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[Question Box Answers] Sometimes a man gives me a bouquet on the first date. Why flowers?



Sometimes there are men who give me a bouquet on the first date, but why flowers?

There is no vase in the house of a poor student living alone who is in trouble with money, and how happy I would be if the money I bought for the bouquet was added to my allowance.

I think flowers are entertainment for people who can afford it.
I am very happy that I can eat sweets even if they are not flowers and they are delicious.

In fact, there was a person who gave me sweets from the department store on the first date, and it was my favorite sweet, so I was happy.

Why choose flowers?What does the man want the flower to do?







Thank you very much for your question.
First of all, I'm very sorry, but if the questioner is a poor student, doesn't have a vase at home, or wants to eat sweets, it's all up to the questioner's convenience. It doesn't matter at all.

Of course, from the point of view of the person asking the question, sweets and cash would be better than flowers, but that is only for the person's convenience.Even the other man will have a convenience of saying, "I prefer this kind of woman."

So why do men give flowers?It's probably because he wants to go on a date with a woman who is happy to receive flowers.

He gives flowers to the questioner because he wants to go on a date with a woman who would be overjoyed to receive a flower, or who would stop by Tokyu Hands on the way home from a date if she didn't have a vase.

Of course, that is his own circumstance, but the questioner who wants sweets is also arbitrarily circumstance.


Do what the other person wants or cut the relationship

So what should the questioner do?

There are two ways.

You can either become the woman the other person wants, or cut off the relationship with the other person.

It doesn't matter which one you choose, but if you want the former, you should be overjoyed when you receive flowers.

You can throw it in the garbage can at the station on your way home, but I recommend that you buy a vase during your date, decorate it in your room, take a picture of it, and then throw it away.

Next time he will buy flowers again, but if you send him a picture each time, he will be very happy and will continue to give the allowance to the questioner.


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