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A chance to deepen love with dad during corona

Every day, it's all about the news that how many people have died in corona and how many people have been infected. 
In particular, when it comes to line news, even if I ignore it, I can't help but notice such topics. 
To be honest, there are many people who are tired of it, how long will it last?I personally think that most people feel that way. 
In the world, the current situation is that the company is restructuring and the company itself is gone. 
The shop I used to go to with my dad also closed the other day. 
I'm so sorry. 
The restaurant was an unpretentious Japanese restaurant that was Papa's favorite. 
However, because the store is so small, it seems that the number of customers has gone away and the store has been closed.
In the first place, I had a dream that led me to start working as a dad. 
I needed the money for it. 
The quickest way to do that was Papa Katsu. 
To be honest, nothing less, nothing more. 
Money was the target. 
I thought that if I was lucky, I would also get a connection. 
But in reality, humans are not so divisible. 
At the dating club, I was introduced to my dad, and by spending more time with him, the attachment I had saved inside of me grew and I couldn't stop feeling it. 
That's why I can't help but feel frustrated that I can't see my dad because of the corona ruckus. 
There are probably more than a few women who are working as dads, who spend a certain amount of time, and who feel this way. 
Of course, so is the financial side. 
When I can't see you, give my dad some pocket money. 
I can't say this even if my mouth is torn. 
More than that, I have a feeling that I want to meet my dad. 
However, there are many cases where people lose their temper when they can't see each other for a long time. 
I hate corona. 
Is it strange that I think so?I once said to my dad. 
At that time, I was naturally convinced by a single word my dad said. 
It's time to say this, so you're a successful person who can turn everything into an opportunity, right?He said. 
In my head, I could understand it, but how do I put it into action?I had a question. 
So I gave an answer. 
How can I get along well with my dad without cooling down my fever even if I can't meet normally in Corona? 
I thought about it in my own way and devised it. 
I wish I could tell you that here.  

Put your presence in front more than the number of times you meet 

What does this actually mean?When you say. 
Before the corona ruckus, I honestly met at night 2-3 times a week. 
Of course, if you think about it in a month, it's about 11 TO 12 times. 
Maybe this is the average time I spend meeting Daddy. 
The time we met was around 19:XNUMX at night. 
I wonder if I stayed at the hotel depending on the day. 
If you ask around, it seems that there are many people. 
However, I think there were many days when we didn't stay overnight, but depending on the day, we had to eat for about two hours and then disband. 
But after the corona ruckus, I felt like I'd see you twice a month. 
Of course, I haven't met the allowance, so I can't say it's the same as before, and I feel like I negotiated for about a third. 
Even though I'm not satisfying my dad, I can't just get an allowance. 
So, I thought about making a regular phone call. 
Anyway, every other day, I made time to talk slowly on the phone. 
The time zone is from about 22:XNUMX. 
Of course, it's also a video call, such as nightwear or a little cosplay. 
I tried to make contact with Papa in a different atmosphere than usual. 
Normally, I would never do something like this to my dad. 
And I wasn't even asked. 
At first, my dad was pretty upset too. 
There is often laughter there. 
Then, Dad gradually showed me dressed like this?Such requests began to come, and the scenes where each other showed excitement increased. 
yes?Perhaps, thanks to the corona ruckus, play different from dad?No, a different expression of affection was born?I jokingly said that, and I remember my dad being convinced and answering with a smile. 
Could it be that the nuance of turning something into an opportunity that Papa was talking about?She was beginning to understand herself. 
As it is, don't I have more ways to do it during corona?I decided to get down to it. 
I thought it would be a way to express my affection for my dad. 
And you can feel closer than when you meet?Because I thought that.  

good for long calls 

I usually spend about 15 minutes on the phone with my friends. 
That's why the interaction with my dad before corona was only business, so it was about 3 minutes. 
However, due to the corona turmoil, the average call time is now 2 hours. 
It was a surprise to me too. 
eh?are you talking so muchI think it was my frank impression to say that it was about as much as it was and the time flew by. 
On the other hand, I thought that long phone calls would be troublesome when my dad was old, but it's the complete opposite. 
It was amazing, she was so happy, and she is still so happy. 
That's why, if we meet once in a while, shall we go see the interior next time?And talk about topics that you don't usually talk about. 
If there is such an interior, it will surely match the room, and I will send it to you. 
Even if it's an allowance. 
Thank you for always taking care of my dad. 
Do you have enough allowance with the word?I haven't met you, but you've been working so hard on the video call, should I return the amount?They tell me about 
As expected, I learned to be considerate, so I refused to negotiate the allowance again when I could actually meet again. 
But I wonder if I was able to realize that it was so effective. 
You can even send gifts online now. 
If there's something I want, I wonder if I'll ask my dad over the videophone. 
As a result, Papa also started looking at the net, which he was unfamiliar with until now, and sometimes he even sends it directly to my house. 
Rather than that, I think it's the most important thing to be able to meet a lot. 
In fact, it is a fact that the corona commotion has made it difficult to see each other, and the number of topics has increased due to a little ingenuity. 
Papa is always indebted to me, including in my daily life. 
It is important for women to devise little by little, and I know from this corona commotion that it will naturally lead to deepening each other's love.
It was. 
By all means, I would like women who are working as dads to put in a long phone call as one option. 
Papa should always want to see this face that basically takes care of him.  

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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