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Physiological phenomenon is not enough!Story of smell.

It's getting warmer little by little in February.

It seems that the flu is trending, so please take care of yourself.

I received comments from many people in the first male column that I somehow wrote last time.thank you.

I've written several books so far, but I didn't know if anyone would read them.

In addition, Tsukishima himself learned a lot from the many valuable opinions he wrote.She hoped that women would read her comments!
It seems that men are also reading Cinderella, so I will write only Cinderella from now on.
We continue to thank you.

Well this time【smell】The story of!

It is mainly aimed at men. .

I was grateful for the obvious thing to breathe in and out

Some people may not notice it themselves, but the smell is really hard to do as a dad.

In general, aging odor is said to occur not only in men but also in women.
The smell is said to be particularly strong behind the ears and on the neck.

Please try to imagine.

During the act, when you hug each other,

Yes, a woman's nose is perfect.

I am very aware that it can't be helped because it is a physiological phenomenon.

However, depending on the endurance of the other party, there are times when it is almost possible to see the true meaning of heaven due to lack of oxygen.

It's a true story.

I almost died. (Excuse me)

I think there are people who don't like the smell and people who can't stand it.

Of course, it is halved after taking a bath, so it is recommended to take a shower as much as possible before the act.

(It may be troublesome because it is a cold season)

I think taking a bath together is a great way to communicate.

That's what I learned from a man who was introduced to me at another dating club. .
He was a very kind and nice person.

As a result of challenging the favor without taking a bath,
The moment I accepted the words "I want you to hug me".
I thought only one

Oh, 0 distance is painful, isn't it?


This is a word.

The melody (smell) emanating from just a few centimeters away easily broke Tsukishima's heart.

If you want to tell us about the current situation at that time, yes.

I can't breathe through my nose! 


When I felt that, I already unconsciously released my hand instead of mouth breathing.

And I inadvertently turned my face to the side.

I want to breathe fresh air.
I wished so strongly.

It's the first time I've ever been grateful for something so natural to breathe in and out like that.

A word that was put on Tsukishima who turned his face to the side

"Don't be shy"


Oh, no! ! !But I can't tell you because it's a physiological phenomenon! !

I thought so for a moment, but the act itself was at the other party's home.

That,, a further back boss has come to follow up. .

As I said earlier, the source of the smell is the neck and behind the ears.

yes.The pillow you use every day is exactly the emperor of smell.


There is no escape. . .

Yes, let's back it up! ! (escape)

The emperor had a strong presence just by sitting there, and slowly enveloped Tsukishima from below.
Although mouth breathing, this is unexpected.

The idea I desperately came up with while half crying

Yes, let's back it up! ! It is (escape).

Fortunately, the other party accepted the proposal, and I was able to leave the emperor-sama (pillow).

The other person is a very kind and nice person. (Second time)

But, it's a physiological phenomenon, so it's hard to say.
After working with him several times, I realized the importance of breathing and gave up. .

There are many causes of odor.There are various ways to deal with it.

·I take a shower.
・Wash thoroughly.
・Be careful with your food.
・Wash your clothes properly.
・Take supplements.

And so on

I think that you should think about how to deal with it to the extent that you do not suffer.

Tsukishima is particularly sensitive to smells, but I think there are other people like that.
Thank you.

And strongly to the women reading this,Backis recommended.

When you need some fresh air, remember Tsukishima.

I think the smell is also connected to the feeling of cleanliness.
Tsukishima hopes that everyone can have a fun and comfortable date.



Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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