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The night when seriousness begins ~Outdoor date edition~


Sprinkle negative ions on the surface,But in fact, in my head is Lief, an Arafo girl full of eroticism every day.

Summer is finally over and my favorite season has arrived.

Bye-bye UV rays!Say goodbye to stickiness!

In the new season, fashion, makeup, hairstyles,Even if you're around XNUMX, you're doing research and doing your best.

And... there are many events in winter!

What day of the week is Christmas this year?A vain Arafor single person who checks the calendar.

Papa isWill you invite me to Christmas dinner?

By the time October hits, popular restaurants will be fully booked.

My schedule won't be filled, but I want to fill it quickly.


My seriousness has risen, and my dad activity has settled in a pretty good way.

Dads are my life now.

Of course, the strange feeling of nervousness at the beginning has completely disappeared now,I'm starting to enjoy it.

So on the first trial "picnic date" ...

strange feeling

Unlike the so-called trendy glamping,Papa can't help but insist that he wants to set up a tent in the park and have a barbecue.

The so-called picnic!

I briefly wrote about it in my previous column,I also wanted to try it once, so I took the plunge and gave the OK.It was.

However,By the time we got there, a typhoon had come and it was raining, and there was a torrential downpour.Ride…

To be teased by postponement postponement.

BBQ is more fun with a lot of people than just two people, so I want to invite someoneThe relationship that I can't call even if I think ~ is somehow painful,It's getting a little spicy.

I have had this feeling even for a moment,very surprising for me.

Don't worry, this is papa katsu papa katsu!

While thinking, even myself

"The world of the two of us won't expand any further.But my feelings are growing.”

A strange feeling thatFor some reason, even I felt uncomfortable.

Close to love, but not yet.Is it like

On this date, you will face your own feelings,It was the beginning of a strange day.

aroused libido

The outdoor date has finally arrived.

On a weekday afternoon after rain,It was very cool and the wind was blowing.

The location is great,Lake ○○ is very popular with families and couples.

My dad wears denim and sneakers, soUnusually, I also wear casual fashion and pants style.

Because we always meet on the way home from work,Unlike each other's suit styles,Somehow the distance suddenly shrinks.

A plain clothes date is something that makes your heart beat so fast before you meet.

"What is this! It feels really good."

And my tension has risen steadily.

And the first long-distance drive with my dad.

In fact, at this time, the detailed destination has not been told yet,Exciting drive date.

Even if you sayIn my head, I have an image of setting up a tent in the park and having a barbecue...

I heard that they will have a barbecue in advance,I don't have to make a bento, so I'm not very good at cooking.I felt relieved and stroked my chest.

Stop by the supermarket on the way and procure the barbecue ingredients together,Riding at high speed, as the car progresses more and more, the conversation is lively.

Holding hands occasionally while driving,Kiss each service area.

The degree of lovey-dovey, like that of a newly-married couple.

Daddy's first plain clothes, Daddy's car for the first time.It's the first time I've done my best, and it looks awfully cool, and I'm a little excited.

At the same time, an incomprehensible libido was pushed up from below,I couldn't stop.

"It seems to start suddenly when we arrive..."

The end is so exhilarating that I think.

For me, in a completely private car,It seems that it was an unexpectedly exciting situation.

Papa next to me in such estrus,He desperately talked about camping during his college days,I was completely in barbecue mode (laughs).

Let's go to the tent!

several hours by car.

When I finally arrived...

It's not the park I was painting!

You have a cottage right?

"Well, it's not sex in the tent~"I'm sorry while muttering in my heart.

He looks like a mischievous and maiden papa,As soon as I arrived, I went to the garden in front of the cottage with Sassa.put up a tent,With that momentum, the barbecue has started.

Oh my God.I pitched a tent.

Why did you set up a tent when you have a cottage?

I'm really particular about dating in a tent.

So, in the tent after all...

Anyway, my body never loses its excitement during the drive.

What should I do.I can't wait any longer.

I'm hungry, but I don't care about barbecue.

"Hey, you took the trouble to put it up,Why don't we lie down together in the tent?Shall I give you a massage? ”

Holding a body that was too hot,I took the plunge and invited him to my tent.

dizzying pleasure

As soon as I called out,Papa-san is shy and shy.

"Eh! Now? Are you not going to eat meat?"

I was asked,I entered the tent while beckoning and invited myself.

Having sex without taking a bath is impossible and absolutely disgusting!I thought.

Of course, I hadn't taken a bath that day.

Plus, I usually sweat.

But it didn't bother me.

I can't help but want to hurry up,Those feelings are taking precedence...

Stopping the barbecue, entering the tent and laying down I'm lying down next to my dadAs usual, it started right away.

"I have a cottage, but this one is more exciting."Papa seemed excited at my words.

It quickly became hot inside the closed tent,I can't stop sweating because of the excitement that I can't speak much.

It was a little painful under the tent, which was rough because of the rocks,At times like this, I don't really care.

It seems that I was happy that I was drenched more than usual,Daddy's excitement is not overwhelming,My eroticism has also exploded.

It's amazing how it burns up after being teased.

Worrisome smells and sweat are also exciting ingredients for some reason.

"What should I do... I haven't taken a bath... I'm sweating a lot..."completely ignoring me,It was a way of excitement like a scene in a drama.

I'm not sexy, butBefore putting on the condom, Papa went outside to get it.I did (laughs)

Entering the second round!

We continue the barbecue while soaking in the afterglow.

"We haven't entered the cottage except to put our luggage," I said.

"Will you take a bath with me later?" Papa asked.

For some reason, this word makes my uterus tight again.

I was pre-menstrual this day and had gone completely crazy.

Usually, I'm not very good at taking a bath with Papa.

I want to take a bath by myself, and I want to wash thoroughly.

But this day was different.

I feel like I'm traveling far away, and everything is different from usual, a complete "Because there was an unreal world there.

After the barbecue calmed down, we took a bath together for the first time,Then the second round.

This was my first time.

After all, in one day after becoming an adult,And twice in just a few hours...

Dad in his 50s is still full of energy.

Before you know it, it's pitch black outside.

It's already night,At the time when Papa has to go home too.

It's kind of painful and painful,When I realized it, I didn't know why, but tears came out...

"Because it's a mountain, the pollen is flying and my eyes hurt," he said.It was hard to mislead.

This feeling is actually still very unorganized.

I am filled with various emotions,Papa is not just to satisfy his own desires,I appreciate that you put on a variety of performances to entertain me.You may have been hit.

A rich date that confronts your own mysterious changes in feelings.

"I still want to be with you. I want to sleep with you here."It was an around-for-leaf that could not be said.

Outdoor dating, absolutely recommended for everyone!

I usually don't like it (laughs), but sometimes it's okay.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long column.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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