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monthly contract woman

Hello, this is Tsukishima.


I've always written about things that are realistic and rather severe, but this time I'd like to write about a dream about dad life that I heard from a friend.

Each time and monthly contract

Here are my friend's specs.

Mr. R 

23 years old Tall, with features and a model-like style

A woman who has a small face and is more beautiful than cute

Personality is friendly and firm.

He is good at reading the atmosphere, and is extremely quick-witted and polite.

A woman who can think of others properly.

He's a friend I'm proud of because I'm with him and he teaches me a lot.

I praised her a little too much, so if I had to give her a negative point, it would be her small breasts (laughs).


By the way, I'm a friend who is proud of everything, but there are 3 dads who are currently continuing.

Your allowancemonthly contract It is said that.


Some people may not know here, so let me briefly explain

There are 2 patterns for your treatment.


Give it to me every time we meet[Each time]

Decide how many times to meet and summarize each month[Monthly contract].

Basically, I think there are more people each time.

Depending on the negotiations, there are also people who are moving to a monthly contract.

I won't write the reason here.If you have a monthly contract, it is better to receive it in cash instead of bank transfer..


Now let me get back to you.

Mr. R with each dadWe have promised to meet 2-3 times a month after work and receive 10 each.That's right.

Yes, 3 people, so 30 a month!

That's an outrageous amount.


It seems that she puts most of what she receives into savings.

I don't think you can get this far if you're just a beautiful woman.

It is a common part of women who bring up monthly contracts,

I don't just look[Negotiation skills]・[Loved power]・[The head rotates quickly]I think it's in


I also had a man who had a monthly contract, but after listening to my friend's negotiation technique and practicing it, I was able to do it!That's what it feels like.

Indeed, I had the impression that she was the daughter of the president (laughs).

There are many people who are interested in

I won't write it here because it's a column that men are also watching.

I wish I could teach them individually.

However, it might be a good idea to ask the Universe Club staff about that as well!

Let's go to the reshoot without consulting (laughs)

In a nutshell, dad activities require psychological warfare and negotiation skills.So it is.

You can't do it if you don't have the heart, and the most important thing is what the other person thinks of you.

The added value of [it must be me]

I do not want women to misunderstand

Just because there is an offer does not mean that 100% of the men like you.

Don't forget that men are professional negotiators and rich.

So to speak, dad life【investment】Such you.

While there are tons of girls out there, most of the men who offer me offers are out of curiosity about how cute they are.

If it doesn't work, you can make an offer to another woman.

I hate to say it, but it doesn't have to be you, and it doesn't have to be me.

But what about women?

Don't you think it's precious every time you get an offer that you don't know when it will come?

But I can't be stubborn.

And I don't think you'll be stressed out just because you finally got an offer.

Let's create the added value of "I'm the only one" among many women.

Added value is unique to everyone.

Beautiful and cute, of course, curiosity, reaction, good floor,, I think there are many.

Cute idiots are only allowed among students.

A woman must be dignified and tough.



With this in mind, think about your charm and added value.

Think about how to sell yourself with that as a weapon.

If you don't have enough weapons, just add them.

Let's look at ourselves objectively and produce.

When thinking, it might be a good idea to write it down in a notebook instead of your head and summarize it.

You may find some strategy.




Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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