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dark papa

Volume XNUMX

Today, for the first time, I will talk about being dumped by my dad.

And to be a cool dad.

Oh.It was a waste!

I met this dad at a steak shop.

Rena said that it would be fine to go to a restaurant that she wanted to go to, so we met at a stylish steakhouse.
This dad looks like the perfect cool dad.

After all, I'm a foreign consultant, and I'm making a lot of money by investing in stocks, and I live in a million dollars, and my face is inside.

He is tall, slim, clean, and takes care of his skin, so he has plump skin that girls envy.

And I'm 40 and single.

without her.

An excellent property that attracts marriage-hunting girls who are aiming for Tamanokoshi.
why?It's going to be.

Rena also became.

Why do you want this man to be a daddy?Why didn't this guy make a girlfriend?

Actually, it's a little difficult.

A hikikomori who doesn't leave the house except for work.

A manga otaku who buys Jump every week and spends two hours reading it.

The ultimate is an eccentric who loves traveling so much that he goes to hot springs alone on weekends.

Besides, I can't cook and I don't have a housekeeper, so when I'm at home, I hardly eat anything.

While talking like that,Make Rena', so he said, 'gladly ♡I said.

How did you survive to be 40?It's hard to wonder, Papa.
It was my first time meeting like this, but I asked Ikepapa a standard meeting question.

Aside from papa, it doesn't matter if you become a dad, you can get married, or you can be a boyfriend.

I just feel lonely right now and want someone to be with me.

I have a lot of assets, so when I die, I will have a lot of assets, so I even showed the balance of my bank account.
It seems that Lena was the first person to actually meet a cool papa and a papa-katsu-joshi.

However, I didn't feel like I was unfamiliar with the woman, or that she was asking me questions about conditions, so I had a good impression.

This daddy, to put it badly, is dark.

Maybe someone who has a good point of view and is just quiet is like that.

Rena likes cool uncles with a clean feeling, so I was wondering if this dad would be a boyfriend.

Lena, you're light.smile

I can't say too much about the details, but the reason why I liked this dad is because he has a lot of hobbies and I wanted to have a long relationship with him.

So after the meeting, we made an appointment for the next date.

Papa wants to show Rena the beautiful night view from Papa's high-rise apartment, so "yeah i want to seeI said.

Oh, and of course my dad was quite rich.smile
"wants an adult relationshipthan my dad saying, "I really want Rena to see the night view from my apartment' is smarter and cooler.smile

I'll say it again, I haven't talked about conditions with this cool dad.

Lena couldn't cut herself out.

But I promised to go to Papa's apartment.

'Cause Papa, you said Lena would pay for everything if I told her I needed a decent amount of money?

ah.Lena, it's light.smile

Volume XNUMX

On our second date, we went to a cafe near Papa's apartment, bought snacks together, and walked to Papa's house together.

Lena knew Papa's name and company, so she was somewhat relieved.

Of course I was nervous, but more than that, I was relieved.

For some reason, I thought that Papa was such a calm person that he wouldn't be attacked.

First of all, he took me to the lounge of the apartment and showed me the night view of the city's highest peak.

I could see Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree, and it was very romantic.

Dad had an Adidas jersey.smile

My dad told me to go to the room, and I went to the room with my heart pounding so hard I couldn't believe it.

I was very relieved when I entered.

Lena hasn't seen that many men's rooms either, but "How can a man's room be so beautiful?It was so shiny and beautiful that I could see the personality of a clean-loving papa.

So far, this cool dad is perfect.

He also guided me to the toilet and bath,One room is vacant and used as a storeroom, so if Rena likes it, she can live there."He said.

"It's okay if you don't like it.Will the rent go up?I was cute when my dad suggested casually.

"Eh!I can't live with my dad.'

I used to think so, but Ikepapa seems to have made Lena's room and bought her a bed she likes, so I thought it would be fine.

It's getting late, but my dad hasn't invited me to bed, so I wonder what this cool dad is thinking.

When I thought about it, my dad cut it out.

"It's getting late, are you going home?'

This dad is too cool.

I'm coming to the apartment, but I'm not looking for a physical relationship.

"I will send you to the station'

Eh, I'll take you to the station.That means going home by train.

"See you"
I said selfishly that I wanted to go home by taxi.

Lena, did I do something wrong?

Did Lena have to kiss her or invite her to bed?

Did Rena have to actively appeal to her to go out with her?

I thought about a lot of things, but I thought it was natural for Rena to get a taxi fare because she was used to living with her dad, so I naturally asked her.
"I didn't meet you today with the intention of giving you money.I don't want to have a relationship that looks like it's going to be a short term, like giving money every time we meet.I don't have ten thousand bills right now, so can you come with me to the convenience store? I will withdraw at the ATM.'

Oh, that's right.

I didn't have the money to give you.

Dad never wanted to be a dad.

But Lena couldn't read her dad's delicate feelings.

I kinda get it.

Dad, I think Lena's asking for money just now has cooled her down.

Maybe I hurt you.

I'm sorry dad.

Lena may be looking too much at short-term gains.

But I miss volunteers.

I summoned up the courage to say that I didn't have to bother going to the convenience store, that it would be fine next time, but it was too late.

Papa didn't smile when I met him anymore.
I sent a thank you email to my dad while being shaken by a taxi.

I also said sorry.

But Dad didn't want to hear anything anymore.

Ignore unread.

Papa blocked the line I had been on for about two months.

Oh.Lena was dumped by Papa.

Not with words, but with blocks.

hard. It was blue for about a week.

But I'm on my feet and looking for a new cool dad.

Some dads are sensitive.

It is difficult to build a relationship without considering the feelings of the father.

I learned something important.

Come on, let's do our best again from 1!

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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