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XNUMX Reasons I Don't Recommend Traveling Abroad with Daddy

Lena, I went on a trip with my dad whom I met at a dating club.

And I regret it so much.

This trip was my third date with this dad.

Within a week of meeting him, he booked my flight and hotel, and a week later he was leaving.

I wouldn't recommend going on a trip like this with a dad you just met.

I don't want Papa Katsu Joshi to make the same mistake, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

I would like to tell you why I wouldn't recommend going on a trip with a dad that Lena just met.

XNUMX. You don't know your dad very well

I don't think you know your daddy's true nature when you just met him.

He might be a bad dad, and I don't know if he's really compatible with someone I can date, or if he's really rich.

Even if you meet your dad at a dating club, you're the only one who can protect yourself in a pinch.

Therefore, Rena thinks it is dangerous to go on a trip with her new dad.

Lena just happened to be lucky and didn't get in any danger... but I think it wouldn't be strange.

Lena went on the trip without knowing her dad's name, but dad knew all of Lena's personal information (name, address, date of birth) at the time of booking.

I heard about it during the trip, but it seems that before going on the trip, I used that personal information to research various things about Lena.

Papa's background check revealed that Rena was a normal girl, and in the end they decided to go on a trip together.

But Lena couldn't find out anything about Papa, and even if she tried to find out now, she doesn't know the basic information to find out.

The name I heard may be false, and I didn't even ask for the street address.

They may be trafficked, as is often reported in the news in the United States.

Thinking that it was a "free trip", I got a flight and a hotel arranged for me and flew, but I was turned into a prostitute.

To protect myself, I thought it would be dangerous to go on a trip with my dad without knowing him.

XNUMX. Do you really love your dad?

If you go on a trip with your dad, especially if you go abroad, I think most of the time, you spend breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and bar time together, and you also travel together.

Spending time with your boyfriend, family or best friend all day long, don't you fight or pass each other?

That's why I think that if you don't really love your dad from the bottom of your heart and have a will that is close to love that you can endure no matter what happens, you'll have a hard time during the trip.

Lena went on a one-week trip, but after the third day, she hated sleeping in the same room as her dad.smile

He wasn't that type of dad to begin with, and on top of that, he saw a lot of unpleasant things during the trip, and he couldn't stand it anymore.

From the third day "i want to go home soonIt became a trip that I thought.

XNUMX. Inefficient

I think most girls are doing dad activities for the purpose of making money.

Among them, I love to travel, and if you take me on a trip, I don't need an allowance!I think there are girls who are deep in their pockets. (Lena wants to be an apprentice too...)

But Rena can't think of it that way, and she's doing it as a simple activity to earn money and network. She (she fell in love with her dad while saying this...)

So, I thought that going on a trip with my dad would be inefficient.

It would be a different story if he was a really good dad...

For example, they can give you generous travel allowances, or you can go shopping in the city to your heart's content.

Unless you're a really special dad, I think it's not efficient to earn money when you consider the time you have to move during your trip and you're staying overnight.

If you want to spend the same amount of time, I think it would be many times better to work hard in the city where you live, work as a dad and earn money, and go on a trip with your boyfriend and friends without hesitation.

I've met a lot of dads so far, and I've seen men who went on overseas trips with daddy girls, but even dads who belong to high-end dating clubs

"Just taking them on an overseas trip costs not only airfare and hotel fees, but also meals and various other expenses when sightseeing together.When they ask me for brand shopping or allowances, I feel like I don't want to spend money.'

It said.

There are surprisingly few dads with money and heart.

Money is important, but life is limited, and time is as important or more important than money.

As I said in XNUMX, Lena would rather travel with her boyfriend and friends than go on a high-risk trip and receive a reasonable allowance.

When I'm traveling with my dad who doesn't really like me,I wonder if Papa is alive~"The gaze hurts.

It's especially hard on Shinkansen and airplanes.

I don't think it's necessary to go on a trip with such thoughts.

It will be exhausted.

after the trip

Lena has not been in touch with her dad after a week of traveling.

Neither came from there nor sent anything from here.

I think they felt that they were not compatible with each other anymore.

If I can have a good daddy someday, I want to travel happily.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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