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celebrity daddy and banker daddy

Disappointing Face-to-Face with Handsome Daddy

Today I was called to a bar in Ginza at 22:XNUMX.

Face-to-face with a 35-year-old banker dad.

I've sent you a photo of me, but I haven't received a photo that shows my face, so what should I do if you're a disgusting person?

As a bonus, when I researched the place specified for the meeting with Gurunavi, I found a small bar with a counter only.

It's a little awkward to think that the bar master can hear the conversation.

meet at the bar

When I entered the cozy bar hidden in the luxury lounge area of ​​Ginza, the inside of the shop was full.

There are no daddy couples.

Being in Ginza, everyone seemed to be a regular customer, joking and laughing with the bar master.

Why are we meeting at this bar?

The banker's father is clean, slim and handsome.

I was relieved.Good thing he doesn't look weird.

With a refreshing smile,"I have been waiting"came to talk to me.

Apparently, he came after drinking a lot at a company drinking party.

I was already drunk.

His face was a little red, and he was always smiling.

I'm so drunk that you probably won't remember my face tomorrow.

I'm still ordering whiskey.

In most papa-katsu meet-ups, there are many men who introduce themselves to each other, ask what kind of relationship they would like to have in the future, whether they have ever had a dad, and ask about their relationship conditions.

But this dad was different.

Despite his good looks, the banker's father is said to be single.

I think it's true because he's so careless that he gives me a business card as soon as I meet him.

But is there an elite, handsome, 35-year-old single in Japan?I was half in doubt.

something is wrong

This dad was different from the face-to-face meetings with other dads.

It is full of shady odors from the beginning.

With a refreshing smile from beginning to end,"Oh, how cute!" "I'm happy to meet such a cute girl."A flattering compliment.

It's fine if he's just drunk, but it's kind of suspicious.

Maybe you're mistaking me for Miss Lounge.

In the first place, it's forbidden in the night world of Ginza to make an appointment within an hour of meeting, and when you get drunk at the meeting, you look like a fucking dad.

I figured he would definitely ask for something.

I have to escape well

I think there are many women who have experienced it, but it's hard to be seduced at the counter bar without privacy.

cut off the numbness"Because there is a last train,"I excuse myself and try to go home.

"Huh? Are you going home already?"Daddy sticks with a cute face.

"It's already 23:8. I don't want to be at the last minute of the last train because it's dangerous. Tomorrow is also a weekday, and I'll be working from XNUMX:XNUMX."When I desperately tell you that I want to go home, I go to the checkout.

Unlike Nishi-Azabu Roppongi, Cinderella time is commonplace in Ginza.

Men also play cleanly, and many women who work in the lounge leave at 12:XNUMX.

Many of the people who hang out in Ginza are office workers, and since everyone wants to take the last train home, it's only natural to try to go home that way.appreciated.

"I want to relax at a hotel next time."And a handsome dad with a smile.

"I'm sorry. As you can see in my profile, I'm only looking for rice daddy."

disappointing result

It was the first and last date with handsome daddy.

Could it have been a lunch date?

I have blocked and will not contact you.

vigilant celebrity dad

Among the rice dads that Lena is dating, there are two dads who are especially vigilant.

One is from a TV show that everyone knows.

Another is a politician.

Both of them have families, celebrities, and people with status and fame, so if a photo with Rena is taken, it seems that it will be published in Shukan Bunshun.smile

I don't think Lena will suffer any damage even if it appears in newspapers and weekly magazines because Lena will be mosaicked, but I will pay very careful attention to my dad.

Local meeting, private room talk, local dissolution

Meals are always served in private rooms.Or a membership lounge.

And local gathering / local dissolution.

He doesn't touch or say vulgar things, so he's a very good daddy for Rena.

Lena hasn't even revealed to her close friends that she's working as a dad, and the dads are very wary, so I'm grateful that the risk of being found out by Lena's boyfriend, friends, and acquaintances is reduced.

These dads will never fall in love.

Meal time with Rena is just for fun.

I think it's like going to Ginza for a drink.

However, Papa Katsu Joshi is not a professional but an amateur.That's the only difference.

Dads' identities

They do not identify themselves from the beginning.

In fact, Lena didn't even know her father's occupation at first.

said to be a lawyer,"Oh, that's why I'm busy. There are waves in my work."I thought.

But around the time Lena trusted Papa and revealed her identity, Papa also told me his real name, and I heard that name sound familiar, so I googled it and found Bingo.

He was amazing.

at that time daddy"Never tell anyone"And,"It's strictly confidential."I didn't say that.

just weakly,"I have an acquaintance who got caught in a honey trap or something. It would be sad if Rena-chan sold the content of the story to a weekly magazine."I muttered.

After being told this, Rena can't be a bad girl.

There is no doubt that he is a good dad and Rena will also try to keep the secret.

Let's all be wise dads.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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