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For those who want to start working as a dad


My name is Honoka and I have been a dad for about 5 years.

Currently, while working as an office worker, I am doing dad activities about once or twice a month.

When I started, I really just vaguely wanted money, I wanted to raise my standard of living, and so on.

I would like to introduce my experiences with the men I have met in my dad activities, what I have gained there, and stories of failures.

Daddy's life for the first time

(experience 1)

The man I met for the first time at this club was a doctor.

We met in the business hotel lobby and had a light meal at a nearby restaurant.

I think it's probably a rare case, but as soon as we met, the man handed me his business card and told me his identity.

On the female side, there is a lot of anxiety until we meet because we only know a certain amount of information until we contact them, and we don't even know their faces.

I was able to get rid of such anxiety immediately, and I was able to have a very safe date.

After exchanging contact information, we continue to have a good relationship by keeping in touch with each other when it is convenient for us to have meals and go out together.

What I got this time

(1. New discovery)

I think it's a very nice fate to be able to meet a man who I don't meet in my daily life.

As for the man in (Case 1), I would not have met him unless he was at this club because his living base was different from mine.

It was a wonderful experience just listening to a man who was born and raised in a different environment and had a different occupation.

And it was very valuable for me to be able to give advice on things that I could not even imagine in my head, such as the way of thinking, way of life, sense of values, etc. of an older man.

(2. Gift)

Since I am a daddy, I sometimes receive money and gifts from men.

From his appearance, car, and belongings, I could easily imagine that he had plenty of money, but he took me to restaurants and shops that I couldn't usually go to, even if it was only for meals, and often gave me presents. Thank you.

We received various things such as cosmetics and clothes, flowers and accessories at events.

Be careful

(1. Appearance)

Personally, when I first meet a man, I try to wear clothes that suit me the most.

On the contrary, clothes that are too tight will float.

However, I try to be "the most beautiful me" by taking care of my makeup, hair set, nails, and belongings.

Since men pay a large amount of money for first contact to meet women, I think that it should at least be in a form that meets that demand.

(2. Behavior)

Although it is not limited to clubs, it is important to always be modest and polite in your language and attitude towards superior men.

I am never attracted to women who take it for granted that it is natural for them to buy me money or gifts.

Especially if you are a high-ranking man like this club.

And it is to convey the feeling of gratitude straight.

This is the best way to do it in person, but if it's difficult, you can immediately express your thanks by email or phone.

It is very important that it will lead to whether or not you will be able to date the man in the future.

By treating everything with humility and a feminine attitude, men will open their hearts and value women.

A Final Word

For women who are confused about joining a club

If you muster up the courage to take a step forward, you may encounter an event that you have never experienced before, an encounter that will greatly affect your life.

I sincerely hope that you all have a wonderful meeting...


Nice to meet you, my name is Sakura.Based on my own experience as a daddy, I hope that it will be a reference for you to get along with a wonderful man.

Honoka's article

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