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The story of how I fell in love with my dad

Lena has fallen in love with a wonderful dad who was introduced to her by a dating club.

Was it more love than love?

They said they loved each other and Lena completely trusted her dad.

I want to believe that Papa was serious too.

But one day, one phone call left Lena and Papa in a relationship where they would never see each other again.

love at first sight

If I remember, I feel like I fell in love at first sight.

The first date is a high-class meat kaiseki.

It was a romantic restaurant that even took a commemorative photo on the way back.

Partly because I got tipsy from champagne, I was attracted to my fashionable dad who looked 10 years younger than my age.

My father was divorced because he could not have children, and now he is single.

It was the person who was doing the representative because he inherited the company from his father's generation.

But he didn't talk about work, didn't boast, and was a good listener.

be attracted

As soon as we met, we were attracted to each other and would go on dates in between jobs.

When I had to go abroad for work, he drove me to the airport.

My dad didn't cut out an adult relationship and I was a rice dad for a while, but on my birthday, he took a room and prepared flowers, and it became an adult relationship.

It was a natural flow because we were attracted to each other and became that kind of relationship.

Talk to the dating club staff

When Lena realized that she liked her daddy, she consulted the staff at the dating club.

"Lena, it looks like you've really fallen in love with this dad.you're stupid'

When Rena said so, the staff answered seriously and carefully.

"If Rena-chan really likes her daddy, I wonder if it's okay for her to go out with him.This daddy registered as her single and she seemed to be looking for her.If she genuinely likes Rena-chan, there are couples who get married after meeting at a dating club, so I don't think it's bad for her to go out with her properly.'

Lena was astonished.

There are couples who meet at a dating club and get into a serious relationship.

Some couples get married.

That's happiness.

When you fall in love, it doesn't matter where you met.

daddy's secret

I've been dating my dad for half a year.

Papa was supposed to be living alone, but he didn't take me to his house.

I didn't even come to Lena's house.smile
When I asked him to take me, he said no because it was dirty.

Daddy is methodical and stylish, and his clothes smell like fabric softener.

I had been told where Papa's house was, but I didn't bother to go there.

Even though my dad is old enough, he still had a Duffy keychain on his bag.

When I asked him why he was wearing Duffy, he said he went to Disneyland with a company member.

Duffy is not sold at Disneyland.

"Papa likes Disneyland too, so I want to go with Rena.' and I've been rolled into a circle.

Lena pretended not to notice because she didn't want to, but maybe at this point she really knew that her dad was black.

But Lena loved her dad so much that she didn't care.

Lena introduced Lena's friends to Papa and went out to eat together.

But Papa didn't introduce Lena to Papa's friends.

Lena was completely unaware of Papa's friendships.

one afternoon

One evening, when Lena was at work, she got a call from her dad's LINE.

Suddenly LINE call?What happened?

When I answered the phone, it was a woman's voice.

woman"Hello, are you Lena?'


woman "whoDo you understand?I am your daddy's wife.'


woman"do you know what you're doingThis person is married and has children.'

Confusion, sadness, and despondency crossed in Lena's mind.

I wondered what the hell was going on and why my wife called me.

Rena is sad that she was lied to by her dad.

And the disappointment that I won't be able to see you anymore.

Lenasorry.But Lena didn't know that her daddy was married and had kids.'

woman"It seems so. I also read all the contents of LINE.I heard it all from my dad.I know all too well that my dad is bad.But I'm not convinced, so I want to go to court and fight.I'll send the documents, so could you tell me your address?'

LenaRena is also the side who was deceived by Papa.Lena was dating her dad thinking he was single, so she doesn't realize she did anything wrong.Will she still be tried?no one can be happyI won't see my dad again and I won't be on LINE, so why don't we end it?'

woman"… got it.Daddy seems to want to talk to you.I'll take care of my dad.'

PapaLena, I'm so sorry.I'm so sorry.She loved Lena so much she couldn't tell the truth.She will contact you when she calms down, so please wait for me.she will definitely contact you.'

LenaOK.Please keep in touch and take care of your family.'

Thus ended her love affair with her father.

The next day, Papa called Lena every day.

Lena did not appear.

Lena has no intention of destroying the family.

It would have been nice if you could have at least dated me so that I wouldn't find out, but you were a clumsy dad.

I think that's why I liked it.

Rena can't stop being a dad because she wants to find someone she can fall in love with again.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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