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[PJ Must See] 2024 Recommended dating club ranking

2024 years!
Don't you think that if you want to start your father's life, you should use an app?

The app has the advantage of being easy to use and can be started anytime, anywhere.Actually, there aren't many fat dads.Some say that.

I want a fat daddy! I want to start my life as a father with peace of mind! If so, why not start dating at a dating club in 2024?


What is a social club?

There is an entrance examination for both men and women, and only those who are suitable for membership are accepted.Membership club you can join.

Registration for the app can only be completed online, butSocial clubs require in-person registration procedures.Please visit your nearest branch.

[Mechanism of dating club]

Social club description

Also, at a social club, the transportation expenses are set by the club, so you don't have to worry about not being able to get transportation expenses when you meet!
Please take a look at the comparison of some other features.


Even in dating clubs, the number of registered men and safety are important!

So, I would like to introduce you to a dating club where you can safely become a father.
If you want to start working as a father in 2024, please use this as a reference.


2024 Recommended dating club ranking

[1st place] Universe Club

universe club
  • Approximately 1 members
  • Japan's only nationwide expansion
  • Many wealthy men are enrolled
  • Also introduced on TV

Social club = Universe ClubThis is a popular club.
We have been introduced on TV and have appeared in many media outlets, so you can work with peace of mind.

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[2nd place] THE SALON

  • Full membership secret salon
  • Men have an annual income of 4000 million yen or more
  • A dedicated concierge will support your life as a father.

This is a secret club that is completely members-only.
The most notable feature is that ``your profile information is not posted on the Internet.''
Recommended for women who don't want to reveal themselves depending on their job ♪

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[3rd place] Aoyama Platinum Club

blue plastic
  • Social club in Tokyo center
  • No.4 in reviews for 1 consecutive years at a long-established music club
  • Confident in the quality of men

The employees are very supportive, so it's recommended for people living in Tokyo!

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[4th place] Ginza Crystal Club

Ginza Crystal

  • Only female staff
  • Pay for profile photos and studio fees

A woman who lives in Tokyo because there is a branch in Ginza,
It is run by only female staff, so it is recommended for those who are worried about being male when registering.

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[5th ​​place] 10 carats

From 10
  • zz
  • Possible to work in rural areas
  • There are few competitors because there are few registered women.

This is a dating club with a high level of satisfaction for inexperienced people.
It has overwhelming support among beginner PJs and is recommended for beginners!

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Why dating clubs are membership-based

Men with high social status hate having their personal information leaked the most.
Therefore, not everyone can register, and since male members pay a high membership fee, women are also judged harshly.
Because of the high pay, women are expected to be clean and dignified.

Because we are a social club where you can engage in activities safely and securely, there is a thorough screening process when you join.

Points to note when interviewing

  • Greet properly
  • Wear nice clothes for the interview
  • use polite language
  • Absolutely no late arrival or sudden cancellation
  • look the other person in the eye and talk
  • I can't lie

If you don't know what to wear or hairstyle, just ask the staff before the interview and they will tell you.
It may be obvious, but being a dad is only possible if you can do the obvious things.
Dignity and language are not built in a day.
Please incorporate it into your daily life and live a wonderful life as a father.


2024, the year of the Dragon, is the year when social clubs gain momentum

The coronavirus has come to an end, and life has returned to normal.
This wave is also coming to the father-hunting industry, where dates often take place outside.
The Year of the Dragon is also considered the most auspicious of the zodiac signs, and is said to bring good luck.
Would you like to make the most of this wonderful year of 2024 by being a dad?

In marketing, Ma is up to MOM.It envelops me widely.

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