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date with daddy


This time, I will write about how I spend my date with my dad.


There was also a date on a day off after school and on a day off.

There are very few dads who have received offers after registering with Papa Katsu Club, but I was able to spend a few years with them.

I didn't get the dream-like allowances that are often described on other sites, such as "great amount" and "this amount!"

Sometimes I get depressed when I compare myself to others, but I think the best thing is to work hard while building a relationship of trust with the other person.

I was able to experience a variety of experiences that I never knew before.

I didn't think there was a demand for it because it's a plain Arasa that you can find anywhere, but I'm grateful every day for making time for me.


dinner date

When we meet at the end of school, it will be past 19pm.

On the day of the meeting, we had a meal at a luxury hotel, so I was worried about what would happen, but (I didn't have the opportunity to eat at a luxury hotel, so I was worried about manners). It was day only.

That said, I love eel, so I was taken there from time to time.I'm happy.

We went to various places for dinner dates.

Papa will come to pick you up by car when you gather at the nearest station.

For dinner dates, I have the impression that there were many dates that went casually, such as yakiniku, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

When the events of the day and the day was empty before the date, I reported the current situation such as such things.

I also listened to the story of Papa's work, and the time is about 2 to 3 hours.

It was time to go home every time.

Mostly, I went home by the last train.


XNUMX day date

When we went on a date for the day, we would eat lunch together and meet early or around 15:XNUMX pm.

When I have time, I go shopping and stop by cafes.

I was a student and couldn't even get a part-time job, so I was asked to buy clothes for me.

It may simply be that my clothes were unfashionable for my age.smile

Is the first dad you met strict about clothes?It was the one who

Papa often met with business fashion (shirt) because of his work suit, so he wanted women to wear beautiful clothes, clothes that fit the body, color of clothes, and heels.

After all, people with titles are well-groomed because they often meet people at entertainment, etc., and many of them wear beautiful clothes.

As for me, this is an excuse, but I was so busy studying and practicing at school that my eating habits were disrupted and I often lacked sleep, so I lost more weight than when I started.

For that reason, I wore clothes that didn't fit my body, plain colored clothes (some of them were from the beginning lol), and shoes without heels because my feet hurt and I couldn't walk, but I was rejected. There was alsosmile

When I asked him to buy me clothes, it was often decided by my dad's hobbies, so I asked him to buy me clothes that I wouldn't choose for myself.

I think it's also my dad's preference, but when I look at it objectively, there are a lot of beautiful clothes, and when I try them on, I feel fresh, so it's good to have them choose me.

It may be troublesome for those who have a certain taste in clothes or want to choose clothes by themselves, but it is a good experience for me.

I've heard that dads prefer to dress like female announcers, but I realized that this is the case.

Also, I tend to choose clothes in safe colors and shoes without heels because they are comfortable, but I learned that I need to dress like a woman when I meet my dad.

I think it's really amazing the efforts of those who have a high sense of beauty and the efforts of the papa active girls who maintain their beauty (external and internal) as women.


If you wear the clothes you bought on a date, they will be happy!


going out date

On a one-day date, we watched movies and went on a drive date a little farther.

Personally, I recommend watching movies and musicals together.

Movies and musicals have fixed start times, so we can plan our dates accordingly.

After seeing the work, the point that you can sympathize with "This was good!"

Also, it's fun to be able to experience watching the work together.

If you have similar interests, I think you'll have more fun together.

I think that you can have a good experience because you can expand your world by looking at dad's recommendations.


It's fun to go on a drive date to various places.

The cars are side by side, so it's easy to talk and once you get used to it, you can relax.


For one-day dates, we met once or twice a month or once every two months because it was difficult to find time.

We don't see each other that often because of our mutual circumstances and my dad's work situation.

Including dinner-only dates, we met about twice a month on average.

Actually, there were times when I wanted to see you a little longer, but this may be just right.


I used to date like this.

I think there are people who have more wonderful dates and meet a lot.

I think there are individual differences, but there are various ways to socialize.

I would be happy if you could refer to itheart

It's a sober-looking Arasa that can be found anywhere.Even girls who are not good at communication are slowly progressing.I would be happy if you could help me ♡

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