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Advantages and disadvantages of dating clubs and daddy apps


I was looking for a dad through the dad live app and the dating club.

I experienced both and there were differences, advantages and disadvantages, so I wrote an article.

The advantages and disadvantages are divided into women's and men's editions.

Please refer to it.


Women's Edition [Papa Activity App]


・Anyone can easily register, and self-introduction and photos can be customized to your liking.

・Since there are many dad activities apps, you can easily register with various apps and search for many dads

・ You can search for your favorite dad from yourself

・If an offer comes, you can decide YES or NO by looking at the daddy's profile and photo.

・At first, it is easy to decide the schedule adjustment because it is exchanged within the app.

・ Abundant search items for searching for dads, including profiles and photos of dads

・ Online face-to-face meeting is possible with the app

・ Many men (dads) are registered because the admission fee and monthly fee are lower than the dating club.

・I want to live as a dad today!You can search for your dad even on a sudden day, you can do it at your favorite time

・ No late cancellation or cancellation fee for female convenience

・There are many young dads, so there are many love developments



・The age group of men who use the Papa-katsu app is younger than that of dating clubs, so there is a possibility that they will be found by acquaintances or people at work.

・Because the admission fee and monthly fee paid by men are lower than those of dating clubs, there are not many people who give large amounts of pocket money.

・There are apps that do not submit men's status and income, so I don't know if what I wrote is true.

・There are many people who are poor in quality and can not follow manners

・Since the application is self-responsibility, even if there is a problem with the father on the first meeting, there is no choice but to solve it together

・ There is a possibility that the app will be screen shot and leaked to SNS

・ Even if you only want a meal date, you may be forced to have a physical relationship.

・There is no guarantee that you will receive the desired amount of pocket money

・There are not many long-term dads


Women's version [Dating club]


・Trouble rarely occurs because the club acts as an intermediary between dads and women

・There are many men who are rich (managers, chairmen, doctors, politicians, entertainers, etc.) because the admission fee and monthly fee are higher than the app.

・There is an interview with the club and the man, and the man's identity and annual income must be submitted to the club, so the dad's identity is correct.

・Women's profile pictures are taken by a professional photographer in a proper studio, and videos are also taken by the club (retakes are free).

・ Dating clubs have a low rate of identity

・You can write either a meal date or an adult relationship (physical relationship) in your profile, and most dads will protect it

・ Personal information is well protected, and the dating club has a solid tax office policy, so there is no problem there

・The amount of pocket money is never less than the desired amount, and many men actually raise it

・There are many high-quality men and expensive dads (there are also monthly contract dads)

・High-end restaurants and luxury hotels

・Dating clubs have a sense of security

・ You can be a woman with a sense of luxury (special feeling)

・ There are few single-time dads, many dads want a long-term relationship



・You have to go to the office for an interview.

・Because you are obliged to submit your ID, you cannot be interviewed without your ID.

・Since daddy makes an offer by looking at the woman's profile and photo, he can't search for daddy himself (just wait for the offer to come)

・Even if an offer comes, there is little information about the dad, and he only tells us the age, what kind of company, atmosphere

・ Fewer offers than the app

・ If you want to cancel suddenly on the day, there may be times when a cancellation fee will be charged.

・The initial schedule is communicated through the club, so if there is a change, communication is troublesome.

・The number of last-minute cancellations and the speed of the response to the club. There is an evaluation from the father at the first meeting, and there are women who are recommended and women who are not so good, and the number of offers goes up and down depending on that.

・As the number of women who register increases, they will be posted in the order in which they were registered, so your profile will go down steadily.

・There are only dating clubs in large cities, so even if you can register, the shooting and date locations may be far away.


These are the advantages and disadvantages of women's dad app and dating club.

I have experienced both and both were good, but I recommend the dating club for those who expect a large amount of pocket money.

I want a lot of dads, I want to meet you on this day in a hurry!For those who think, the dad live app is good.


Men's version[Papa activity app]


・Anyone can easily start

・ Easy to find a woman you like

・Membership fee and monthly fee are not expensive

・Some women have low pocket money

・You can exchange messages directly with women.

・Short-term dating is OK

・ Find a woman you want to meet on the day

・ You can meet if there is a registered woman even if you are overseas or in the countryside

・There are many young children



・Actual product is different from the photo

・There are many last-minute cancellations and date/time changes.


・Single-shot, Sakura women

-Many people don't keep their promises

- Demanded more than the requested amount


Men's version[Dating Club]


・There are many elegant women

・Photos and videos are real

・ There are not many basic cancellations or date changes

・ Many women want long-term relationships

・ On the day of the date, the club will tell the woman the contact information of the man, so you can protect your personal information.

・There are many women with gorgeous occupations such as cabin attendants and models.

・ Understand the evaluation of women

・There are many women who want a long-term relationship instead of a one-off



・ There is a dating club and an interview, and there is a possibility that you will fail if something happens

・It is difficult to make many offers because the admission fee and the introduction fee for women are higher than the app.

・Because the profile is not very detailed, there is no choice but to decide mostly based on the photo

・There are many women, but fewer than the app

・I don't know how it will be written because a woman will do a men's evaluation questionnaire after a date



It's a small opinion, but this is an advantage and disadvantage seen from a man's point of view.

This time it was an opinion from a female perspective, but please refer to the male perspective as well.


After seeing this, which one do you prefer?I think there are people who think, but it's important which one is right for you.

If you want to easily register and meet a lot of dads at once, the app is recommended, and if you don't mind looking for dads slowly and carefully, dating clubs are good.

There are still more opinions because there are only advantages and disadvantages that I can think of now.

It's fine to try anything, but be careful not to get involved in incidents or troubles.

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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