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How to raise a shopping dad

The young dad that Lena recently met is a shopping dad. 
The difficult part about shopping daddy is that he spends money on shopping, but he doesn't give much cash. 
Rena knows how to raise a shopping dad because she has failed and been cut many times.Today she will teach everyone how to raise a shopping dad. 

Find out if this daddy is a growing shopping daddy 

First of all, it is difficult to raise a person who is receiving pocket money, a person whose wife seems to be strict, and a solid person.
Whether it's your own stuff, a girl's thing, or a date for two, people with tight purse strings are not allowed.
Let's raise such a person in a way other than a shopping daddy. 

They don't seem to give you much allowance, but they're aiming for people who want a long date 

For example, the allowance only gives the amount promised at the club.It's raining, so I want to take a taxi home, or I can't pay the rent.If you negotiate too much, the club will complain, so it's hard to ask.But he's the type of person who always says he wants to spend more time with me than going out for dinner or going on a date.It's the aim. 
Just a note of caution.It is a condition that you take your shopping with you.It's difficult if you're worried about the eyes around you.
It's difficult if you're the type of dad who doesn't want to walk with you to the shopping mall or the clothing store in the station building.
There are dads who want to hold hands in public, regardless of whether they are single or married, so it's difficult for girls to say they don't like it.
It is necessary to devise ways such as going out to areas where you do not know anyone as much as possible, or wearing a hat so that even if you do know someone you will not be noticed.
 Surprisingly, there are many dads who don't like giving money, but are willing to give gifts and enjoy shopping.When going on a date with such a dad, it is recommended to meet in an area or place where shopping is easy.
 The papa I met the other day was near the station building and finished the course meal."Would you like to go shopping at the next station building?"He invited me.So I was taken to a variety shop and asked if there was anything I wanted to buy.You can put as many in the basket as you like.and.
I said that I didn't want a child who was greedy and spent money, so I asked him to buy cosmetics and sweets as much as he wanted without negotiating the allowance.It was a cheap variety shop, so I was able to buy a large cushion and finish shopping without paying 1 yen. 

Start small 

On our first date, which is to say, meeting, we had a cup of tea, and he liked me a lot. When I spilled "~", I was able to buy it on the spot.lol I think it's like winning the lottery. 
I didn't get along with that dad after all, so I didn't continue...He was the typical type of dad who gave me money for things, but didn't give me a lot of pocket money. 
I was surprised,“Why would you buy me such a luxury item?!When asked,“She liked me so much that I wanted her to like me the same way, so I wanted to buy her.”They said.He said he doesn't do this all the time...
 Aside from such lucky encounters, I usually try to get people to buy small items.For example, I got blisters while wearing high heels on a date.Invite him to go to the drugstore and buy a Band-Aid.While looking for Band-Aids, I found makeup products, hair care products, and other items that I usually use or wanted."I was just thinking of buying it, can I buy it with you?"Please.It's easier for my dad to go to a drug store with me, and it's easier than going to a clothing store or a brand store, so he usually goes with me and buys everything I put in the basket.smile 
In fact, when I was at the drugstore with my dad, I sometimes ran into a papa-katsu-joshi who was doing the same thing.And when the checkout is over, smile and say thank you ♡.In this way, to Daddy,〇〇chan is very happy when I buy her something.It is important to establish 
And dads who won't open their wallets at the register are solid dads who should be eliminated.Let's give up because it doesn't seem to grow.I'm here sometimes.Lena also has a dad who buys her daily necessities at the drugstore after each date.Papa's card is handed over, and Papa is waiting outside.But I also get health supplements and high-end treatments, so the percentage of shopping is getting bigger than the allowance I get in cash.LOL But Papa is happy because he can help buy Lena what she needs.This dad gave me a diamond necklace for Christmas. (I wanted it with money, but I went out to my throat, but I held it down) Also, I upgraded from the drugstore,
I also have a dad who goes shopping with me at Marui.According to Papa, he was hesitant at first, but he enjoys watching Lena wear various clothes.When she is trying on clothes, the store clerk encourages her to buy, so it's easy for her to buy.Some dads will run away if you stick to it from the beginning, so be gentle at first.Let daddy enjoy the fun of shopping together. 


Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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