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My way to make sure to earn money through dad activities Vol.2


Think carefully about time and money

I'm a self-confident father, and when I talk to the kids around me who aren't making money, I always think about this.

I often feel like I can't think about ``time and money'' properly, or rather that I have an imbalance.

Of course, am I making money by being a great dad? When you say that, there are many strong people above you, so you can't proudly say, ``My way is everything.''

However, I do have the time I want, and I can definitely say that I earn many times more than my peers who work during the day.

So, I always get the impression that one of the characteristics of kids who aren't making any money is that they don't have a plan at all.

This is just a comparison with my female friends who are also active fathers, so I would like to say first that this does not apply to all women who are active fathers.

In the first place, have you thought about how you will use your time with your father and how much allowance you should make for it? For example, let's say you see this dad for six hours at a time.

And if we meet three times a week, that means we meet about 12 times a month.

Then, if you calculate it based on hourly wages, you should be able to come up with a certain number.

However, when I listen to stories of children who are not making money through fatherhood activities, there are many who do not calculate this well.

Of course, there are children who have physical relationships with their fathers, and there are also children who go away.

Since dad-hunting is a contract, many children calculate it on a monthly or weekly basis, and they have to carefully calculate the amount of time they spend with their dad, the time they lose by signing a contract with their dad, and their allowance. I feel like there are a lot of kids who can't do it.

From the father's perspective, isn't it a benefit because they only think about the so-called "time spent with dad" and don't focus on the "me time" that is lost? That's what I think. (Because you're right, right? You're not thinking about yourself first. Your sense of values ​​will change in the first place.)

If you start by thinking first, ``There's time that I'm going to lose by being a dad,'' and then change your priorities to ``Time to spend with my dad,'' I think your perspective will change considerably.

What I want to say is that valuing the time you spend with your dad is good for a ``service industry''.

But surprisingly, because I'm thinking about spending time with my dad, I don't think I'm able to properly calculate my money and time. That's what I'm pointing out. (Simply put, I can't see the time in FIRST myself.)

Of course, it would be better to calculate it in minute increments. That's not what I'm talking about.

However, this week I have lost so much of my time.

If so, isn't this amount of allowance not worth it? If that's the case, I guess that's how many hours I should spend with my dad in total.

To be honest, I manage my schedule quite carefully.

Some say it's because they have contracts with multiple dads, but that's not the main reason.

In the first place, the amount of allowances received differs depending on the father. (In my case)

For that reason, I prioritize my father, who receives the most allowance. (I think it would be easier to explain if it was the father who had the longest contract.)

Depending on the father, the amount of allowance may be lower than other fathers if you consider the time and effort required to travel to the meeting place, but if you calculate it based on time, it can be said that they are giving preferential treatment. (If that's the case, I think it's more disrespectful to the father who pays the allowance than the father.)

In my opinion, that doesn't make sense.

So, if you sign a contract with a dad with a lower allowance than other dads, this is what happens.

Compared to other dads, he makes adjustments in his own way, such as reducing the amount of time he spends with him and reducing the number of times he sees him.

Of course, I will explain the reason to my dad, and if he doesn't agree with it, the contract may be canceled. (I think this can't be helped from a business standpoint. It would be a shame if this part was vague.)

I came to this idea while working as a father.

That's because I once realized that some dads just don't have the time and effort to put into it.

I want to have a long-term contract with this dad.

So, this allowance is fine for the first 2-XNUMX months. (fairly low pricing)

Then, when I actually signed the contract and spent time with that dad, for some reason I started to feel stressed.

I quickly understood why.

First of all, the distance I have to go to see him is much farther than other dads.

Once we met, I started to feel like I was missing out because it took longer than other dads to have a meal and I had to adjust to their schedules.

Of course, I was also under contract with another father at that time, so it was my fault for comparing myself to others.

Then, why did you sign a contract with that father for such an amount? I was gripped by a sense of loss.

I think it's probably from around here.

I started calculating my allowance by giving some thought to how much time and money I would actually spend with my dad.

Since I started calculating this allocation, I have been able to plan my time more carefully, and the allowance I receive from my father is calculated based on the time allocation that I agree with, and I request it and sign the contract. , I no longer feel dissatisfied.

Best of all, you can now ensure that you get the money you deserve for the time and effort you put into it. (I think this is a big point.)

There are only 1 hours in a day

Being a dad doesn't mean someone else will manage you.

That's why you have to decide your own schedule.

There are kids around me who are making a lot of money by being dads.

As for that child, that's all I have to do to manage him, and I use my computer to calculate what he does each week as a father, how he spends his time with which men, and how much he can expect to earn in total.

That's why I decide everything I need to do each week, and I'm very thorough in that I don't do anything more or less than that. (When I saw how that child was managed, I wondered if I should do the same thing.)

However, I believe that you can definitely earn a certain amount of money even if you manage your own personal management (time spent with your father every month and reliable allowances commensurate with that), so if you are thinking that you can't make any money at all through Papa-katsu. Why not give it a try? (If you do the math, you will realize that there is a lot of waste.)

After all, being able to calculate things properly, including time, will lead to better self-management, and above all, I think it's a huge benefit for women who are chasing their dreams.

If you want to make sure to earn money through daddy activities, first calculate the time allocation to spend with your dad and the allowance commensurate with that, and if you think that one dad is not enough, you can take measures such as contracting with another dad to make up for it. Because it's easy. (By the way, that's what I do.)

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