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Doesn't it lead to a second date?2 Personalities & Behaviors of Dad-active Girls Who Disappoint You Before You Realize

She's not cuter than me, she's a little fat. 
Why does she have a fat daddy and I can't have a daddy myself? ? 
When was the last time you had a second date? 
Lots of offers coming.There are also many faces.But there is no second date.Isn't it a one-time encounter? You, a girl who works as a daddy, complains, "I met a good daddy, but it won't last long." 
I was like that too at first.I was very worried. 
Perhaps the reason why it doesn't last may be your casual gestures and ways of thinking. 
This time, we will introduce 7 personality traits and behaviors of Papa-katsu-joshi that Papa is disappointed in. 
See if there is something that applies to you too! 
No matter how beautiful she is or how smart she is, the behavior of a girl who will be overwhelmed. 
You may be doing it casually, but be careful in front of your dad! ! 

Get drunk on Beron Beron, show sloppiness 

It's good to have fun, but when you're so drunk that you can't speak slurred, it's a sign of a lack of self-control. 
You will be seen as a "sloppy girl". 
It's possible to get a little cute and drunk, but it's a minus if you show too much sloppiness. 
I heard that there are some fucking dads who deliberately make you drunk and loose their guard, but put that kind of dad aside... (I've met such a fucking dad too...).Be careful, as there are many dads who will go after you when you are drunk. 
I want to be a girl who enjoys drinking moderately. 

loud, noisy

At times, you may get excited and scream out loud. 
However, women who are always loud and noisy are considered annoying and not liked. 
In particular, there are many people who care about privacy, especially dads who are financially comfortable and earn money. 
A woman who doesn't consider the volume of her voice in public will be seen as lacking common sense. 


Regardless of gender, popular girls always have a positive and bright personality. 
On the other hand, a girl who speaks negatively gives off a negative aura, so no one approaches her.As a result, "Why are you not popular!? ? ', she falls further into her troubled "negative chain". 
Papa activities aren't going well, and you may meet with a slightly negative feeling, or you may not be able to smile well because there are things you don't like at work or in your private life. 
Negative things should be put on the habit of radiating through sports and karaoke.


It can't be helped that women are more "impatient" than men, but it's NG to ask the other person to do the same thing too much. 
Even if your busy dad is late, welcome him with a smile.Even if your meal takes a long time, you are paying for it, so enjoy it with a smile. 
It may take more time for women to do things like makeup and the bathroom, so stop rushing only men.A frustrated woman doesn't look cute.

i think i'm right 

Have you ever said, "I don't think men will understand," even though your dad is thinking about a lot of things and talking about it? 
This is an NG word that irritates daddy. 
If you think, "Ah, I can't say anything to this guy," the relationship is over. 
Let's watch out. 

want to be noticed

Do you frequently upload selfies to SNS? 
Do you ever try to stand out by having a slightly different hairstyle, hair color, or wearing interesting clothes? 
The attention of an unspecified number of people may be gathered, but it will be difficult to turn that attention into goodwill from Daddy. 
This is because many men "do not see showy women as romantic interests." 
It's the same as meeting someone at a luxury hotel and not wearing a flashy gold dress.Papas often want neat black-haired girls rather than quirky blonde girls.It's not unnatural to walk next to him, and most dads would prefer that. 

I think everything will go my way

"Get what you want! 』 
"Papa's condition is a person who looks good and pays well! 』 
Be careful if you are like that. 
"Selfish", "values ​​don't match", "insane", "weird sense of money",, 
If you think of any of these things, many dads will rule you out. 
It's important to have a dream, but not everything will go as planned. 
Especially when other people are involved. 
It is also important to adapt to your surroundings and circumstances. 

This concludes the introduction of the 7 personality traits and behaviors of Papa-katsu-joshi that disappoint Dad. 
How was that? 
There are many things that come to mind for me in the past, and I am deeply reflecting on them... 
However, people can change their personality by fixing a little habit. 
Draw your ideal self in your heart and gradually become a wonderful girl! 
Then, I hope that after graduating from "Face-to-face Papa Katsu Joshi", you will be able to find a dad with whom you can have a long relationship, not just a second date, but three or four times.excuse me here today

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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