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If my dad's educational background is lower than mine, should I lie about it?


I graduated from Keio University, but if my dad's educational background is lower than mine, should I lie about it?




Thank you very much for your question.

Perhaps many of you who saw this question thought, "I should just answer normally and honestly."

If this question had been a normal love question, I think I would have answered it as well.However, when it comes to the question this time, it's not a problem that you can say "just answer honestly" so easily.

First of all, this question is about dad life, as you can see from the word "papa" in the question.Papa-katsu is a muddy word, but what you are doing is completely prostitution.I will omit the legal pros and cons of this, as it is not the subject of this article, but it is unthinkable for a customer and a delivery health lady to talk about their educational backgrounds in a private room at a love hotel.

This point is extremely important.I don't usually talk about my educational background during prostitution.Even so, the fact that the questioner is worried about this means that it is highly likely that the other dad is asking a question like, "By the way, where do you go to college?"

So why did Papa bother to ask about his educational background?

There are many possibilities, but it cannot be denied that one of the possibilities is that they are particular about their educational background.

In other words, if you ask about educational background while working as a dad, the possibility that the man has an educational background comp is not a little higher than usual.

If you don't step on a mine, you don't have to disarm it

For example, let's say your dad graduated from Waseda.If you are the type of person who yells at Jingu Stadium, "Defeat Keio!"

For example, let's say your dad graduated from Keio SFC.If the questioner is from Mita, he will understand what it means to say that.By the way, I graduated from SFC, but I have not been told more than once or twice by the guys in Mita, "Ah, it's SFC, hmm (meaningful)."Especially Keitsune and Teme are useless.

This is an extreme example, but I have to say that it is a high risk to speak honestly about your educational background to someone who cares about your educational background.

In that case, if it is okay to say that the educational background is low for the time being, it would be a problem that wholesalers do not wholesale.

For example, let's say that the questioner lied and said that he had a low educational background.Then, next time, there is a possibility that he will say, "I don't like such a low-educated woman."

In other words, it is not a matter of simply speaking of a low educational background.It's a minefield above and below, and it's hard to just walk.

Therefore, if you want to talk about your ideal, it would be better not to talk about topics that stimulate comp, such as educational background.Even the questioner would not want his private life to be known to his father, who is only related to money.

So how do we actually deal with this?

Appropriately muddy, deviate from the topic.These two will be the cornerstones. If you say, "Oh, you're totally stupid," you'll be fine.

Even so, if Papa insistently asks, it's a secret move.

Let's hug daddy's upper arm and say, "Aside from that, where are you taking me today?"This is pretty much it.

I work as a love hotel staff in Tokyo. She uses Twitter and blogs to provide love guidance, but this time, she decided to discuss her troubles with Universe.We are looking forward to your visit.Book "Ueno-san of love hotel" "31 days when I made a favorite boyfriend who is not good at love" etc. Love Hotel Ueno's Counseling Room

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