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how to quit at night

From a man's point of view, what a title it is.

Excuse me!Hello everyone!This is Tsukishima.


Well, this time I also registered for the dating club and went through a lot of failures at the beginning.

Isn't there a woman who has been in trouble?

[This is how to refuse a night invitation. ]

Tsukishima felt a lot of sadness because he couldn't refuse at first.

*This is the Tsukishima style.

It's totally fine to talk, but I'm sorry about the physical relationship!Occasionally it happens.

Before giving specific examples of how to refuse,First of all, let's take a look at how to refuse.


● NG way of refusal

・I got my period

It's a common way of saying no, but it's definitely a way of saying no.Especially if the relationship type is C or D.

There are a lot of men who come here looking forward to their meal.

There are many men who ask for rescheduling of dating if they have menstruation.

Why did you come on the date in the first place? !becomes.Please tell me in advance.

Therefore, it is NG as a method of refusal.


・I have a plan from now on.

Did you decide the end time of the date on your own?and can become moody.

You can get through on a normal date, but

From the other party's point of view, it's a story of 'Don't put in a schedule' in the first place, and if it's more, 'Tell me in advance'.

This is also NG.


・ Say a huge amount of allowance

Men may get angry.

Depending on the person, it may turn into a fight!

Give bad feedbackFemale label with outrageous allowance]is applied.

●Example of refusal

Well then, how to refuse, depending on the opponent, Tsukishima has some patterns.

・If you are invited even though your relationship type is A or B

Let's be clear.

 "Excuse me.Because it's a relationship type B,"

However, a B-type child may be overwhelmed.

I think it's safe to say that women with dating types A and B are menstruating.

・Be honest

First of all, apologize and tell honestly if the person seems to be sincere.

 (I won't refuse anyone who seems sincere unless there's something really wrong (laughs))

If you tell them with sincerity, they will understand.

・Actually, I'm a little scared because I haven't been in a relationship like that with anyone since I signed up for the dating club.

If you've never dated, or haven't dated very often, say this.

And I will tell you the next story when we meet next time.

・I want to build a wonderful relationship with Mr. ○○, so I want to have such a relationship after I know more.

This is basically it.Tsukishima.

I ask in an atmosphere that I can not refuse as much as possible (lol)

Have the courage to say no.

There is also a person who has a gentlemanly feeling when he refused to meet and have a relationship next time.

I don't have a relationship with a man who is very reluctant when I refuse.fundamentally.

A child who is weak against pushing will regret himself if he loses.

Have the courage to say no.

By the way, how do you think Dochkin's Tsukishima's refusal method is roughly like this?

On the contrary, I was rejected by a man!comments such as

I refused this from a woman!If you have an example, please let me know.


And if there are men reading this, it takes a lot of courage to say no, so please smartly step back!

A request from Tsukishima. .


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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