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Papa wants to bring

until meeting

I also received an offer from a dating club and had a face-to-face meeting.

I am always grateful for your help!

Today we meet at a hotel lobby nestled in an upscale residential area.

Access from the station is bad, but somehow Lena has many memories of this hotel.

I've come to this lounge for drinks at a third party, and I've also come to eat breakfast at the EXE lounge. (smile)

Well, I'm a regular.

Which restaurant would you like to eat at today?Rena relaxes in the hotel lobby while being excited.

Lena always arrives early to use the restroom, fix her makeup, and review the daddy profile she got from the club.

Make sure you don't get your name wrong.

Guess your age When the talk starts, remember your age so that you can say 5 years younger than the age you are listening to.

male appearance

Today's dad is a slightly timid man who doesn't seem to be used to dads.

Even though we met in the lobby, it seems that we have booked a restaurant outside, so we moved by taxi.

In that case, it would be nice if we could meet at that restaurant... I suppressed my voice and took a taxi to the restaurant.

Maybe it's because it's a taxi, but I'm really worried about my dad's bad breath.

What do you eat that makes you smell like this?

When I entered the restaurant, Papa seemed to be a regular customer.

However, I didn't reserve a private room or course, but a la carte at a normal restaurant.

There are many families around.

However, it was a restaurant with an atmosphere that would probably refuse Mr. Ichimoto, as if it were known to those in the know.

Face-to-face talk

The usual talk at the time of meeting "What kind of man is your type?""How many people have you met?""Did you meet anyone?""How long have you been working as a dad?” and so on, and today’s dad’s ex-girlfriend story.

I was able to get a clear sense of what it was like.

Apparently, even though he was living with his ex-girlfriend and dating on the premise of marriage, he got tired of his ex-girlfriend's wasteful habit and ran out of the house.

In other words, the house we used to live in is currently rented by my ex-girlfriend, so my dad pays for it.

I feel like I'm renting another house.

You can't beat this for the rest of your life.

It may have been that at the first meeting, he talked about his ex-girlfriend for about an hour, and he didn't like Lena, so he asked him to comfort him.

Drinking sake

Rena is the type to drink according to the pace of men, but this man is quite agitated.

When Rena was also drinking as recommended, it turned around quite a bit.

I try to cool down and sober up, but I got really drunk today.

"Hmm, Lena drank too much.'

home is near

Papa-san left home with his ex-girlfriend and is living alone, so we started talking about Papa-san's house, and when we talked about things like, "It's close to here."Rena-chan, would you like to drink again at my house?” and a proposal.

No, Daddy.

It's my first time meeting you today.

During the meeting, most of the conversations were about ex-girlfriends, weren't they?

I can't bring myself to go to Papa's house.

Papa-san, if you feel this way and fill up your loneliness, is anyone okay?

When Lena is silent, "Look, I have to give you my allowance tooDaddy continues.

Lena To be honest, I can't enter the room of a man who has bad breath and has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, not my type.

I want to go home now

I don't want to go to my house, even if I'm invited to, for example, the hotel room I was in just a moment ago.

I'm not really Lena's type anymore.

I can't like you as a human being, let alone a relationship.

"If there is resistance to come to the room by all means, I want to go to the second house.’ said Daddy.

Ordinary Rena has a face in the dating club, so yeah, let's go.

I thought I had to go instead.

However, if Rena, who was drunk and weakened in her judgment, went to the second house from here, she would definitely be taken home afterwards.

Moreover, I don't think I'll take it home because I like Lena, but to fill the loneliness I feel with my ex-girlfriend.

I absolutely hate that.

Rena's pride won't allow it.

"Lena, it seems like you were nervous today or got drunk.It looks like she should take a taxi home from here.I really want to go out with the second house, but I'm really sorry, Papa.'

Rena politely declined and asked Papa to have the shopkeeper call a taxi.

when you leave the store

When I left the store after eating a feast, Papa was about to take a taxi with Rena for some reason.


Papa is reluctant to pay for a taxi at a restaurant or on the sidewalk, so I want him to take a taxi with me to my house.

He said he would pay the taxi fare in the lobby of his house.

It seemed that if I didn't do that, they wouldn't give me the taxi fare, so I had no choice but to go to the lobby.

Lena, I don't understand this feeling at all, but wouldn't it be more embarrassing for the residents of the same apartment to see you in the lobby with a girl and handing over a taxi fare...?

I grabbed the taxi fare I finally got and went home by taxi.

There are many types of dads in the world.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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