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For men ~What Tsukishima thinks~

hello everyone.This is Tsukishima.

Female column writer?But I was told that I could write for men, so

I am writing this for men.


This meansIt's just Tsukishima's personal opinion, so if you think about it there are people who think like this.I'm happy.


Birthdays should be celebrated later or the day before.

On my birthday, my dad

"Let me celebrate!"

It is sometimes said.

I am very happy and grateful.

Many men celebrate on the days before and after their birthday,

Some of them

"Why can't you open the day? 』

"Why can't you prioritize me on your birthday? 』

I once had a man who saidHe knows what he wants to say.

Excuse me.

But I know that my friends are desperately preparing a surprise for Tsukishima's birthday!

(There is no surprise or anything because it is known (laughs))

I have friends, too!

The world doesn't revolve around Papa! ! !Even when I haven't met my dad, I have various connections and relationships.


I think some of them have boyfriends.Some people may have multiple dads.

I'm a little troubled when I'm said to be arrogant on the day of my birthday.

I really appreciate you congratulating me.

Tsukishima thinks it would be kind of you to remove it on your birthday.

* Not only on birthdays, but after 19:18, it's too late, so we don't meet. If you can't change it at XNUMX:XNUMX, cancel it!

Some people said.

I will change it when I can, but I have plans here too.

What will change in that hour?

I'm in trouble if I'm forced into my schedule. .


Present ~Accessories~

I have a dad who sometimes gives me accessories as gifts.

Thank you.

However, the only thing that Tsukishima wants to be careful about is

A present of an accessory with an initial motif of Tsukishima's name.

I was a little hesitant to put this on.

(Example: Ayano-chan would wear a [A] motif necklace)


Accessories with my initials I'm the type of person who doesn't like it.

Some women may like

I feel like I'm a narcissist

I don't really like it.

Some of them gave me the initial accessories of the name of Papa.

If you wear it, your friends will think you are weird.

"Don't you have a boyfriend?whose initials? 』


"I got it from Papa!"

There's no way I can say that.

As for the accessories, ordinary things with ordinary motifs are good.

If you are unsure, ask the store clerk.


Purchasing accessories on the spur of the moment can sometimes get people into trouble.

Especially if it is an initial, there may be a sense of immorality,

I think it's definitely better to wear something that's easy to wear on a regular basis rather than something that you only wear when you're together.

For your information.


Present ~Flower Edition~

I have received a bouquet of flowers as a gift before.

I like flowers and I was happy.

Being a dad means that I don't have a lot of financial leeway.

There are no vases in a typical single girl's house!

If you buy a vase, you buy an egg.

I can't throw it away, and I'm a little troubled.

I'm really happy.

And there was a person who gave me the vase fee when I said there was no vase, but it's different.

I don't usually use it to decorate flowers, so why bother to buy a vase and leave something that I don't know when I will use it next time?

I'm scared of how it's going to be.


I tried to give you some thoughts on the dating club this time, but how about it?

I know that!I'm sorry if there are people who say.

A typical single woman lives in a XNUMXK house and does not live in such a large house.

if there is a difference in values

The way of thinking is also different.

Standards of living are different.

I would appreciate it if you could feel something like such a gap.

In the future, I would like to ask a few questions about this little Tsukishima man.

Tsukishima sincerely hopes that everyone's date will be a good one if you feel the gap.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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