if it's okay?smile

And the staff told me that I would pay for the transportation this time.

"This time it was just a face-to-face meeting, so it's okay. Thank you for your concern."

I declined,

"Because I'm giving it to other girls."

I decided to take it.

It was a little too much, so when I met him later, when I returned the change for the actual transportation expenses, I didn't have to give it back!smile

I was thrust into the bag while laughing.

With that in mind, I immediately sent him a free email thanking him and promised to meet him a week later.

Finally started dating.

I would like to write about setting again.

Please come and read it when you have time.


I was working in a manners and customs for some reason.Tired of dealing with customers with bad manners, I started working as a dad.I love early morning masturbation more than sex.I will write honestly.I'm sorry if I made you feel bad.

Article by RIRI

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