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The reason why I can't find a partner for a cute gap dad who is scary

 I'm late to say hello.

Nice to meet you, Papa, Papa Katsu Joshi, and everyone else.

My name is Lena, and I'm working as a dad on a dating club and a site for dad activities.

It's been half a year since I started looking for a dad on the site.

Meeting and parting with people with different backgrounds and goals is fun, and I'm completely absorbed in dad activities...

Of course, it would be nice to be able to have a long relationship with one person, but it is also true that there are many cases where it ends with just a face-to-face meeting.

There are fun meetings and difficult meetings, but I wanted to share with everyone that there are various dads, so I decided to write this.Nice to meet you.

Today is the story of a scary but cute gap dad I met on the site.
This dad seems to be flying around on domestic and overseas business trips, so he is very busy.

Manager dads are divided into busy dads and super free dads.

After a long period of communication on the site for a month, the timing was finally right and we decided to meet at lunch.

For the meeting, specify the Chinese restaurant of the Prince Hotel in Shiba Park.

Many of the people who specify this place travel by car.

Lena has been here for the first time at the night pool girls' party in the summer.smile

We had exchanged face pictures with each other in advance, but I was a little nervous because my dad's picture was of a dark-skinned man with sturdy sunglasses.

I hope you're not a scary person.

Notification that it arrived 30 minutes ago 

Received a notification of arrival 30 minutes before arrival.

Are you polite or impatient?

In my experience, all managers are punctual and impatient.

But it's the first time I've arrived 30 minutes ago.

"slow!'I hurried from the station to the hotel with a brisk walk while trembling. (It's a bit far from the JR station to the hotel...)

eh, cute 

Finally meet my dad.

It was a cute face with beautiful eyes and beautiful skin.

The body is slim rather than solid.

If you ask me, I'm a stoic dad with 10% body fat and diet and training.smile

She has a childish smile, which is the exact opposite of the scary impression!

Rather cute.

The tense and stiff face suddenly loosened.

The first thing I said when I met with Hello~, my dad said, "The atmosphere is different from the photo.In fact, it is said every time we meet.I have to take a good photo again"And.

Involuntarily "Daddy is cute, I want to take a good picture”, said Rena, who immediately took care of her father.

hot daddy

According to my dad, I'm the fifth person to meet.

This daddy, whether it's true or not, looks like he's met some pretty cute girls.

Moreover, if you ask

① A stoic model who doesn't eat at all even if she goes out to eat

② Beautiful model who looks like a Korean idol

③ Nakama Yukie-like clerk

④ Clerk who looks like Satomi Ishihara

I met you.

Rena also wants to eat with such a cute girl.

But none of them have gone on a second date.

Why didn't you hang out with them?When asked, "The clothes weren't fashionable”.

Eh~ Really? !Papa-katsu goes to meet-ups to sell themselves, so who doesn't want to dress up? !

Lena thinks there must have been some other reason.

By the way, what is Lena's outfit?If you ask me, she seems to like it.

On this day, Lena wore a bright red coat and a shoulder bag with a high brand logo.

I don't think flashy = fashionable, but spending money = fashionable.
I don't know what to say, but my dad says he didn't like me, but just like men have preferences, women also have preferences, so I expected a scary daddy and came to meet me, and I imagined him as a cute uncle. The female side may refuse because it is different.

Then there may be no next date.

It's highly possible.

But my dad said I wasn't fashionable enough and didn't get to go on a second date.

Everyone, let's dress up for the face-to-face meeting.

Have a smart adult conversation

It seems that it looks cute, but it's an adult, such as how many people you've met so far, how many people you've experienced, how far you've gotten into relationships with men you've met through the site, and if anyone has become a regular. Papa who listens to the conversation in a straight ball game.

Lena, very confused.

Gradually, the first-class Chinese food in the hotel feels bad.

What I want to ask the dads is that it's embarrassing for people to ask questions like this, and it's a story that neither the people around you nor the staff want to hear, so why are you asking it in a public place...

At least I want you to listen to it on pillow talk or line.

But there are surprisingly many dads like this, aren't they smart?

The real reason daddy didn't make it to the second date

During the two-hour meeting, Lena desperately searched for the real reason why her father, who had asked such straightforward questions, had not been able to go on a second date.

It doesn't look bad.

They are neatly dressed and clean.

It's dandy and even smells good ♡

Even though I'm busy, my schedule is so flexible that I can meet five people in a month.

Not a bad choice of shops.Of course, I also had transportation expenses.

On the site display, I have a lot of money and I can get along well.

There was no problem other than throwing a straight conversation.

As Rena thinks, it's difficult to match because the papa's requirements are high because he's a proper person.

First of all, I think it's a big deal that the degree of fashion at the model level is NG.

I think it's quite a threshold to meet four daddy girls and think that none of them are fashionable.

You said that Rena was fashionable, but maybe Papa's fashion standards are off.

And second, this cute daddy is relatively short in height, but Lena went with Louboutin heels, but I think she was about 15 cm shorter than Lena.

I like women who are taller than me. And secondly, my dad seems to prefer girls who are 10cm taller than him.

Lena went in Louboutins with 10cm heels, but Papa, you were looking up at Lena.smile 

Girls can't wear heels and they're taller than men, but girls are worried about it during dates, right? !

Maybe that's why Papa couldn't have a second date.

Finally, Dad, a shocking request.

I don't want you to have a boyfriend or a daddy besides yourself if you decide to go out with him.

I want you to live in the apartment you have because you are worried if you have another man.
As far as Lena observes, the real reason why this cute daddy didn't go on a second date is the high threshold and strict conditions.
Lena is currently living with her boyfriend and cannot meet condition XNUMX, so she did not go on a second date.

It was a pity.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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