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Learn from soap lady & AV actress "How to show yourself when you are H"

nice to meet you.My name is Celine Crash, a former staff member of a certain long-established dating club.

So far, I have seen more than XNUMX Papa Katsujoshi. In "Cinderella", I would like to write various things from the standpoint of a former staff member, focusing on what to do to make women happy at the dating club.thank you.

AV is full of man's dreams

Recently, AV products for women have been sold and are popular, but AV originally developed as a side dish for men.

For us girls, there are works that are full of tsukkomi such as "No, that setting is too mysterious" or "It just hurts to be stirred so hard!", but there is no doubt that AV is full of men's dreams fact.

There are various points that each man likes, such as face, style, fetish, situation, etc., but there are points that are useful for studying "male appeal" in any AV.


If you want to improve your appearance...

First of all, if you want to attract men, what you want to refer to is makeup and fashion.In particular, what should be studied by papa katsu girls is makeup rather than fashion.

When it comes to clothing and underwear, each man and woman has their own tastes, and many men don't mind if it suits the girl.

There are some trends, such as preferring a neat and clean atmosphere, simple design, and bright colors are better than dark colors, but for men, "a face that you like" is quite an important matter. H is to be naked, so makeup is more important than what you wear.

Recommended is not a planning or amateur actress, but a single actress!

In other words, they are the pinnacle of existence that makes men's dicks bigger.

If a papa active girl with a high sense of beauty can refer to it, there is only the makeup of a single actress, the top of the top, who has a good face and earns a large amount of money.

It doesn't need to be shaped to be close to its child.I'm just going to get the essence of makeup!


Natural makeup that men like

So, what is the top AV actress makeup like?

It is not the makeup that is popular among women, but the makeup that "makes the best use of the good ingredients"!

In the world view of the work, the make-up that is applied to the actress so that she can shine most beautifully should make the most of the goodness of the material, although there are differences in shade depending on the work and the girl's character. .

Basically, it's natural makeup, and if you're a student or if you're selling a neat and clean look, you should wear less makeup.Gorgeous women have dark makeup, but they don't use eccentric colors, and the basic color is brown.

In any case, the one who makes you think, "This woman is naturally beautiful," wins.For that reason, it is best to study makeup that makes the most of your own goodness and materials.

If you think of a man's appeal rather than wearing trendy makeup that doesn't suit you, it's all about "mastering natural makeup that suits you"!

That way, it's more natural to carefully layer mascara (or natural-looking eyelashes) rather than overdoing false eyelashes and creating unnatural eyelashes. line balance.There are many things you can learn, such as how to take a lip line, how to apply gloss, how to add highlights and shading.

If you find an actress who has a similar face and atmosphere to you, research in detail what kind of makeup she wears.The fact that the lineage is similar means that if it suits the actress, it will also suit you.

Even if you don't see the contents of the work, the package alone is a good reference.

With brown-based natural makeup, you should look like a naturally beautiful woman even in twilight H.


H in a bright place, the gesture

Papa activities often have sex in relatively bright lighting so that men can take a closer look at women's nakedness.

AV is something that visually excites men, so there are many scenes where the camera angle is different from the male's point of view during actual H.

Therefore, what you should refer to is the so-called "Gonzo" work.Gonzo is a camera angle from a man's point of view during H, so it's perfect for researching how a woman moves to be visually stimulating.

For example, in the missionary position, if you just stretch your hands to the side of your body and moan with your face facing forward, the man will see the woman's nostrils completely, and you will not feel any emotion. Hmm.

If you want to keep your face facing the front, use one hand to cover your mouth and nose, or use both hands to cover your face. is.


I asked the soap lady

I once asked a soap lady I met at work what she was careful about when she was having sex.

"I'm always researching how I can be more arousing from the other person's point of view. Not only in photos, but also in order to find out how I look during H, I shoot videos of the angles that make me look the most beautiful and research. It is.

She also said, "I don't want people to see my nostrils, so I'll either cover them with my hands or turn my face to the side." That's right.

After that, "It's important to be embarrassed at any time! Even when you take a bath together, take off your underwear embarrassedly!"

By doing so, it seems that you can produce "a shy naive woman is so bold with my tech!"Indeed, the ideal of a man is said to be "a chaste wife by day and a whore by night."


Bewitched with attractive poses!

I personally have watched and researched various AV, but in the case of the woman on top posture, rather than being shy and stooping, it is better to move your waist so that your chest sticks out and your waist looks narrow. , You can also show off your swaying breasts.

Even if you don't have big breasts, you can show off your delicate body.

If you bend over and bend down, you can also turn your chest down and make it look more voluminous, so if you are really worried about your breasts, it is okay to cover your opponent in the cowgirl position, but "aggressive in H" If you want to "appeal your delicateness", the shrimp warped cowgirl position is worth trying!

I think you have your own character and traits, so the content of this time is not absolute, but please try to study how you can look the most attractive when you are H.

The sensual beauty of a woman you feel will captivate men!

Former staff of a certain long-established dating club. Arafo, who spent most of his life trying to figure out how to be popular with men, had a little taste of entertainment when he was young.I will write various things from the standpoint of a former staff, focusing on what to do to make women happy at the dating club.

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