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Beware of STDs!Awareness as etiquette

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki.

Have you had a health check-up recently?Do you go to human dogs regularly?

Despite saying that, Natsuyuki hates hospitals and doesn't feel like going to checkups.

It is important to be conscious of health management

Once in the company's health checkup,I've even taken an AIDS test,

When I checked it out, I knew there was nothing there, but

What should I do if something happens?so as to let

I'm really excited.

Sure enough, there were no problems,I feel that it is important to be conscious of and manage your health on a regular basis.It was.

In particular, don't you care about sexually transmitted diseases when you're doing dad activities?

It was the same with this AIDS test, but even if I thought I was fine, what should I do if someone gave me something?

The past sexual intercourse flashes back at once,

I'm getting worried about the next date...

However,I don't feel comfortable going to the clinic to get tested for venereal diseases....

Sexually transmitted disease test kit

At that time, I found Natsuyuki.

I mean, I got it.such a nice kit.

Its name is "Venereal disease test kit"!

This is a STD test set that you can do at home.There are various manufacturers.

I usedClick here for the guidelines..

By the way, it seems that the universe club also has a venereal disease test kit! →universe kit


If you apply online,A complete kit will be delivered to your home at a later date.

It contains cotton swabs, plasters, and a small device for drawing blood.

It is individually wrapped in a package that is firmly deodorized and has a clean feeling.,

The kit itself is packed in a stylish white box,Just by looking at it, you can't tell it's a sexually transmitted disease test product.


With this kit, you can check the following items.

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • HIV (AIDS)
  • syphilis
  • Hepatitis B

It's easy because it's all easy to understand and explanations are included!

I finished the whole process in less than 15 minutes.


And above all, I'm happy that the inspection can be done anonymously! identificationand password for personal authentication, so your privacy is protected.You.

Find time to do this patch test at home,

A system where you put the necessary materials collected in an envelope and post it in the post, and the test results will be sent by e-mail at a later date.

Even if you don't go to the hospital, you can secretly test for venereal disease at home,I'm glad!

Let's inspect together so that we can trust each other

Natsuyuki got this venereal disease test kit from her dad.

And on a date.

Surprised, right?

When my dad handed me a venereal disease kit, I was moved.

"I want you to be my partner from now on.Let's test together so that we can trust each other."

Such a cool dad is hard to come by! !

I was on my period today, soIt was a date only for meals,

I received the kit on my way home, and after waiting for my period to finish, I immediately tried using the kit.

It is a serious problem in modern society

Papa said, so that I don't have to go through troublesome procedures.

They had already registered various things for me, so all I had to do was post the items that had been inspected.

My results were also sent directly to my dad.


"If, by any chance, a problem is discovered,Let's heal together.I'll take care of it, so don't worry."

That's what he said, this papa.


And on the next date, I received the test results from my dad,It turns out that there is nothing wrong with each other.

Having sex on a day when you both know that you are both healthy and safe is the bestIt was refreshing.


Talking about sexually transmitted diseases is very sensitive,It's hard to talk to people around me,

It seems that the discovery is often delayed,It seems to be a serious problem in modern society.


If you go to a hospital like Shinjuku,The incidence of AIDS and venereal diseases is increasing every year.”and was prominently displayed on posters,

(Since Shinjuku is close to Kabukicho,It seems that they are further strengthening such a campaign.)

"Always use a condom"And the announcement is written.

Protecting yourself is the most important thing

Even if you know in your head the importance of protecting yourself and this kind of sexual awareness,,

When it comes to emergency, I will be swept away by the momentum of the place

Don't you ever feel anxious and regret later, thinking, "Ahhh! I did it!!!"?

But really, the only person who can protect yourself is yourself.

Be aware of this and negotiate with your partner.

Nothing but contraception.

To prevent irreversible illness later in life

Protecting yourself is the most important thing.


The venereal disease test kit that Natsuyuki received, by all means,Everyone please use it.

I think it would be a good idea for a woman to recommend her male partner to use it..

"Because I'm scared, I'm going to test only you."just like my daddy

"As a partner, I want to have fun together with peace of mind,Let's do it together."I think it's the right thing to invite.

If you trust each other,No one should be dissatisfied with it.

Rather, I think they will accept it with a favorable feeling like me and my dad.

Finally, I repeat,I am the one who protects myself,

So that you won't regret it, please build an environment where you can enjoy daddy activities with peace of mind while involving your partner well.

Xia Xue

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki. "Snow that falls in the summer" is somewhat strong, ephemeral, fantastic, and outlaw image... I think women in their XNUMXs like me are such a living thing.I would be happy if you could look forward to reading such a neat post written by Natsuyuki.By the way, my favorite saying is "The secret is to make a woman beautiful."You got a little nervous, didn't you? *

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