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Papa life is pseudo-romance

It looks like it's going to be the rainy season soon.

If the weather is bad and the scaffolding is bad, I feel a little depressed about the date.You know.

It is a must-see for women, but recently there are also pretty cute rain boots.You!

It would be nice to incorporate fashionable things that can only be done in the rain.

A date on a rainy day will also be fun!


Hello everyone.This is Tsukishima.


It takes time to increase intimacyDoes not cost

Just like men, women also have different ways of thinking about papa activities.I think it varies.

  • just a part-timer
  • People who want a relationship that draws a line instead of love
  • People who want to experience things they can't usually do
  • People who want money while having fun
  • People who want friends
  • People who want to enjoy pseudo-romance
  • I want a lover (rarely)

There was also a person.


Judging from the trend of papa active girls around Tsukishima,

People who want to enjoy pseudo-love,There are overwhelmingly many people who want fun dating and money.

Don't fall in love with the other man!I've heard that some women are worried about it, but some of my friends have reached the finish line with their dads.

If you are single, I think there is absolutely no chance of developing into a relationship!

There is a common secret between the two.In addition, there is already a physical relationship.

When it comes to, depending on the feeling, the degree of intimacy increases, but it takes timeI don't think it will.

A fairly expensive property.pretty good conditions.

Tsukishima actually.In fact, she really wants to date her dad on the premise of marriage.I have been asked to live with you.

The other party is a person who lives outside the prefecture and has several companies,I met him every time I came to Tokyo on a business trip.

He is a young man in his late 30s and quite rich.

"Let's live together in the tower apartment I'm living in now.If you don't like it and want something different, you can move.
A housekeeper will be provided, and an allowance will be given.
It's just that Tsukishima-chan's personality says that she really wants to work.I will prepare a place of employment.how much do you want per month 』

They said.

A fairly expensive property.

It was a pretty good deal.

He said he would give me as much salary as I wanted.

30 to try? ?And? ?Is it okay if I say that?He said. (I just want a normal job)

but!Tsukishima refused.

Differences in values ​​cannot be wiped away, so it can't be helped

There are several reasons

  • Reluctance to leave the city
  • Keep believing in my words, quit my job and move,It's an age that you can't go back when you fail
  • What do you think when your parents ask you about your encounter?
  • I don't want to get married yet!the concept of marriage

I didn't mind the age difference.He has a kind personality andIt didn't look bad, but it was better,

Young enough to jump into your heart without worrying about anything Even at an age where you can fall in loveI don't.

The main reason was that he wanted children.


I don't really want childrenI felt like I didn't.


In the end, I declined and became estranged.

If you're going to hurt me by lying and making expectations, I'll tell you from an early stageI thought.

I have some regretsDifferences in values ​​cannot be wiped away, so I thought there was nothing I could do about it.bottom,,

Tsukishima, who liked the relationship without the troublesomeness of papa-katsu love, was heavy.I felt like I wanted to, but I wonder if there are women who are aiming for TamanokoshiIt's a happy story, isn't it?

There are various types of encounters and values ​​that each other seeks.

In many ways [matching the feeling]It would be nice to meet a partner!


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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